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  • Dormouse is that you?

    Did you have something to do with the recent incidents with Puffy's and Gopher's accounts?
    I can't help but think that this question is a trap and that you'll put my response in some sort of sophisticated doom matrix to try and find a weakness you can exploit...

    Also that's not the proper way to use "begs the question" but I figure you did that on purpose to aggravate me. Such evil. :mad:
    Doooooorrrrrrmouuuseeeee!!!!! *Pokes 137 times*

    But no seriously, what's been up? I keep trying to hang around this place, but I seem to only be able to drag my lump of a body back every couple of months or so. And since I hear you are just the master of paying attention for long spans of time, has anything interesting happened in like...ever? (btw, you know those pokes that totally just literally and physcially happened to you? Yeah that was the rest of my energy for the night, it better of been well spent or else I swur ta guud)
    Cause I don't really visit here as much since I've run out of intp video related ideas. lol so maybe we can stay friends elsewhere's.
    Dormouse, it's ok you never replied to me. And I hope it's ok I never replied to you first. But get your ass in chatbox-skype now! This is not a request. Also bring Tyria. Anyone else too. Srsly. Not jking here.
    About the rambling analysis - This is the meaning of life we're talking about, you could save future scholars countless hours of quarreling over interpretation by just explaining it all now. Or just say anything, but make it compelling and mesmerizing, a tour de force. I still don't see any lists either, and it's been a few days now. Probably a week overall.

    If you want a larger and more exciting thing, you should try learning the world's major alphabets with me. It got a lot easier when I realized I could set my keyboard to use other language layouts, like 한글 and देवनागरी. This might be a little too-large and not-exciting-enough for you though.

    The question about what you study wasn't a gut feeling this time, I thought I'd read a long time ago that you were into science (or something), so I was curious again. Oh, and I am sorry about your violets. Also sorry that visitor messages have character limits.
    Which Kong are we talking about? King or Donkey? It seems like it could apply to either, but maybe that's the point. I hope you're life doesn't have a tendency to become terrible at any moment, but lives can be like that sometimes. (maybe I'm just pessimistic)

    My job is in an office at the airport, although I rarely get to throw office supplies at people. :'( I know if I could it would make the day go by faster. The dog wasn't really kidnapped per say, he just started swimming downstream alongside the canoe... then kind of kept doing that for a while. We'd called the number on his collar and the owner didn't seem too concerned, and after a while we decided to just let him get in the canoe and give him a ride back. Unfortunately that was seven hours later and it was dark outside, but we did give him a ride back. He was a fun dog. We named him Bob.
    Well I'm sure you'll get one eventually (the revelations). It doesn't have to be anything big, like the meaning of life, maybe just something simple, like "water plants in the morning and evening to prevent evaporation." (I think I read that somewhere yesterday.)

    I think a lot of the hysteria comes from my job. I often find myself feeling like that and wanting to say mean things to people and maybe throw a stapler at them occasionally. Actually my life does seem pretty interesting for someone who rarely leaves his apartment and never does anything. I took a random dog I'd never seen before for a 5(+/-) mile canoe trip last weekend. We even flipped the canoe on a rock. Not sure if his owner ever knew he was gone.

    I do not see any lists, but I shall continue disregarding that fact. Furthermore, I'm also curious (and in case I never hear from you again, ever), what do you study in school?
    It was the infj forum. I really don't like that place but I have an account there anyway and was changing the profile around. I suppose if nothing else it led me to some minor epiphany about the importance of having purpose.

    So you do everything you're ordered to? I'll have to keep this in mind. :twisteddevil: Actually I was wondering if you'd drawn it yourself, not that I have any reason to think you had, it was just kind of a gut feeling thing so I thought I'd ask. I like my avatar because it describes my mood about 40% of the time. Must have made that face at least four times today already.

    It sounds like it could be an interesting list. Are you going to post it or is it just for you? (not that I'm trying to obligate you to or anything)
    So did you ever figure it out? You'll probably be grossly disappointed. I would just tell you, but I don't want to disappoint you. I know how that always makes my parents feel.

    You've really put a lot of thought into colors. Maybe that is the meaning of life? To have color? To be a person of color? Sorry, I don't know where that came from. I usually don't go for the slightly-racist jokes. I hope you're not black. I mean, I don't hope, it's ok if you are. I wouldn't look down on you for it. But it might have something to do with your psychological need for indecision in color choosing. I'm just trying to help!

    Ok, srsly tho, what is the meaning of life? And I'm legitimately curious about this one: where did your avatar come from?
    Three out of four at least, I think, although not recently. Maybe all four if you count watching the Daily Show. I'll let you guess which ones. :D For life changing experiences, I once took a personality test at random and ended up spending the next year of my life addicted to an internet forum. They really should have warned me. This entire thread came about because of my filling out some profile asking, "What could you never live without," and the next thing I knew I'd discovered the meaning of life.

    No distillations! I want to see how stupidly long this list can be. No pressure though. And you don't have a favorite colo(u)r? Actually that might explain a lot.... but I am curious about what the seven plus paragraphs would say, if you're feeling charitable.

    You must know a lot of meanings of life if it's going to be that long. Actually I'd started thinking no one would reply because people usually only come up with those kinds of things when they've had some weird epiphany/life changing experience/moment of Zen/acid flashback. But it seemed like a better thing to ask a bunch of INTPs than "what's your favorite color/movie/hot celebrity," and we already have like two gazillion of those threads.
    Hey I thought cats were afraid of heights? Anyways it's a nice, serene scene.

    (I do apologize for the lateness of my reply. I was m.i.a.)

    Thanks :)
    Pourquoi de la Scandinavie? En fait, j'habite dans le coin de St-Hilaire, mais je monte à Montréal quotidiennement, car je suis étudiant à McGill.
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