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  • ¿Te refieres al autobusero idiota que tenemos de presidente? Argh... quisiera poder odiarlo por la horrible situacion que estamos atravesando, pero es muy estúpido para poder haberlo planeado. Creo que la culpa yace en los que estan junto a él, corruptos hipócritas arrogantes descarados... y ahora con las protestas y trancas... no sé que esperar. Puntos extra por preguntar en español :'D
    (split in two due to size restrictions ...)

    Yes it's fun too after 30 years, I still get a ton of pleasure when I write something that works. There's the pleasure in figuring it all out, the creativity in your architecture and design, and the immediate feedback in seeing it alive in the real world. Nothing else I've seen gives as much.

    "The main mistake I made as a teenager was wondering if programming was the right choice, instead of just coding something."

    A common problem I see across the N-S spectrum, and one I've had too. Too easy to endlessly speculate about what to do rather than just do something. The opposite is somwhwat mindlessly doing something without knowing why or if it's worth doing, but few INTP's suffer from that.

    On getting started, people constantly fret over 'how to start'. I want to laugh, the question really is 'how can you not start?' There are a million resources.
    Yes it is hard to express it in a way people will understand. As you found, its not until you actually step on the path do you really know it, balls to bones (to quote The Oracle). It's not perfect but it's the best as far as I can tell. There are many tough times ahead, but even those are good in their own way as a path for growth. But nowhere else will you have the opportunities and flexibility you'll find in this work. For example, I have my present work for many practical reasons, but I'm not doing research in an area I want (deep neural nets). No problem - I've set up a lab in my garage for a small sum and can do research up there with those who have deep pockets. Unlike any other science you can nearly anything you want out of your bedroom.
    Yeah, the first half was mostly just a bloody home-invasion style affair. And then it shifts into what at first looks like torture porn.

    I had no real idea where it was going, and so for awhile the torture/violence exists simply for its own ends. When you understand where it's going, that provides some added depth... yet in the end we learn nothing except that what was seen was apparently something that, well, resulted in the ending we saw.

    it's a difficult movie to summarize; summarizing just the plot makes it sound like a horrid movie, but there's more to it than that.
    Yeah, I saw it a few weeks ago. Strong mixed feelings. The last half was hard to watch, but I can see what it was trying to do. Still not sure what to say about it, it's one of those kinds of movies...
    I thought it was a great headset. Now that its price has decreased it is even more worthwhile. I experimented with a few others and they simply weren't as good.
    no, I didn't draw that -- it's the artist who does the covers of all the pathfinder books. I have a book of his artwork that I bought recently, and he had some cool pencil drawings in it.

    Game of Thrones -- only another month!
    Yeah that makes sense. Well I think one should strive for their aspirations in the interest of greater life satisfaction, but I guess that really doesn't need to be said.
    Ah ok. Is there a specific reason why you want to write in english? Two of my favorite stoner rock albums are in a different language that I haven't learned, and Carl Jung's Psychological Types was immensely popular/influential despite orignally being published in German.,
    It might not be so bad if you do it piece by piece over time, but I suppose I'm not a writer. I wouldn't have guessed that you aren't fluent in English, or do you mean in terms of vocabulary/expressiveness?

    Nope, I was always interested in drums but never sought out the training, it's unfortunate considering how much I like music.
    Wow. At 17 I think I wanted to be a DJ/producer. So do you still have a dormant interest in writing, or do you not write because you plainly don't enjoy it anymore?
    Hey there. You might've found out by now but it's the cover from one of Electric Wizard's albums, which was heavily inspired by a promo for the film The Devil's Bride.

    Was it a horror story or mystery/drama? Do you write regularly?
    Mondaze by artist Teebs.

    You're welcome. If you'd like more of his stuff I'd recommend his newest album Estara.
    Brain computer interfaces have come a long way in the past five years, from virtually nothing to something that could actually be useful. Meanwhile artificial hearts, lungs, even livers are in development, synthetic blood too and if we both can afford to wait another 20-30 years I think by then life support may be a viable option.
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