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  • Jealous?

    I might be all sparkly, but some of it's just bubble-water from the local dollar store.

    What did I do that you enjoy?
    Uhhh calm down man, i don't even know what's your type or care about it, i just threw that comment because why not? it is clearly not of my concern if you took it in a bad way.
    Keep working on your growth, you clearly have a long road to walk there.
    See, you are excusing yourself for your over reaction but at the same time in your last paragraph you come back with the same attitude, putting the way you would act (tearing me to pieces) in another person to cover yourself?. That's not logical in my view, quite an emotional reaction, and clearly not what you should expect from a INTP and likely of a inferior thinking type.
    I'm fine with you, there are no problems for me, i'm just telling what i see here in internet, don't take it personally.
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