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  • I meant I'm not as good in English as I am in Spanish. Since writing is an extremely competitive field in and of itself, not writing in your first language seems like a bad idea to me.
    One of the admins changed my user title to "internet bully" as a joke, I later added witch. But to answer your question, sometimes.
    Generally, no. I actually listen to anything and everything...literally all music with some exceptions....I'll listen to Reggae if it's good and Buju's 'Til Shiloh album is awesome. But I first heard his music in the 90's (cassette tape lol) and my mother actually played it. Once I heard him, I was sold. I tried to do an assortment on my list....I saw the posts of others which listed things that were along the same lines of the same genre so I wanted to add some that were different and had no attachment per-se to each other.
    I guess dormant interest is a good description. I like coming up with ideas and drafting a story, but the actual writing is kind of a drag. Another problem is that I'd like to write in English, but I don't think I can ever become fluent enough. When Borges (a literary genius, in my opinion) was asked how many languages did he know, he replied "only one: Spanish". Even though he had excelent fluency in English, German, French and Latin.
    Then again, there are some exceptions (e.g: Nabokov).

    Do you play any instrument? I dabbled in guitar and piano but I wasn't any good.

    It was actually a fantasy setting. My dad read Tolkien to me in bed, so I always created fantasy worlds of my own. At first they were basically Middle Earth rip-offs, but starting a 13 my stories became darker and darker. Eventually I realized they were kind of an outlet, since I'm really nice and polite on the outside.
    One day at 17 I went crazy and tossed everything I ever wrote. And I haven't written ever since. I won a couple of small awards so those stories should be somewhere I guess, but they are all in spanish anyhow.
    Sorry to bother you again, but what is that in your avatar exactly? I swear I'm not stalking you, I just happen to find both the track and the avatar cool.
    It reminds me of a story I once wrote about a sect that sacrificed virgins, using them as fuel for their spells. Kind of cliché, I know, but the point is that the image would be perfect for the story. Which I deleted some time ago.
    I actually never heard of him but cool cover. It's from an old horror film - I forgot the title just now.
    I'd say, i'm interested in this broad sense of atmospheric music as well.
    You're a fan of uncle Bernays as well, hm? ;-)
    Unfortunately i haven't had the time to refine the content to post yet.
    Maybe at the end of the week when i have some spare time.
    I would go as far as to say that top 40 material is not primarily music, but a commodity and social engineering tool.
    What do you define as atmospheric music?
    Electronic ambient music?

    I'm only familiar with Colour Haze, but it's not really for me, i'm afraid.
    I will have to look into your other suggestions.
    Compiling my "library" will take some time, but sure, i can do that.
    Other than that, I don't care so much what career I have, so long as I like it. I might would be more interested in a career in IT than in programming, actually, because I find that aspect of computing comes more naturally to me.

    Picking up Linux is simply a matter of using it a lot, really. Picking up programming is a bit more involved, but it can still be done. You can just have to find a decent tutorial that teaches the concepts, and then write programs for EVERY concept.
    Yeah, you did mention you are in CIS, though it was quite a while ago and I only vaguely remember it.

    I'm getting better with motivation, to be honest. It's been a long road since Sophomore year in high school where my general outlook toward life plummeted like an anchor. I've always had the idea of applying what I am learning to solve personal problems and automate menial tasks (I was kind of getting into computers before I was getting into programming), and I have done so to an extent, but not a very large one. It's kind of sad, really, because there was one program we wrote last year that compressed and decompressed text files as binary files. That would be enormously useful for me, but unfortunately I never finished it.
    That's good.

    Yeah, still computer science for me. I enjoy the material well enough, I just don't have much motivation to do the work. -_-

    Grasping the material is the most important thing, but I imagine that if one did so a fair amount would also do good on the work and exams with little effort. So, I don't mind, I can't really justify my shortcomings, I'm just lazy.

    ARe you doing CS now also?
    It certainly goes, even at the times when I wish it wouldn't.

    Three years in uni and I am still struggling to do good. I suppose this is my own fault, but still... I am making progress though, or so it seems, so there is that.

    What of yourself? How have you been?
    Regarding your post in "What did you do after 18/college?"

    I pissed away 2 years being a fucking Psych major, and now I'm about to go full CS.

    best of luck
    Thanks for your concern man, it is well received, its just my progress from the 1st grade though I Think itll be fine, Im not going to post anything TOO personal that can put me in any real danger.
    Do you know the secrets of the philosophers stone?
    I've yet to figure out how the dodecahedron and phi (golden ratio) relate to the aether?

    The diagnosis was by a professional, but I reject it in favor of... something else. Some mix of schizotypy and PTSD, but without the ongoing hallucinations that I only experienced during the highly stressful period in which I was diagnosed. The most obvious thing I'm experiencing is definitely stronger and more frequent schizophasia.

    Relating this back (I have to. It's what I do. :D) to this post, the schizophrenic spectrum might refer to one's distance from the center of the starfish.
    I'd never heard of D.E.L. (but I like what he does :D). It was done by Philippa King. I found her when I was diagnosed schizoaffective (as is she). There are a few more here; Anything with "schizart" in the comment/description.
    Do you still have the Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Key? if you still have it, i will be glad!! Thank you!
    What? I have no idea what you could be referring to :rolleyes:

    What brings you back to this net of the woods? :)
    Hey ESC.

    Yeah, it was a recent promotion. We don't do changing of the guard ceremonies or such though apparently, but people will realise eventually I guess. :p

    How are things?

    News BoC album in a few weeks. :D
    Albeit, an almost empty map can be very exciting when you go Recon hunting with your trusty suppressed, rifle-scoped, straight-pull-bolted M24. But to take proximity scan is to give up either my Autoloader or IR Smoke (I can't recall which slot it falls into). As for killing the enemy first: indeed, first neutralize the killer, then save your teammate.

    64 Player Conquest on Metro + Explosives - Autobalance = Meat Grinder
    64 Player Conquest + Jets = Valhalla

    I love being a fighter pilot in BF3: the multidimensional, skill-based, single combat of loops and dives and rolling scissors is exhilarating. Almost as exhilarating as playing what I call "Tank Hide and Seek" wherein you are a lone, C4-toting Support in a well-covered building that controls a flag, especially one deep in enemy territory (e.g., E on Khark CQ) and hemmed in by an angry, prowling tank. Your mission is to hold the flag; the resulting game of cat and mouse in the ruins is thrilling to say the least. The tank crew, of course, is terrified at every turn, hoping that the C4 drop-bear won't land on their backs, carrying a nasty surprise.

    Also, playing Medic and saving lives while dodging bullets is fun, too. It's a nice Fe rush, hearing the thank-you's of the resurrected and knowing how they feel: relieved, excited, and thankful to be alive. :)

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