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  • I don't. Sorry if i came across as condescending(just re-read my post on that thread and was like wtf), i was sleep deprived and wrote that in a hurry
    Ah... yes. ):
    Nasty things were said both ways; neither side's entirely innocent.
    lol, i'll see if i can bribe hado or kuu for the arcade. :cool: :pueh:

    i do understand your point, i think.

    yea.. the ....unfortunate thing about 'management' (of a forum or any other place) is that it forces a degree of compromise between ideal principles and pragmatic solutions.

    the liberty for all to express themselves unrestrained, is itself at times a constrain on those who would like to exist without the suffocation of other people's large and excessive personalities. we are a very conflicted species.

    but, yknow... i think social constrain (etiquette) is an evolutionary solution in humans and other tribal species, aimed to mitigate the negative effects of all of our self-interested monologues and one-directional drives, while reaping the benefit of company, so long as we participate in the etiquette. we don't do very well without this reciprocity innovation; so the tribe gets overburdened and gives the boot to the discordant force.
    whoops. i misunderstood the humorous intent in your post... !

    err, well i was actually debating whether or not you were just havin' some funzies, but then i realized your post had a lot of deeper meaning and i wanted to reply seriously. then i realized if i did, it'd turn into a topic derail anyway, so i was just like "what the heck, lets split it"

    but yea. i don't intend to be as vigilant as that came across. xD
    Eyes, I'll do anything you want me to babe ;)

    I'm done for now at least. Was juss "defendin maself!"


    You cannot deny I was all in Christmas spirits yesterday. Today I've been in "let's just do this" spirits.


    And between me, you and this wall, I feel bad about the Zerk thing :( .. sorta, I still think she's a fan girl, but she's a hot one ;)

    (If you are reading this Zerk, that's not intended to be "lewd", take a compliment :p)
    Jesus fucking Christ, I didn't have a problem with Nanook, or cause him one! He was chatting shit in regards to the Enneagram, I called him out on his shit.

    The photo with Zerks name was actually affection (at the time), not the opposite!

    I don't have an excuse for Creeping Death, I was testing his metal... and you know what? He has some, unlike these fannies!

    Respect to you, for what I said prior, beyond that, you're obviously no more astute than the rest!

    Ha, yea, you re read that thread!
    Potentially my time here is limited.

    So here's one last "hurrah!" For the politically astute !

    That's a compliment your way ;)

    I aint no science boffin, the potential is there, but the study is not .

    I'm an investigator, and challenger to people .


    Peace out.
    What provocations, Eyes?

    I've been minding my own business for a few weeks at least.

    As for Rixus, he was the one following me around like a lost puppy... I was merely engaging him to "be nice", and look where that gets me?

    I thought we were all having a pleasant Christmas time, but apparently not.

    I will never bow to dickheads, or take orders from those not in a position of authority.

    The mods haven't spoken to me, so why I should be held accountable to twats? I don't know... but it ain't gonna happen. I'd sooner get my ban badge.

    No skin off my nose, that's foe sure.

    And for the sake of accuracy, I've lashed out once unprovoked, towards Creeping Death.. Not including Zerk, her fangirling irritates me, and her fangirling was my provocation.
    Dude, it took me forever to get your avatar. I knew something was weird about it, but couldn't figure it out at first. Very clever.
    ? Do I know you? If you're asking if I have joined this forum before, no I have not. I have been on the personality cafe before.
    I have many other things I want to devote my attention to.
    Being an admin was distracting for me. I want to slowly desensitize myself and unlearn from visiting this place. I've done my work here, this place isn't going to get any better and I don't find it all that great for me to invest my time any further.
    Quake 2 or Doom are classics of the fps horror genre. That said I'm not a fan of "jump scares" and other similar devices. I'd much rather play a game that slowly builds the feeling of peril, keeps the tension high and never releases, until my imagination starts seeing threats in every shadow and deceiving myself into even deeper sense of dread.

    I mostly play turn-based strategy games or tactical rpg. Most recently I've been playing Jagged Alliance 2 and Persona 3 FES on emulator. Trying to brush up on the classics of the genre, but both prove to be enjoyable games so far.

    Most recently I toyed with this. It's a horror interactive fiction. I like playing text adventures from time to time as well. You can try it for free, if you do, tell me how you liked it.
    I played the original HF and Portal 2. Portal was cleverly written and humorous, very nicely put together, can't say much about HF, but it was that kind of survival/exploration akin to Dead Space. I like the theme of exploring abandoned stations or buildings in horror/thriller scenarios. Maybe they will put some emphasis on puzzle elements and hf feels. The trailer reminded me of yet another work, a short story "Katedra" which is animated here.
    Sharing a trailer for scorn:
    I liked both Dead Space and Alien Isolation, it taught me quite a lot about building the atmosphere for narrative and pacing.
    Thank you, ESC. I appreciate it.

    Although your drunken interpretation has been more or less on point
    Oh no. As you can see he's still a major and effective influence in the Ancient Alien subculture. They don't care about holding up to scrutiny, they just care about muddying the waters... And yes, there is a recent scientific buzz about planet X. Although I don't think the discovery ever was recent... Not sure what it is, suggestions of a binary star system perhaps. Niburu story just 'plays up' to the true reality. 'They' make a false narrative out of pretty much everything. To keep us uninformed.

    Paul Bennowitz and the Aviary are a good case study for a 'whacky' psyop, if you don't know that one already.
    hey man, i was reading the way you interpret Ne and Ni in animekitty's video. I was wondering if the music video i posted here, i think you reviewed it, would you think all the connections i made in the story where formed from this storage as you call it of data formed from subjective impressions, like this purple sunset in form of a eye, ballons and such. Or is it more about how all the objective data boils down to a single idea Ni thing more? Talking about omens the other day i woke up and look at my couch next to my bed and for a second i thought i saw my bro twisting like in pain, puttin his fingers inside his eyes, then i got a better resolution and it was some bed sheet put in a certain way. But i couldn't see his shape anymore. Then at night he told me one friend of him got beat up by some guys and he was with him, then i said damn. XD i dunno asking random stuff, not sure bout my type yet.
    Forumwise, I'm pretty sure we're more similar than a lot of the people here. Wonder if we'd get along though or what we'd think of each other outside of the forum.
    Yeah, I knew I wanted to do something with the piece but didn't really know what. Its not the right kind of thing for a small avatar picture so I'm using it as a profile picture instead.
    I'm getting therapy from a psychotherapist currently. I've done CBT before and I don't think its as effective as what I'm currently getting.

    Its likely a perception thing on my end. I've been having some really weird thoughts lately and though they don't seem to be contributing directly, they are probably related in some way or another.

    I think part of it has to do with the fact that I can't "be myself" around just anyone, and often feel somewhat hindered socially to focus more on whether a conversation is productive or not. I'm not interested in having a conversation just to shoot the breeze and its to my detriment I think.

    I'm going to try and be more social where I volunteer and try and see what works and what doesn't.

    I'll have to check out those two musicians.
    Yeah, I wouldn't mind hearing about what you have to say about the outcast thread on my wall, but I'd prefer to keep all the typing thoughts in that thread. Reason being is I want to keep it as a reference for later should I want to go back and see what people had to say about me.

    I really did like the music you brought to the table, it was chill and unique.

    Don't feel obligated to contribute to my threads. Sometimes its hit or miss on if people can identify with what I'm saying and that's ok.
    Hey, I made a thread wondering if you were going to come back. It was made exactly 1 year from the time that you left.

    Glad to see you around, I always liked your content and enjoyed reading what you had to say and listening to the music you put up here. :)
    Ya i was gonna try to provide a more objective snapshot of why I think im an INTP as opposed to an E or a F, which I am internally lacking and attempt to make up for externally. Its more of a social defense mechanism to overcompensate in those areas upon inital introduction to an established group. I appreciate any and all feedback because I have zero idea of how others percieve me, compounding the problem is I do tend to sell an idealized version of myself initially to gain acceptance. Obvious point of improvement area, to develop those channels properly to better assimilate my true self to a group.
    Thank you for aiding me in this.

    Sorry for delayed reply just figured out what I did wrong before.
    Aw that's a shame.
    *Feeds you jam on toast*

    Did your mind survive all three original ghost pokemon or are you communicating to me through the veil of death?
    Maybe I'm projecting but it just appears to me that it's about society and people in general. The quote you have "it's a cold world...sometimes I'm getting a little frosty myself" kind of confirms that. And then you have the way it's spelled (goddamn it I'm sure there's a term for this I just don't know, fuck my knowledge base) EyeSeeCold ... IcyCold/I see it. But attach the implied meaning. You probably know what I mean by now. It's just clever.

    Clever, yet true.

    But perhaps I'm reading too deeply into and my judgement colored it.
    Hmm, not really, Let us prey maybe, but I'v liked most of what I'v heard.

    I used to listen to a fair amount in that style, things like Sun 0))) and Goatsnake and a few others that are good. But I get bored easy, I'v cycled through many genre's of music and am basically open to any style. From my metal phase I would probably rate black metal top followed by stoner doom type stuff, I only note this because I think I found about it from black metal originally.
    Hearing out the new Electric Wizard album thanks to your avatar :). I weirdly heard one their songs played on radio one the other day, didn't recognise the song though so I assume I'v already listened to a song from it.
    I like teasing people and being playful in an offensively ironic way.

    btw, the whole thing came from someone saying my personality would be well suited for playing DOTA.
    Well, aside from the fact that you can reach a larger audience, the context of my stories resembles Gothic England, so I feel weird writing them in Spanish. I haven't really put that much thought into it anyhow.
    I feel confident that I could write in English when it comes to non-fiction though, if I ever needed to do that.
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