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  • To be honest I'm finding it genuinely amazing how bent out of shape Bronto is getting. But yeah, if even Grayman can get my point it's obviously not that hard.
    Come on, live a little!
    Print it out, spread flyers, put up posters, share it with the world!
    You may be arrested and sent to the mind hospital, but at least you will have an interesting tale to tell your grandchildren on their yearly visits.
    :) That dwarf :/

    I apologize for putting you off your dinner/breakfast/lunch/bloodsucking.
    I thank thee...
    Not sure where or even how I found it, but it just kind off stuck...
    Hhmm you are referring to the bloated Tudor lady, right?
    Otherwise, if you are referring to the lynx trader the above description is not applicable.

    Oh jeez...

    I didn't realise that Cog was a lady too. Well... that certainly skews the predicted gender representation!
    Wow is that really how gobbledygook is supposed to be spelled? It looks like a bunch of gobbledygook... :phear:
    Nice profile pic! I love steampunk and I love elves, so steampunk elves are even more wonderful than one or the other by itself! She also reminds me vaguely of Lara Croft.
    No problem. I don't think there's any reason to be secretive about this stuff except where it pertains to people's privacy.
    What is the source of that psychedelic-tribal image?
    Quite good, speaking as an amateur art critic.
    Too late. Once seen tentacles cannot be unseen. Anyway, I've never really understood the whole steampunk thing. I think I missed the origin or the inspiration for steampunk, and at this point, I'm a little afraid to ask.
    I really like your new avatar. Mostly because of the tentacle-like structures in her outfit, which it makes me think that she was originally drawn in another illustration, but defeated her cohabitant, and is now wearing it's appendages in some kind of barbaric display of strength and victory.
    I'm not really worried about the length of the book so much as the quality. I watched Stand By Me. I didn't realize it was his story. Maybe I'll try IT. That's about a clown-creature, right?
    I'm kind of a snobby reader, so I tend to dismiss any book that could be sold in a grocery store. But my INTJ has a huge, unabridged copy of The Stand, so I gave it a shot. The story, the character development, and the depth of his work made it worth the read, but oh my goodness are his monologues and dialogues difficult to slog through. Especially the monologues. It's like reading bad acting.

    Anyway, he's written like 3,000 best sellers, so there's got to be some winners. Any recommendations?
    Yes...it was..

    I'm getting better and my better half is getting worse. It's my turn to make chicken soup and supply drugs now :D
    I wish you'd use spoilers so as not to offend the orderly appearance of my VM wall :beatyou:

    Actually I've been sick lately too.
    That drawing is cool, did you make it? It looks very D&Dish, like it was taken out of the Player's Handbook. I want one for my character.
    Sorry for being an asshole sometimes. I can be overwhelmed by my perceptions sometimes and go off the rails.
    I'm slightly disappointed my videos didn't embed for others to see, but oh well.

    Not sure about the first two pictures but the last two are intriguing, I particularly liked the second from last; I got the impression of bleak expressionless curiosity. And the last with a very ethereal vibe to it in natures frost.
    it was a profile message. i saw quicktwist there and linked from his profile but ohh well it doesn't matter, i understand. :=)
    Hi Jennywocky, i left a pm in pec i'm sad you didn't reply i wanted to ask you about your opinion on my type. Have you read enough of me to think of anything? :P
    I like your avatar, it's pretty creepy... It reminds me of these two album covers.

    God I still got it wrong... again. You think I'm and extrovert then? IDK what to think about that.
    Yeah it was good to get to know you too and I enjoyed reading your posts. You remind me of myself in some ways. Sorry to cut it short but you know me... "Grey Wanderer" ;)
    That's the point for me though, it's not just a forum thread, it's people talking to people. I would've been more reserved in my criticism in real life, and it's hypocrisy for me to act differently in a forum because of the security of anonymity. Maybe someday I'll strengthen my humility enough to catch up with my thoughts :)
    Hey Jenny I want to apologize about the WoW thread. I've had a nagging feeling in my subconscious the last few days and I learned a long time ago to act on such feelings. You were bringing up interesting aspects of the game and I had ignored them (and you) in favor of defending a point. I usually don't know when I cross the line til it's too late. I was over critical and I'm sorry. I know as an INTP you're probably used to shaking such things off and maybe it didn't even affect you to begin with, but we can still carry those things at a deeper level. I was a kid trying to pop another kids balloon. :facepalm:

    So what race/class/spec are you running right now in the new expansion?
    Well, I started on The Silmarillion because I saw The Hobbit (Rankin-Bass) cartoon on TV and loved it, so my mother wanted to buy me a Tolkien book and had no clue whatsoever and bought me that in hardcover. I still have it somewhere in my collection, even though it's badly beaten up. I think if I had had my choice, I would have started on something a little more accessible. :)

    It's always the problem with being interested in many things, there's never enough time. And I went through my phase of buying lots of discounts books on topics that looked fascinating, without having the time to get through them all. Arrrgg....
    Wow, started with Silmarillion, impressive. I have a few Tolkien books I never got to, including Christopher's. Maybe someday, but I have lots of interests and little time. Perhaps in my own second childhood?

    His Sindarian name was always my favorite, especially considering the translation "Grey Wanderer", which is easy for me to identify with.
    It went first movie, books, other two movies, then books again. I was a geek about it for awhile but haven't revisited it in years. It's right up my alley as far as themes and art style though, books and movies. Haven't really tapped into the recent Hobbit craze. Kids change things. You?
    Yeah, tried that, but I think his VMs are blocked to anyone other than contacts and mods. Either that or it's a bug. Either way, I had sent him a PM informing him of my response. Thanks for the heads up though :)
    Your cruel words would hurt me, but I have three steel plates in my face that stopped them from doing so.
    Fair warning: the P-ness thread is closer to asshatery. Though the J/P dynamic is a common conflict between me and my wife, the innuendos are deliberate. That's what happens when my Ne gets bored! I do appreciate the advice.
    I thought it was a terrible example actually. I guess it serves its purpose well enough.
    Alright no problem; I'll pick your brain on Fe at some point though if you're up for it (read your post in Archie's Feelings/Feeler thread).
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