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  • That sounds pretty awesome. I wish at some point I will have enough holiday leave to do such a thing. The longest trip I have done recently was a two week road trip around Tasmania. It was nice.

    My settling in Sydney as been somewhat slow. I normally make friends at my workplaces but the latest one I have joined is full of introverts whom don't want to feel the warm embrace of sunlight. I am not an extrovert but I definitely feel like one at work. I met with Puffy which was fun. He is a good guy.

    Next time you're in Sydney and you are up for it, give me a buzz and we can meet for coffee or lunch.
    That's actually a really good idea. I bet there would be quite a few stories, newer or older that people are sitting on but have no excuse to share. I would certainly contribute a couple.

    Do eeeet.

    I do have some photos, but they are photo paper prints - I would have to scan them and I have no idea where they may be buried. Also, I think they are of the rather cheesy kind - me and my partner stupidly posing in bright orange survival suits with a bear minding it's own business in the background.....rather uninteresting and I am in the photo, which makes it seem somewhat ridiculous (not my idea at the time - I would have rather taken the pictures of the bear on it's own).

    I think you have a talent for writing and I appreciate travel tales that are well written. No pressure though :P

    I have travelled quite a lot around certain areas of Australia, so it is kinda cool reading other traveller's impressions. Been thinking of writing a blog, but yeah....procrastination + laziness = nil :/
    Hmmm never heard of it, do know of a fruit that looks similar but it is tree-based with a floury-sour taste.

    Does your area at least have some decent fruit-filled gardens?
    The residential parts of brisbane I've visited had quite open gardens, so at least if you wander far enough food may come a-plenty(If not, liberate their pets)

    Indonesia was very different from the african/european culture
    The most unexpected....I'd say it was the patriarchal governing system(banjaar/pancar or such)which act like semi-official feudal municipalities, at times subverting governmental policies for personal/communal gain
    Also the staggering amount of tourists traveling to such a small island.

    Overall I am intrigued by the south-east asian manner of functioning, visited singapore for two days, things were alarmingly utopian there as well as bloody expensive.

    Where does your interest in botany stem from?
    One can't leave this accursed place ; )

    I returned from bali, currently enjoying the openness, silence and fauna of south africa once more.
    Indonesia was very interesting, but it made me realize urban life generally does not suit me.

    I think your'e still in Aus?
    Experienced something utterly bizarre there?
    "You were right about my nic being Norwegian, related to a culture that used to intrigue me"

    Used to. Tell me moar
    i'm new to ataraxia as well...the ethereal-gothic genre is fun to explore and rarely disappointing :D

    the mood in their songs is pretty similar to lycia, chances are you will like this if you liked canzona:
    i think i have developed a more broad awareness recently.
    one of my blockages is depression but actual looked at myself by feeling it and i think it evened out. i can hear music better.
    Disappearing animal, but it also sounds like Germanic "warfen" to throw, "dýr" is a Faroese/Icelandic suffix(affix) for animal-like/animal.
    I am working on a research paper about THC and that is something that I have always noticed and heard from cigarette smokers is that the addiction goes far beyond a nicotine-chemical craving. It is ingrained in that person's life and becomes habit. That is why ex-smokers chew gum and sunflower seeds, it gives them something to do with their hands and mouth. A lot of it has to do with the wiring in the brain and certain brain structures. I use a lot of biopsychology references and those in and of themselves take paragraphs to explain so long-form writing is the only way for me to convey those concepts properly. It is in the works along with many other INTP research endeavors but it is at the top of the list and could prove to be quite vital in US politics in the very near future.
    True that. It is an extreme stance but a necessary one to convey to outsiders the difference between poker and casino games. I agree with the counter you provided. Getting the best of it by Sklansky talks about how poker is a part of the gambling family in nature but that it provides the easiest path to a consistent players advantage by the skill factor involved. But most every one is actually good at poker feels a strong urge to prove to outsiders that they aren't "true" gamblers.

    Thank you for your message. This was the first time I logged on via my desktop in sometime and the mobile app doesn't convey private messages and the like.

    I am really curious about your trip to Australia. It has always been a dream of mine to either live there or simply visit for a long period of time. The culture over there is fascinating to me.
    They are quite diverse, Ulver I mean with their albums. Currently listening to Blood Inside and it's new direction already.

    Afaik, Arcturus project was disbanded? I guess I will sit in this scene for a while, plenty of related stuff to explore now.
    edit: I like them, I will give you my thoughts if I have something interesting to say. Not soon, I will probably listen to them and others a lot.
    Interesting ambient, I'm currently exploring that further. I know of some similar sounding projects, namely Arcturus.
    I thought of Huun huur tu while listening to your link, they are a folk and recently more ambiancy group from Tuva (Russia-Mongolia).
    One of their more recent acts:
    Very much agreed, I think I remember you mention being in your twenties? So we are the same generation I'd guess. Yeah I know you can't make me interested in the stuff you like and I will arrive at it differently, I was thinking more along a few leads in some unexpected directions.
    The younger generation was a slight joke pertaining your experience with music.
    Your knowledge of good music is vast.
    What do you think of this?
    It seems I will follow in your tracks to some degree at least.
    Do you have some recommendations for the younger generation perhaps?
    Oh nice! That first one is just spooky, the second one is a little more nasty. ;)

    I looked for a long time for more clown stuff but didn't find anything that quite evoked the same feeling... then ran across that pic. I thought these were kind of fun:
    My experience was similar. Post metal/progressive metal is what got me into stoner, doom and sludge metal, although I might prefer the former overall.

    Anyway you seem like a fellow music lover. It's great that there is so much variation of styles to enjoy. :)
    Ah cool. Do you have a favorite EW album? There isn't one that doesn't have at least a couple songs I like.

    Do you listen to a lot of stoner/doom music?
    What do you believe in? I made a thread in faith and spirituality about my perspective. Quantum Theists
    It's probably an INTP thing. We are a brilliant yet lazy bunch so the best spirit animal for us is the Sloth which also share the same traits.

    Personally I like Sloths because they don't take themselves seriously yet they have survived for millions of years. I want to remind myself of that trait from time to time.

    Oh yeah watch this True Facts about Sloths: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrUM8m2rnP0
    I've considered it I guess. But I'm not particularly good in a technical sense and I don't have the drive to try and market myself and my works, so I don't think I'll ever do art professionally.

    Thanks for the compliment!
    Hehehe, I see your friend is an Evil Dead fan from the about me picture. :D Or is that a different person? :confused:

    Yeah! So Blue Jam was his original radio series and Jam was the TV adaptation of a lot of Blue Jam material. I think that series has the closest place in my heart but his series Brass Eye and his film Four Lions are pretty good:

    'probably the most brutally violent film I've seen so far' - I take it this is a challenge? :p
    'Mmm.. Astonishing sod ape..'

    Glad you like it. :p I showed that one to home friends to weird them out and they turned it off 5 minutes into the first episode. Some people. :confused:
    You're fun in the chat box. I haven't seen much of what you contribute to the forum, because most of the threads are boring to me right now, but the chat box is always fun. You enjoying your stay on the forum?
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