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  • I'm sure because I've devoted a lot of time into researching this. I started off studying the system believing you can't make direct translation and invert that letter, just like that forums says, but it just didn't work out with what I observed in real life. Once I reversed the last letter all of the information I gathered very elegantly clicked together.
    I know this is a commonly used argument to discredit any translation, to say that definition of functions isn't same, but it is incorrect. You should inspect the information for yourself. Ni in Wikisocion is Ni in MBTI, just read over the definitions yourself.
    That's what I thought initially too, but discovered that this is wrong. The last letter in socionics corresponds to dominant function. This means that for all MBTI introverted types the last letter is inverted but for extraverts it stays same. In Wikisocion INFJ is INFp but ENFJ stays ENFj.

    And if you read over definitions of functions in socionics and MBTI they are very similar. So NiFeTiSe type stays NiFeTiSe.
    You doubt my sincerity? *bats eyes innocently*

    Actually, that's probably a good place to start from. :}

    *steals pipe and runs*
    Something that's been bugging me... your sig says you have a Ti-Ne P-ness, but according to your view wouldn't that be a J-ness? You're not allowed to make that joke sir! It doesn't align with your principles! Oh, but sure, you'll take advantage of MBTI's inherent humor anyway. :)

    Wait, I get it! It's your way of saying TiNe=INTP is a joke, right? 'joke' as in 'incorrect and stupid'? For you, Pnesses are NiTe sir! Almost sounds like 'mighty' but I guess you can't win 'em all. Ha, your pness is nighty! (okay I'll stop now)
    Yea it is not easy to pick up. It has taken me months+ to study and figure where everything fits. I admit I can not explain everything to you effeciently and precisely. That is because it is fucking complicated! Good luck.
    I think if I were to study one, it would be the Enneagram. I have no idea how credible it is, but it seems rather interesting.

    Oh yeah, isn't INTp supposed to be equivalent to INTJ?
    I see you are really getting into this typology stuff. What do you study/what are your sources? It is an interesting subject to me, but I just feel like I have more important things to think about currently. Maybe not...
    I just realized the true hilarity of your signature. Kudos to you, sir, for making such epic win.
    Physical, I'm not much of a religious or spiritual person. Although, astronomy, I will taking classes next semester on that. Have always like that stuff. Also have a logical problem with Stephen Hawkins black hole thing, but I will save that idea after I learn more and I can stand my own in a debate. Atleast the entire idea of the black hole, seems illogical, I have a better diagram in my head, but I will see if someone else has already published this idea. Yet if there is a spiritual universe I would be happy to hear of it, or read, would give me some metaphysical depth into it atleast.
    Have you written things on the universe? I like the universe, fascinating thing it is. I would watch the Science Channel 23.5/7 if I had it on my television.
    I don't think so. I found it online today on deviantART... crap, the owner wants special consent for use. senseless legalities! *rebels*
    I don't know what to say, haha. Thanks, I will use the avatar. It looks strangely familiar; is it from a movie?
    I really enjoy your posts. I often have nothing to add, but they're very much appreciated.

    Oh! and methinks an epic member should have an epic avatar! Um.. maybe this?

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