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  • Yeah, and my high school grades were lame so I need a more or less perfect score on the entrance exam. :/
    I'm going to study molecular biology if I can get in.

    That doesn't sound like a panic attack exactly. With a panic attack, you get an overwhelming feeling of fear that something awful is going to happen to you imminently and it reflects on the body too with symptoms like feeling that you're going to pass out, trembling hands, tachycardia, lack of air etc.

    I saw this anime film called <harmony/> recently. It was interesting and similar to Psycho Pass. Might be up your alley.
    Hm, that doesn't really sound like a panic attack. I experience it pretty intensely, physically. Could be wrong though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But, I don't know about the school material though. :p

    Still watch anime?
    My anxiety has gotten really bad lately. Stressed out about going back to school, but finding it hard to give a crap about studying etc.
    Had a bad ankle sprain going down stairs in the dark.

    Once I broke some toes by accidentally kicking a wall though.
    Nothing super interesting. I fucked up my leg 2 months ago, still going to physical therapy.
    The Last Day


    I was on the edge, or the verge?

    She came from above, but this world was upside down, so it was below

    her name was Polaris

    the Angel of Death

    she took what soul I had left

    and departed

    my life was through

    so little accomplished

    I let go


    nightfall approaches


    the bullet pierced my brain
    before i even heard the sound
    I'm down
    a sniper from the church tower
    i see

    wed, Jun 25

    I brel escape

    i no my nxt count will be with @fukyo

    she was perhaps evn mre of a trickster than i

    my mind began to fail, or was it flail, or was that my bdy


    Tue, Jun 24

    They found my base
    I'm done for now


    I saw her from down the street
    Her stature was small
    But I could feel the intense heat of her aura
    Was she an infernal?
    I begin to burn as I near closer
    But I must push forward
    Regardless of the cost

    Mon, Jun 23

    I was awoken by a rapid knock on my door this morning
    I could hear his white knuckles
    I could hear the anger in his hands
    ready to be around my throat


    I was next, I thought.
    my fate; vaporization
    but wait, lactation

    Yes, I could conceive the New World directly from the meta,
    but it would take time.
    I just needed more time

    Sun, Jun 22: GMT -7: 8:16PM

    Log Entry:

    Four days into Madness

    They're dropping like flies now
    I could be next if I'm not careful
    Thinkpol everywhere
    Facecrime imminent
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