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  • RB was a large part of the drive behind who the new mods are.

    I don't see how you managed to take his comment seriously when several other people, including Adaire to whom he was responding to, were also being facetious.

    But whatever. If it's not a thing it's not a thing. A misunderstanding then.
    I've talked to RB, he's not interested in this feud.

    Stop trying to reignite it.

    If he's abusing mod power or whatever, sure bring it up. Don't just take every opportunity to take a stab.
    Maybe I'm not reading your posts how they are intended to be read, I dunno. Anyways... I love ya like a brother, and I'm looking forward to trading more insults with you.
    Meh, I like to know who I'm talking to, so I lead by example. I quit my last professional all job in favour of my autonomy.. I don't care much for rules.
    Lol, probe away - I'm here to share... although I'm on a mobile device and currently under the influence ... I'll see if I can link some posts.
    No problem, sorry it didn't work. I know replies aren't always on topic, but it was getting way off and didn't show signs of circling back. It was an interesting topic you posted.
    Who's spreading these slanderous rumors. The truth is, me and bronto used to be lovers, but after a few quarrels about hot candle wax, unsatisfactory anal cleansing, and the of usage KFC gravy during sex we split up. But that is my ONLY relation. I would appreciate it if people stop spreading these rumors.
    When the moon bleeds red
    And the stars doth fall
    That's when the graffiti shall be washed from my wall

    Am I in the club now?
    Or were you confusing me for someone else? :^)
    great question. In general or here? In general because there's not much choice, people will shat themselves and you and there's little you can do about it. Here, well the same reason actually.
    Well points for being able to articulate what I was thinking.

    Oh, and I'll be sure to keep it on the dl.
    The "ROW" and "BOT" on your avatar look like nipples, is this intended? is it sfw?
    Yup. Are you the same Grayman?

    I had an account here years ago that I barely used, but I have no idea what it was. Can't remember for the life of me.
    "So if Bronto is like you and you think he is probably INTP does that mean you think you are INTP now?"

    Not necessarily it was a bad metric to begin with.
    :) I've hacked your computer so hard that it's now your IP!
    You've been away a lot lately. Did you ever make a decision regarding child fostering?
    I've been developing on the Google cloud, but am continually evaluating AWS and Azure, both of which are bigger providers in this space (AWS being the biggest). For technical and business reasons I'm on Google even though Azure, at first glance, appears to be the better fit. So the answer is yes I know about their cloud products, but am not actively developing on them.

    I develop on iOS, Android, CE (yeah, still used), Microsoft, OS X, Linux, well basically everything. Not all at once though, usually 2 or three at a time. Yes I work from low level firmware, FPGA even, all the way up to the cloud. At the moment am working in firmware, Android and Cloud actively for work.
    what is free will?
    -free will is something where i have OPTIONS
    -what is an option? it is where another person cannot EXACTLY predict what i will do
    -so an option means there is something RANDOM in what i do
    -what is RANDOMNESS? situation where we cant predict the OUTCOME due to LACK of INFORMATION

    ex, coin toss:
    -i do not know how humid the air is, what is the exact aerodynamics of the coin, etc

    -> but God decided both:
    -the environment

    how can u create an idea of a person without defining him, you say God inserts a random number generator in us? but you cannot define a random number generating algorithm, because if you reverse work the algorithm you will be able to EXACTLY predict the number, if you have enough computational skill...
    And God has infinite computational skill so he can calculate anything.

    SO it is impossible for my existance to be created, because then i cant have free will
    "When that happened to me the increased blood flow form the overlarge heart gave me an erection for a week and for the first time I can truly say that I loved." ... okay, I have to admit, when I read this, I burst out laughing.
    I do like how you present most of them, although I have noticed that on occasion it appears unclear, from my subjective view, that you are staying on topic. I understand you are trying to make others thinks, but maybe there are better ways of going about it?

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that way you go about your posts. And I have noticed your humor, at least I have now, since it is hard to tell without any indication in a post. And in regards to your animal consciousness, I was hoping it was humor. Now I know what to expect, to an extent, out of you and your posts.
    Initially, your name being Grayman. The moment I read it I thought you were much older than 29...

    Then I have noticed the way you present things and make your points and was hoping I was wrong, nothing against the way you do it. I still have much more to learn than you do when it comes to such instances. Curiosity seems to get the best of me more often than not.
    Thanks man. I'm not sure what the exact context is, but thanks. I can use as much good intention as possible :)
    I also think the media aspect of that affair caused it to blow up, especially in that day in age. I personally don't find it a big deal, good for both of them, it's unfortunate it became known lol.
    Clinton was actually doing a decent job in regards to the state of the economy, the last president to keep us in the black.

    Most presidents are dumb, especially as of late. JFK was the last smart president and even he wasn't a great person. There are clearly people pulling the string that are above the president in order get things done, corrupt politicians in the house and senate are far more powerful than any president.
    You don't think they're intelligent enough, why is that?

    And what do you mean by the subconscious human nature versus the methodical? I'm not sure I follow on what you are trying to point out there.
    The way you worded that is better than I would have since I have the same opinion on it as well.

    My opinion may be a little more on the hoax side than yours. I'm too great of a skeptic.
    I'm glad it got some attention. I believe the topic needs it.

    What were you getting at by asking me about global warming?
    Appears I have provoke many others, instead of you. Such wonderful, free entertainment.
    Understood. And I completely agree that a military has it's uses, but they must be rational uses, unlike the American military.

    I think it's all a hoax in order to submit a carbon tax on the citizens of this world. Sure, man may have sped up the process, but it's a natural process that has occurred throughout history as real scientist have found, not the government funded scientist who will say anything for a dollar.

    No integrity anymore, people get killed for having such a trait.
    Thanks. I'm not sure how to respond, actually. I guess just thinking ahead, since we're aware of it, maybe we can coordinate earlier in the conversation instead of us butting heads...

    hope everything is well!
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