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  • "In her mind, she envisioned herself as the Destroyer: the sum total of all those actions and ideas which aid in deconstruction and disintegration. In her heart, however, she fashioned herself as the Creator: herself an Unmoved Mover, creating Connexions where none previously existed, in accordance with her own Will. In this way, the mind and the heart brought balance to each other, and all was well."

    Thanks for that =).
    Nah, only 81% serious. I keep wanting to make a cool signature (I like yours) but I can't think of anything. But it's accurate enough. I seem to live with a healthy dose of irreverence.

    What about your quote? Did you write that, or did you read it somewhere? (I'd be interested in reading a book from which something like that would originate)
    I am part anima.

    And i think i have an established communication with my feminine self - and an understanding and reverence for my internal emotions. o.o

    I think you're confusing that for innately higher Fe. But even NiFe's dont have that by default, it takes growth in any person. But the ability to openly express emotional drives and fantastical dreams does seem something more "high-F" doesn't it. =P
    Well, I've developed quite a rich understanding of types in recent years (via how they process reality cognitively, as opposed to their behavior) and I am quite certain I am Ti(Ne-Si)Fe.

    I certainly won't fit the INTP label though!
    I wonder if you have received my PM or your messages are disabled. Not that I expect a response, but I don't even know if you got it ;).
    I have no idea. I have always typed you as an INTJ but I don't know you well enough to make a solid argument for it.
    It was a joke. I added the winkie face thing as a way of indicating that. Perhaps it takes a P to understand.

    ^For the record that was also a joke. :D
    You said "apart from a system containing all of existence, is null". Why can't a system containing all of existence also be null? it is still a closed system after all.

    "if it already contains everything that exists"-reminds me of a box that contains all boxes including itself.
    Not that I'm doing any better with motivation but yeah if you've got it, keep it up.

    Is software design or systems development part of the course path? I would think CS would get into many elaborate projects down the line, I'm not sure if that's just software engineering though.

    I wouldn't mind learning Linux by experience if I had to, however it's hard to migrate to that extent since productivity is impacted. I tried with Ubuntu before and too many features were missing or not working or tedious to get working, plus I do PC gaming. I've been tinkering with machine virtualization though and I think that will help. With programming, I just don't know where to start.

    I agree though specific career might not matter much since it's always possible to find fulfillment in a niche. I also suppose it's important think about future employability, at least the fields we are doing are both projected to be important for a while and computers/computing can be applied to virtually anything.
    "apart from a system containing all of existence" - why the exclusion?

    The ensemble interpretation is reasonable, but the Copenhagen and many world interpretation sound too far out.
    Thanks! It was just a random thought. How've you been though? It's been a long while since I've seen you.
    Normally I'd be the same, I noticed I unknowingly sat in the front/near the professor in all of my classes, unlike my first try when I just sat in the back and barely did any work. I still procrastinate, but there's been significant change in my work ethic.

    I think it has something to do with visualizing my success / having hope. Since you already like the material, can't you picture yourself using those skills professionally to get you to wherever you want to be in life? Isn't that thought appealing and motivating?

    I am still majoring in CIS, though I'm not sure if I mentioned my major already. Hopefully I can just pickup Linux and programming on the side down the line, but they're undeniably my weakness.
    I suppose actually grasping the material should be the main focus but at the very least, there is solace in the fact that employers in most cases won't look at GPA. Do you have the same major?

    I've been alright. I think I'm doing okay with college now that I'm on a good path, I still have little motivation towards social networking or the other opportunities though. Not sure if I'm going to pursue a 4yr university/BA but I'm definitely going after IT certificates. Life otherwise is bearable.
    I was wondering how I could improve improv actually, was thinking of doing audio calls and such. I have no problem in written form responding instantly and improvising just in voice.
    Being selective with Ni I see only one subject of interest as when I cant experiment with people or objects to be limiting when its only in reference to a greater purpose. I've yet to meet someone who can tell me what that is. The direction I go might be dominated by a force of non integration. The whole in becoming not static being.
    But ultimately, my philosophy is that the meaning of life is to be happy, or content and at peace. And whenever you're in a position to do so, fulfill duties, such as taking care of a family or using whatever skills you have to improve whatever community you're in. SO as long as I am applying my intelligence and abstract thought to this goal, I believe I am using it in the correct way.
    Is this the shout box? haha, seems like each forum is different.

    Well I don't think abstract thoughts have no merits. Very far from the truth. I just think it should be balanced with reality, the body. I've done a few 10 day hardcore meditation retreats where you don't talk the entire time, and the goal is to essentially shut off your mind, or at least calm it, and obtain a total and omniscient awareness of your body (hard to do, I only had that experience about 3 times and for only about 25 minutes each). THAT is an intelligence, pure consciousness, that is far superior than the intelligence of the mind, IMO. From that state of stillness, THEN your mind becomes so much more powerful and clear as to wear to direct it. Your consciousness controls the mind,rather than the other way around.
    rofl. I feel like I could go back and forth with you for hours on semantics, and come out happy.

    alas I have work to do.

    until next time.

    I wonder just how much nil resides in the Time Asylum
    No need to apologize, it is the writer's fault if he is incapable of comprehensively and correctly explicating his intentions and meanings, not the interpreter's. I simply often write in haste.
    And the subject of personality changing. I agree, I don't think it ever really does. BUT I believe you can condition yourself to, at the very least, temporarily mutate your personality. For example, all that hardcore training, I wasn't working at the time so all I did was train for like 3 hours a day, eat all day, and hang out with my girlfriend. I definitely maintained all my wit and mental sharpness, but I was MUCH more IN my body, so to speak. Oxygenated blood was literally being rerouted from my brain to my muscles, digestion, organs, etc.

    You may not buy it, but I swear, if I'm doing like, heavy weight lifting (which I don't very often). The amount I have to eat, and all the recovery, I swear I'm dumber.
    So are you married? Family? Single? Online social interaction is still social interaction. My guess is that even the most introverted introvert would go just as insane as anyone else if they were in, say, solitary confinement in prison for long enough. Although, it may take longer.
    You should know (if you have read any of my posts), that I almost always speak in generalizations, I have literally no intent to be entirely comprehensive and encapsulating. I know, and I often say, that it is incomplete and simplistic.

    So yes, we are in agreeance.

    btw, your writing is very poetic and beautiful

    Edit: note: You should look into Dario Nardi* [neuroscientist into typology]

    2nd edit: on "it is misleading" only if you view it simplistically and narrow mindedly that way, which I don't, I am capable of viewing it in many ways and not only that one, although I can see how it would be to to others.
    But lately, this brutal winter, I've been a bit of a hermit and it is DEFINITELY against my nauture and has been pretty rough, mentally, physically, spiritually. And the ENTP definition of them needing lots of social stimulation has never been so acute. Obviously EVERY type needs social stimulation, as we are all social creatures and our lives would have little meaning without others (IMO) but man, I more or less find my self-esteem almost having a direct correlation with significant and frequent social interaction.
    Yeah, all that makes sense. Except the Forer effect. Is that how astrology "works"? Like vague advice that can be personalized?

    I mean it doesn't take much to see certain traits of certain types being very consistent. ENTPs being quick witted, INFJs very intelligent, but sometimes you may never know because they're rather reclusive/quiet (IRL anyway).

    I've also noticed that my personality can change and has changed after going through extreme experiences. I trained MMA with some real cage fighters off and on for a few years, and when I was at peak training, I was much more ESTP than ENTP. And I think that's actually stuck with me, even though I don't train as much.
    Believe me, I'm the furthest fan from labels as you can get, BUT, I have yet to find one that fits me so completely. Every test I've ever taken: ENTP. There's been some ENFP and ENFJ leanings, but distant seconds. PLUS when I started talking to ENTPs online in such huge concentrations, it was like, "brothers! sisters! where have you been??" I mean, not to get too weird, but it has been pretty uncanny the accuracy of my MBTI type. Maybe I just got lucky, because I've never doubted that's my technical label, and as I get older, it just reaffirms it.
    I do not mind anyone posting on any of my threads, they are in the PUBLIC eye for a reason.

    Also, I (re)enabled VMs/PMs just coz
    If you ever wondered why I didn't reply to your message, it's because I couldn't understand the Ensemble interpretation(and I wasn't as motivated enough to go about understanding it). Wikipedia is prone to cause people to suffer from tmi. Had to look in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sjqvVcrBW4 for an easier explanation.

    I find the interpretation very reasonable, and it's probably the best interpretation according to Occam's razor.
    you're not used to taking human error into account? Its that dull forum that I'm referring to actually. Maybe the members have or changed. I just joined today, so I guess I can't really say for sure. Forums are lovely.
    are you a member of PF forum? I just joined recently actually. it's nice.
    @serenesam and nil. Irene Adler popular on INTP forum, I'm really not suprised :D
    i spent two years listening almost exclusively to goa and psytrance as a 14-16 year old. i have amassed plenty of good tracks but i'm not one for listening to entire artist catalogues or albums mostly. i guess i'm a "hit" listener.

    if you have any recommendations yourself, feel free to share. exploration never ceases.
    thank you

    not sure what i have linked previously, but here are some favorites of the more obscure variety (since i assume you are familiar with canon stuff):


    (stomping hard, early tech-trance i would say)


    (funky groovy prog-psy)


    (acid with goa touch)


    (old school proto-goa - love the cryptic understated atmosphere in this one)


    (wow such noble presence)


    (one of the more remarkable tracks i've heard in terms of genre orthodoxy or lack thereof)
    hey Nil - have you heard from ESC? Seems odd he vanished without much word, though I guess he'd gradually been posting less anyway...
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