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  • I see you wrote quite a while ago. Sorry for the lag but I've been absent from the forum. I'd be happy to get back in the game if you're still around.
    Hello back!
    Thank you for your replies. I'm in Bangkok right now and am travelling to Hanoi later this afternoon, (it is morning here) so for the time being I will probably update my travelling thread when I get enough stuff I deem significant enough to talk about and maybe come back to other conversations when I'm a bit more settled. Of the three days I'v been away so far I'v only really had one day to relax and 'cool off', not including today...
    I'd like to hear more about being addicted to THC and it's relevance to nicotine addiction etc, sounds really interesting.

    About you point on poker; I think it is gambling as it has an element of chance, the degree is just dependent on the players skill level. It also isn't heavily weighted in favour of the house, unless you're online.
    No problem, I posted a reply. Think of this way, you have to admit that an INTP who loves team sports is probably unusual. Well naturally that piques my interest, so I wanted to ping you. You/re sure of yourself which is a good sign, so I'll accept that. As I said though many times when I pinged somebody about their type they actually did end up re-evaluating, so it's worth a shot.

    You weren't defensive, and I think its not fair to tell people what type they are, only people can really decide for themselves which is hard to do. So I try to be delicate about it, but I'm not known for being the most socially nuanced person.
    I know what you're saying, I had a similar experience ... Yes, it would be great if you would post an index.
    Thanks for the kind words. I've gotten many requests to do an index or summary, but nobody has offered to do so and I don't have the time either. However I have been (slowly) working on putting it all together in the form of a eBook or web page - I'm not sure what. I'm also not sure of the angle yet, Drenth does a good job of writing for the type. My meanderings seem to fall more into the category of "INTP from experience" rather than "INTP from theory" - or something.
    Yeah, I can show some pics. Sorry to burden you though. I wouldn't start looking until a couple months after summer though; they shouldn't be in season right now. But I only know of one, possibly two, locations over here, they don't seem too abundant so additional locales would be cool.
    Yes... Actually, I heard they have muscaria over there. We recently found some over here, which was a bit surprising. Although, they are known for being around Northern California, near the mountains. But, it was nice to find a quick local supply to examine, even though we found them rather late in the season. Do you know of any fire stations around grass valley? I heard there was a park or patch of grass near one, where they grow, haha. I'm just wondering, btw. Not sure if I've ever been there before.
    Haha, sounds charming... But yeah, I want/need to try more NY style pizzas if only to verify if they are overrated or not, and to a lesser extent the Chinese cuisine as well. I remember having some once but not really enjoying the taste.

    Hey man, I see that you're from Grass Valley... I live near there. Would you happen to know if any specific Amanita grow there? I heard that they do.. They might be more plentiful over there than here. That would be cool, and good to know.
    Well I don't really have much feedback beyond what I've already commented, and what you just described is why I think I thought E>I(enneagram 3 impressions), I was also probably fooled by the avatar. But you don't have to worry about your type here if you don't feel like discussing it.

    Anyway thanks for the belated response. :)
    Oh... Most likely pepperoni or supreme, nothing fancy. I've had a decent garlic-bbq pizza before too. Really, it depends on how it's made; not all pepperoni pizzas are created equal, so... Preferably more fluffy than flat although recently I've been able to appreciate the flat CPK style pizzas. Haha. How about you?
    Holla attcha boi. White Chocolate. Biggest JWill fan, next to Randy Moss, that exists.
    The elbow pass literally changed my life when I saw it happen.
    I was being stupid with my a hot streaks worth of winnings. Bought a car I didn't need for cash, a ton of shoes and jerseys, rounds of McClellan 18 for the table, 125% tips, etc. Living in the margins and leaking profits on frivolous shit.

    Hit a 3 week cold streak and thinned my roll considerably. Went on a rally during a 36 hr sesh and tripled my roll, cashing out when I hit 2-3x my buy-in each time. Saw a phat 2-5 game starting and table matched. It was a good loose table, so I sat and waited for my spot.

    Parking Lot suited under the gun did me in. Had no intention of staying around to any sort of raise but instead witnessed a family flop. Hit top pair top kicker bet strong, 2 callers. Hit 2 pair on turn but now possible opponent flush draw. I put the pressure on with 2/3 his stack bet and he re raised all in. Flush on river and went on tilt for the crumbs I had left.
    That's cool, man. 2007-2008 was a great time to be a poker player. Has gotten a little harder to make money off of it now.

    When it comes to BR, I usually just try to have about 20 buy-ins at the stake Im playing, and increase this number as you move up through the stakes. I wrote a computer program once to test different BR strategies. Turned out that as long as you don't have anything against moving up and down in stakes frequently, it doesn't really matter what kind of BR strategy you use. Your expectation after x number of hands remains about the same..

    What was the Teddy KGB moment? Cold-decked for your whole bankroll in one hand type of thing?
    I like to do both. Playing style is extremely situation-dependent, ranging from super tight to hyper aggressive. Usually I take a very psychological approach, trying to predict people's emotions and their state of mind. You play as well?
    Yeah its been pretty helpful, i cant remember why i even started here, i enjoy this place. Im used to being never really being in the fold ive always been a bit of an outsider but i dont get that here. Hope you achieve what your looking for
    Didnt mean for it to be a diatribe was just trying to be honest for my lack of a response on your story. I meant no offense if that was the way it was percieved. Let me start over hi im direwolf "holds out paw" how are you?
    Ya i was gonna try to provide a more objective snapshot of why I think im an INTP as opposed to an E or a F, which I am internally lacking and attempt to make up for externally. Its more of a social defense mechanism to overcompensate in those areas upon inital introduction to an established group. I appreciate any and all feedback because I have zero idea of how others percieve me, compounding the problem is I do tend to sell an idealized version of myself initially to gain acceptance. Obvious point of improvement area, to develop those channels properly to better assimilate my true self to a group.
    Thank youbfor aiding me in this.
    The best part :p

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know if it matters to you but I got the impression of Ne dominance(ENTP/ENFP), I didn't want to interrupt a thread about it though.

    I Don't mean anything negative by it, just something to consider if you're further interested in MBTI.
    Im pretty sure I know the church you talking about and probably served them pancakes at our ihop at some point.
    Ya the best way I can describe it is being paralyzed by indecision and that is why getting stoned is so appealing. It takes you out of that back and forth struggle and forces you to be in the moment. I think INTPs get more internally focused when high and are able to gain a perspective on the self in a way...
    It's all good man. I don't even remember the name of the church. Actually I just googled the name of the pastor I know. It's the Calvary Bible church there. That guy is still the youth pastor, and he literally hasn't aged lol. Either way thats not important.

    One step at a time is all we can do. I recently just left Christianity, and have been suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I know all about one step at a time. When what you thought the world was falls apart, but you're still alive and have no idea what to do. I sure do love getting stoned, though. Makes all the bullshit easier to accept.
    Hi, I just moved your introduction thread from the Archive to the current Introit thread section.
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