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  • As in, how's it going with web development. Think you told me you were studying it last time we spoke.
    Long time no show - how's your dream of building weight-gain apps going? :P
    picking up the pieces you left behind. all bugs and loss of functionality is directly related to you, probably.

    Point taken. I think I read the whole Dark Enlightenment post, never got around to Moldbug though. I suck at most things politics. :cthulhu:
    I think that depends on whether you view joyfulness as an ideal or whether you view sociopathy as an ideal, or whether they can exist together at all.
    le4rn to f0cus on y|_|r s7udies f4gg0t. Like any paradigm shift is going to be broken down into baby chunks for you by some pansy blog. Books are man's food.:p

    (it did take me a good few months to get through it all :ahh:)
    I found it here originally, they still seem to be there if you're happy testing the waters before buying: http://en.bookfi.org/

    If you've read summaries you could go straight to the last book 'The Luminous Ground'. It's the shortest at 300ish pages and I think the most relevant to you, on spiritual aspects of form/ building/ art, with plenty of examples from world religions inc. Medieval Catholicism. It's kind of a deist/ perennialist argument based on the structures of matter.
    Well, I read that whole blog series using scenes in The Office to illustrate the three-tier theory of organizational and individual psychology. It made me realize how arrested development has limited me, and it has also made me realize how I have always had a sense of existential emptiness. I also had a lot of Loser qualities that made me judge myself and others by non-mainstream standard. I have yet to make sociopathy a joyful activity, though, partly due to my incompetence and my profound sense that moral failure on the part of everyone promotes strife that is ultimately futile. The lack of an iron curtain covering the Wizard of Oz means that corruption at the top promotes corruption at the bottom eventually.
    Oh that's right. ugh :( ....didn't even know it had dairy in it. I'm just going to starve.
    But how could you never like ranch!? Ranch and fries = deliciousness.
    You need to acquire some new taste-buds. :p
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