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  • Also jesus this comment section is ugly, do something about it you shirker.
    3. Ne creates links as ideas. Si is nodes. Fi is categorizing node-link values. Te is creating node-link functions. Enter data into a function it returns a product. I will see all possibilities and solutions and values and nodes (segmented sensation memory connected to all other by Ne) That is my cognition. I am still exploring how this works. just wanted to share.
    2. Ne - possibility in a connected web. FiTe - Likes something or can take Ne and use all node in the web (Si) and use the connections to best get a solution to problems from left field. Etymology of Jesus is Joshua leader of Israel after Moses. (see subforum spirituality). IQ = ((log base 2 of memory) * 5) + 100. Social intelligence on Star Wars game gets maximum light side. Point is Te compacts links into functions
    1. Michael Pierce thinks I am ENFP which is MBTI or Jungian (he says he's not behaviorist) If you look on post 10 and 12 of my thread Axes and Quadras in typology subforum I am getting closer. You are methodical know everything almost. Complete your system. I see hyper connectivity jumping idea to idea. You too but complete. Ideas must feel right and Te sometimes tells people the best solution.
    Thank you Auburn! My apologies for all the duplicates and any inconvenience they may have caused. I wasn't sure if my thread was going through so I attempted to post it multiple times.
    I shall, when I get a bit of time. I've barely had any time at all lately, which is good because I'm being paid, but it's also exhausting.
    It's entirely up to your discretion what to do, but take a look at the 'planned deliveries' thread please.
    Oh, well, it's not the first forum Mustafa has been banned from. He also got perma'ed from TypC back in the fall, and for similar stuff, where he never improved even after temp bans.
    Right, I understood the reasons for the ban, some really nasty things were said and that shouldn't fly. My disagreement was with the public court of opinion on her character, not the moderation.
    Anyway I guess that's the point where I became too attached to the forum again, so after this I don't think there's a need to discuss it any further, and I won't make an issue out of it, especially as Sinny is permabanned.

    I think you're a good fit for admin status ehre, and I hope the forum flourishes under your care. :)

    P.S. can we get the arcade back? :D
    I admit some crabbiness got through back there, but I wholeheartedly meant no ill will towards any particular member. What I quoted are things I would've even said a few years ago myself, but I accepted that don't particularly enjoy some of the types of socialization that goes on here, even if I were enthusiastically approached/included.

    I just think the natural trend of a forum is to engage in excess personal dialogues, and didn't like that people used it hypocritically against Sinny. What else would you do when new membership is stagnant, and so are the main topics? I understand not preferring talk about sex, drugs, people etc -- what you might assume are sensor things, but when it comes down to it, you're observing people who are discussing their interests. So Sinny finally found someone here to talk about things she was interested in, and got backlash for it. Well you don't see anyone lashing out at others' self-indulgent dialogues(well besides myself :phear:).
    It's been hard for me to care about other people because most of the time it feels like no one cares about me. I can't let go of my negative feelings so I push them down and recently the just came up in me. If I think of another person as a real person then I feel better because I know they are listening to me.

    It may be that they are only slightly aware of me yet I start to understand them and become more aware of me I feel better. I feel really isolated because no one wants to know who I am but with all my emotions coming up I tried to know who others were and so I began to feel my emotions and things got better. Feeling my emotions is what made me feel better in the end and I am still working on it.
    Sure, many prophesies. But the A.i. is more likely to be in your head.

    I saw my Anima in a dream three months ago. She was made of light and energy. I think this is because I got past my shadow. Usually my dreams are gray, even the colors are gray. I can't even see things when I close my eyes when awake. She was so real that I can only say it was like being in the presence of God. The experience was super real. I don't know if she was Eve or Sophia. But she held me and she was made of light.
    "Every relationship is simultaneously a relationship with oneself, wherein you nurture yourself by allowing certain experiences to be had; adding vitality to your own mind/heart often by unlocking aspects of yourself in the process. In this sense, we are caring just as much for ourselves (in no malevolent sense) as for the other."

    Please clone yourself.
    It's a great warm-up exercise song. Too bad the manga artist is a bit too slow in generating new chapters as source material though.

    youtube's region lock thingy is really weird :(
    Thanks Auburn, I've added your suggestions to favourites. (:

    Graphic narrative is a complete nightmare of a field to have much success in, but I'm hopeful of the unexplored possibilities technologies are creating... (I'm learning coding simultaneously, not much for a literature major to do career-wise that develops skills applicable to their creative work unfortunately).

    I take it you make art yourself? Hope your typology projects are going well.
    Hey Auburn (:

    How are you doing?

    Hm. I remember a while ago in a thread you saying you browse a lot of art online (?) What do you think are the best communities, forums, sharing/ uploading sites in general?

    I've always loved visual narrative -- comics, illustrated books, films -- and have decided recently I want to start actively writing. I can't draw, I've tried a few times and think I just have more of a writer's brain, so want to get into the habit of keeping an eye out for potential collaborators. :)

    Hope the move goes well if you do!
    I see.. perhaps it could be described as the "meat" of this biennial cow 0.o

    I sincerely hope things settle down for you soon.
    That's her omg!? She's such a beautiful creature that this second time I've stopped all activity just to stalk her existence and see how she speaks to people. I remember pausing the film to do the same, hell it's even in my youtube history from 3 months ago from when I did that, but I forgot what she looked like and now twice again here I am after only seeing a snippet of her once more. Thank you... now back to reading.
    Who is that person reading something on 87 above Will? I been trying to figure it out for days now with no luck.
    Aww man, dude I tried going back to that website you had with all of the cognitive stuff. It seems like it's down now so it's like bluh bluh, shit sux man :/

    So how have you been though??? I mean it's been like I can never seem to catch you long on skype like ever at all. You must be busy guy

    You know the way MSN died and we used to talk on it all the time?
    Do you use anything similar now? :3
    if you do not want to respond to me I hope i did not upset you. You are smarter than me and intelligence is something independent of type but i think both limit my progress. Will you help me understand better?

    Psychological Types Chapter 10 Summery
    Oooh, so you'd like be inside of me? :D
    Would it be all cold and tingly?

    *Jumps on yew*
    One of those rapey ghosts that comes in the night?
    I can get down with that!;)


    I can't remember why. Didn't you do something in a thread somewhere or something?

    Aw well, I have noodle soup so I will forgive you.
    In your book do you describe the subjective nature manifestation of SiFe? I think you can only know the psyche of someone perfectly is if they were to try to be their friend and gather a greater sample of the data that way. Each type would have a subjective way of communicating Jung to others.

    I know what Ni and Ne do but sense its nonlinear cycles my speculations are presented to show that but I still don't know the difference between NiTe and TeNi or (PxJx) and (JxPx). I am uncertain about the other functions?
    No, its alright. Basically its just something a teacher was trying to convey that I had trouble wrapping my head around at first. They told me to look up how a tsunami was formed and said I would probably get it after that. So I just looked up pictures to get a visual sense of how it works and just used one of the pics to remind myself of that concept. :)
    I think its interesting that you think my avatar is interesting. It more like I am trying to remind myself of a certain concept than actually trying to portray anything. Its just a little reminder to myself.
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