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  1. Absence from the forum

    Honesty? You mean how Mike Judge was spot on about this scene as a young boy practicing kisses? "hopefully all of the older users head out, on their own adventures, and new users can repopulate, its sort of the natural cycle of things."
  2. Absence from the forum

    A lot of times I think I only hung around because of the women, and expecting to get something from them. Minuend I always saw as someone cheerful on the inside and dry on the outside like a comfortable igloo as shelter in the cold tundra. Fukyo I was jealous of, I never got to see her face...
  3. universe cosciousness

    The universe is a mirror and we are beings of reflected light.
  4. Fear of abandonment

    Let go of your expectations of others. You stay or be with someone out of the love of it, you let them know how you feel. You can't force anyone to stay, show them how much you care. And don't expect anything in return. Place your faith in something that never leaves you.
  5. Climate change and capitalism

    The primary motivation in capitalism is maintaining financial position, the second is profit. Think, do you change your lifestyle on your own if you don't have to? I didn't. Businesses are the same, against losing their position by default if they don't have a direct motive to do so. In this...
  6. Feeling betrayed by your body

    Cast off everything everyone has every said to or about you. Go over in objective terms how you got to where you are now. Ground yourself in what you know to be true. Then state what I Am and what I Will Be.
  7. Stole a Reddit meme and edited it for myself

    Tell me more about the psilocybe mushrooms
  8. Amazon is killing it

    The Whole Foods locations can be used to deploy the Amazon Go smart shopping prototypes and the in-place logistics network can be used to supplement the Amazon/Fresh order system. Amazon would cannibalize their sales if they competed with those stores since the market seems saturated on the...
  9. What songs are you listening to? /III/

    R.I.P. I only knew LP because of Numb, Faint and BtH but it's eerie that all the recent deaths are becoming more and more familiar to me.
  10. Socionics Vs. MBTI, what's the difference?

    Have you learned anything new?
  11. Extreme sports

  12. John's Personality Test

    Please, I'm dying to know what the other 5% is
  13. A random person

    the rooster says 'moo' ... *looks around* were you followed?
  14. The Albums of yer Eyesocketball

  15. Thought on revolutions?

    There is always a potential for tyranny and corruption isn't there? No system will eliminate those completely, but we are at the point where individuals give up more of their lives serving corporate masters than they do for themselves and their families, and to me that means the...
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