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  1. Jennywocky

    Which tv series are you watching?

    it took me a few episodes when the show first came out for me to get a feel for what was happening, the comedy and pacing and timing was not what I was used to. It ended up being one of my favorite TV shows I've ever seen, and I really appreciate the way they generally avoided cliche in the...
  2. Jennywocky

    Which tv series are you watching?

    Severance is one of the best shows I have seen in recent months. Great production quality. I ended up binging the last half of the season and look forward to Season 2. It's also good the creator has a sense of where the series is going and says he can adjust the story to fit 3 seasons up to 6...
  3. Jennywocky

    INTPx Refugees

    Wait, INTP Complex is now gone?sigh. Entropy has been exceedingly efficient at destroying it.
  4. Jennywocky

    Any female INTPs here?

    People normally respond to what they see/experience, as a survival and ease-of-use mechanism. If something appears harmful, they stay away. If it doesn't seem to be a threat and provides something positive, they will engage it. "Reading beneath something" is basically engaging with shadows and...
  5. Jennywocky

    Be well, wherever you go! I hope the future brings you rewarding things.

    Be well, wherever you go! I hope the future brings you rewarding things.
  6. Jennywocky

    Last movie you watched

    I have to finish watching it. It's a Taika Waititi ("JoJo Rabbit" and "Thor:Ragnarok" among others) film. And you are right, the acting and the film has been as funny as hell so far! I am a fan of Villeneuve's "Enemy" as well, although I know the end throws some people for a loop and had me as...
  7. Jennywocky

    Regarding Indoctrination

    Everyone is indoctrinated -- we are all given a foundation and framework just from being born into a certain culture, a certain body, a certain time period. It limits the information we are given. So I don't fault anyone for what they're born into it, we all have a starting point in life. BUT...
  8. Jennywocky

    Last movie you watched

    I think Teller is a decent actor, I just don't connect with him like some other actors I watch and am often indifferent towards his presence in a film. However, I find him kind of fascinating when he plays extroverted characters like he did in The Spectacular Now (the character of Sutter), I...
  9. Jennywocky

    Star Trek Picard

    The romulans have their own goals but essentially contribute to the borg reclamation project occurring on the cube where the XB's (ex-Borg) are having all their prostheses removed and undergo psyche work and are restored at least as much as possible to what they were before being assimilated...
  10. Jennywocky

    Decorate away! :D

    Decorate away! :D
  11. Jennywocky

    Daenerys Targaryen, Why Fire and Blood?

    Yeah, Tyrion and Arya I think were GRRM's favorite characters that he wrote. (Or maybe he said his wife's was Arya.) Tyrion was justifiably brilliant as long as they were pulling on GRRM's actual text for their scripts, but he was a complete dolt in the last few seasons to the degree it became a...
  12. Jennywocky

    Daenerys Targaryen, Why Fire and Blood?

    I would only watch it through Season 4 (the first four were really great), or maybe into some of Season 5 (ignoring the Dorne subplot), and then ditch it like a hot potato... although we got occasional good things (like the Hardhome episode, or The Door, or the resolution to the Ramsey plotline...
  13. Jennywocky

    Personal Trouble Posting Thoughts

    I would just post. It's better to post something than to never post anything. I have similar problems in overthinking and not wanting to impose on others, come across as needy, or maybe just posting and get no response, or eventually resolving it myself, or just feeling like I can't quite...
  14. Jennywocky

    Which tv series are you watching?

    Finished Mr. Robot (USA) last week. Pretty much one of my favorite things I've seen and helped cushion the crap of bad TV and film series endings in 2019. I'm glad it existed, despite Season 2 losing its way for awhile. Provocative and moving, and protagonists I can relate to, I never really...
  15. Jennywocky

    Star War: Rise of Skywalker

    I don't think we disagree.
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