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  • Could you be more specific? Are you asking me to compare the difference between this forum and that other forum? If you are, it doesn't matter to me. You see, to me, random thoughts are just that....random thoughts....
    Ah it's good to know my parents money was not wasted when they sent me to professional troll academy.
    Those 11 dimensions do not not exist orthogonal to each other (90 degrees). They are spaceless dimensions. I think I now understand the uncertainty principle and why the speed of light is a constant. Its more conceptual than mathematical. Popular Science magazine is crap in that respect. The basic concepts are so simple.
    The reason they think dark matter exists is because of 2D thinking.
    They should be thinking in 3D. :)

    Yeah, I dunno. I just want to spend some time doing what excites and energizes me, if that makes any sense. The drudgery of school is not doing that. And I'm kind of not looking for any kind of career with actual employers, at least for now, so having that recognizable piece of paper is just kind of useless to me.

    I expect that somewhere down the line I'll probably regret dropping school at least a little, but for now it feels like the best decision I've made in a while.
    Yeah, I'm going to take some time off from school for a while. I still love math, but the school itself is really wearing me down. It just seemed like I was spending a lot of money for the privilege of looking things up on wikipedia so I could eventually be given a degree that I honestly wouldn't really use all that much. I dunno, maybe I'll have a different opinion in a year or three.
    sorry for my short boring reply. not that i know if you expected a reply but there's something i'd like to add about the idea of premeditation as a requirement for worthwhile stream-of-consciousness. i disagree quite a bit though i can see where you're going with it. i'm a naïve believer in the idea of inspiration and seizing the moment when a conducive mindstate presents itself. in any form of art, i resist planning and instrumentality. part laziness, sure, but part sincerity aswell and that's what matters to me.

    would you read and feedback if i posted my latest novella? it's about 1.5 pages long. entirely stream-of-consciousness and with little premeditation. i'd like to know if you think it works and if not: what should be improved
    Had to google that...
    Do you mean squee the exclamation or squee the comic book character?
    Regardless, you are free to do anything you wish to do :)
    It kind of brings me back to a thread I made on original sin, e.g. some people think that it's okay to keep doing the wrong thing simply because others are and nobody's perfect. I think it conflicts with integrity though. Once one realizes something's wrong and they keep doing it, that's a problem. In a way it seems like a game; something along the lines of "I can do wrong if I get others to do it with me."

    I mean... "I will if you will" is basically how modern terrorism operates. No top-down command required, just blow something up and wait for your peers to see it on the news and inspire them.

    I can see it's application to WWII, but it's still kind of a dangerous belief. Dangerous and awesome at the same time. Imagine a few million people with that shared belief, willing to kill. It's more powerful than a hydrogen bomb.
    Been a while since i have been on so i thought i would ask you if your stuff has ben sorted out yet?
    Thanks dark matters. It was. Got a game i have been wanting and played it with my mates online. Haha good times
    Only other thing is to wait and let them forget why they are annoyed. Did you try gopher yet? Anyway good luck
    Unicorns, facing extinction from lunatics seeing their horns as magic, develop a whale-like contraption to swim the seas forever and elude the mad ideas of humanity.

    Thus the narwhal was born.
    Have you fixed your relationships with your friends or any person you may have annoyed yet?
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