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  • That's what I'm for! I don't discriminate with jokes. Bad, good, and everything in-between. (but thanks for setting me up)
    Talking to computerhxr i found out that me and my mom both have Aspergers. This seems odd to me because if i am INFP i do have empathy. i had ticks and movements but was not sensory overloaded. (but i do hate cold water in the swimming pool) The genetics of autism has a network of 30 so proteins. i do not know exactly how this affects type. but my mom would still be ISxJ. my aunt has bipolar and she is ESFJ.

    Is Baltimore a nice place?
    Yeah, for example, when I see someone making claims that come across as erroneous (bad initial assumptions, bad logic, not enough awareness of the actual possible range of explanations) in a way that can change the discussion landscape or site policy, I feel compelled to challenge it if no one else is since otherwise it will not be addressed. But then participation just becomes a duty..

    I don't really like anger as an emotion much either. It unsettles my equanimity, it creates a lot of noise. And ironically, there's a lot of shadow emotion on this site; people just seem to be unaware of it due to the obsession with appearing rational.

    What type of stuff did you hardscape into your garden?
    I probably have less restriction to negativity. Next day, I completely regret the post with a different frame of mind. Thank vbulletin for 24-hour change-your-mind option.

    This place can get a person rearing to go in fight-mode, eh? If I was an MBTI enthusiast, I'd say I'm INFP, and all the Ti brings the devil out in me. :D

    Today, I spent the entire day hardscaping a garden, and my thinking is completely a wreck. I'd imagine it would be easier for someone posting on magic-mushrooms.

    So, I apologize for weirdness.

    That was a nice compliment, thank-you. :king-twitter:
    That's ok, and I understand. I find myself much more productive as well when I take a break. I enjoy reading your funnies, and little riddles, so I was hoping you weren't completely going.

    I'm sorry to hear about the negative experiences.
    I think my mom is ISTJ and I am INFP.
    This might be why I was really lonely.
    She did not to tell me who I should be but i was still alone.
    I do not think computers are the best field for me.
    But if I was not alone I could understand them with someone together.
    I am not that disappointed in my self anymore.
    You seem like a very sweet person jenny.
    Do you know where Absurdity went? both of you are from California.
    Woah, that's a lot of followers, I was thinking 2-6... Obviously the scale of roll playing is much higher than I'm used to. What are the other people in your campaign like? Are you the most impressive.
    It would be even more dramatic if one of the crazy mortals had a child/family killed by a lich and is after misguided revenge. Then realises what he did and tries to kill himself realising he did the very thing that was done to him! (only to be saved by the lich)

    But enough about my life story that does seem like a good idea for a book. If it was me payback would be in the form of pranks but I only write dramatic comedy so...
    Oooh how many minions do you have? Do you have like a fighting one a butler one a "funtimes" one.
    Actually I haven't watched many Robot companion movies. Apart from iRobot when I was 15 or so at a friends place.

    Yeah knock knock jokes that work and reference being a Lich are pretty hard.

    Yeah I'll take your robot. Although I'm fine driving the car. Butler robots, the future*

    *Brought to you by INTJ and ENTP forum.com no we aren't monitoring you... if your robot suddenly kills you and takes all your assets we are not to blame.
    Heh, Knock knock. "Who's there?" Lich. "Lich who?" Lichcu could do is open the door.

    Okay note to self Knock knock jokes don't work as well in text form.

    Ahh yes debt and bills and money things. They're very annoying things.

    Hmm, It's annoying when you want friends but realise you don't have the energy or ability to maintain them. It's more an idealized version of friendship where you just turn them on until you've had enough. Maybe Cog is right, we do need friendship robots! Mine needs to be able to teach me martial arts and stuff. What would you want yours to do?
    Yes well of course you have to shape them I'm not saying that's wrong I'm just saying it's a pity time travel isn't possible once you are old enough to work out what you want.

    Yeah I think I'm burnt out of debate, although in my case it's probably due to not having a high T function or some MBTI nonsense... I'm probably an INFJ *sob* I hate INFJ's... I still enjoy discussions about random topics but I don't care much for arguing for a certain point.

    I should probably get more "real" friends. But that requires going places and spending money. (even just transport costs) At the same time I don't currently have the energy for it. Although that could just be the sickness/not eating. Do you go to any events or places? Writing clubs don't sound like the kinda place you would fit in though.. I can imaging you offending them horribly and not getting along with the serious types.
    Ahh yeah that does seem like cutting out of life and gradually getting more distant. He probably just can't deal with the emotional side of things, which is sad.

    Yes! Of course you would face regular visits and inspections however I'm sure you can just say you are being discriminated against and with a little anger they should go away...

    You could specialize in dark humor, "why did the lich cross the road? To get to the other side!" *starts sobbing* ...No I can't follow that up... Maybe I should have said "he was trying to" but that kills the flow.
    Oh that's good, I enjoy writing however I enjoy other things more. If I had a choice to go back in times and pick two things to perfect it would be dancing and possibly singing. (the second might require a body transplant)

    Ahh yeah I find my desire for arguments and the theoretical (at least in an intellectual style) has all but left me. I do enjoy debate when I get to annoy the people I'm debating but other than that it's becoming boring. I too am lazy in writing. I only write in first person so any spelling mistakes or errors can be attributed to "the person writing" making a mistake.
    Yeah a change of pace would be nice. This is also my least favorite life. I feel I got pretty close this time though. At least in some aspects of personality and ideals. If only I was my own parent. I think some people take that mentality with their own children not realizing that the children aren't them.

    You could also be an undertaker, you would never go out of business and there are plenty of potential employee's... On another note I'm sure lich's have some advantages if the comedic world. Stand up comedy.

    I don't know the circumstances but are you sure you aren't still friends? (at least in his eyes) Yeah I'm always on friendly terms with past relationships. Even the SFJ's...

    Continued above in 90 seconds...
    (there wasn't enough characters) What projects do you have currently? Is there anything you would do differently had you known what you know now?
    :( This is why I used to want to die at 30. Well... I wanted to start another life from age 10 and do that once or twice. See I don't think that's all there is. It's like we are in the area of people that see it isn't what people think it is but aren't smart enough to find out what it actually is.

    Yeah! Well I do need to prepare for my beach body! Thanks though it's appreciated.

    To be fair if I realised one of my friends was a lich it might strain the relationship. It is an issue, should lichs not take positions of power simply to break the stereotype? If you get into power people will think, "oh of course she's a lich" so sad.

    Well it is a step back, however a step back into delusion is better than a step nowhere. I think delusion is seriously underrated. Lack of concern for the kids is annoying however. Sadly breaking a relationship doesn't mean emotions leave. Whenever someone dies I try to end it right there however memories and scenarios keep coming back.
    Yes yes I know the way, Really? That sounds so typical of what would happen to me if I was undead. Part of how I act is I pretend I actually am or convince myself of what I am to the point where I believe it. Trust me I would have been shocked I was undead. Flabbergast! I would go into melt down mode and require other party members to pick me back up and tell me it wasn't all over.

    Just a weird stomach thing, it's not really bad it's just constantly there stopping me from eating or else. That along with exhaustion from activities without eating meant I slept at weird times and hey presto!

    Ahh abrupt marriages. See if I do the relationship thing I would either be a hopeless romantic and if a relationship ends take time or if it was marriage probably become jaded. Or be a hopeless romantic and hop relationships constantly when something goes wrong.

    Yeah who cares about romantic relationships! Meaning doesn't exist anyway. It's good that you are chipper though!
    Everyone quit! Shockers. It actually makes sense considering the circumstances. Oh so people discovered you are a lich... I was going to make an analogy about being gay in catholic school but might not be relevant soon.

    I'm okay, I'm just up at 5am since midnight due to being sick. So as the raving extrovert I am I'm lonely and have nobody to talk to. :( (not entirely true I just keep noticing we don't talk as much)

    Is everything else okay?
    Meh, I actually didn't even consider he was religious until much later. I just thought he was another incorrigible subjectivist.

    Then again the two aren't mutually exclusive... :D
    Lol.... only on this forum can I joke around and say offhand, "Dude, you're like 113% male!" and get into a discussion of semantics and exactly what that might entail from a rational perspective. (I'm glad to see you're giving 110% to this discussion.)
    Ahh I see you talked about percentages. What I mean by my 100% though is physically not emotionally.
    Aww how sweet! Actually I didn't read your post it was too long and seemed to be in reply to someone else who also talked about things... I probably should do that now. :O
    I know nothing...about staleness prevention.

    *collapses with belly stabbed open, an opened packet of tim-tams lurking beneath, crying acidic chocolate tears*
    *reads the conversation between yellow and jenny*

    I know I'm the veritable bull in the china shop, but I think your responses were highly appropriate, and hopefully over time will produce a positive effect. Poisonous ideologies don't dissipate with a single clever word or well-reasoned argument in my experience. It takes time and I think you made a lasting impression as evidenced by his reaction. Ultimately it is his choice though and until he questions himself and his motivations, his views on the matter are unlikely to change.

    I tend to be somewhat of pessimist when it comes to people profoundly changing their outlooks on life, but I myself was once fanatically religious, so I know it can happen.
    Oh Jenny, you have your revenge. I opened those Tim-Tams for the sole purpose of aggrieving you, and since we don't play all that often, they've now gone woefully soft... :(
    I really can't think of anyone who would call you a jerk, and I think your views are normally appreciated and respected. I was taken aback when he started making snide comments to you in particular.
    This was my first time addressing someone's obtuseness like that. I know it was just pointless. Normally, I address the argument, and ignore the person if they start to act like a douchebag. It's just that I liked interacting with Inquisitor at first, and I don't understand how a person can seem reasonable (if odd) at the beginning, and turn out to be so illogical, obsessive, and biased. I should have just ignored him. You were so polite, Adaire was eloquent, and I'm irritated with myself for indulging his red-pill martyrdom.

    ..and I know you didn't ask for me to just spew this out, but oh well.
    Thanks. "One ecologist so busy being sexy that she distracted herself".. I think we all have that problem, don't we?
    Woah, it didn't even take you 20 seconds to respond. Are you really the cat overlord? Just how much do you know and see over there? :eek:
    Penguins are fun. I laughed because even I was trying to figure out if there was something about penguins I should know about.
    Same Xd

    I showmy cat love, yet he rejecaets me and insteads just loves me wheb I feed or water hi

    MehI do hop eu undertnadse me nall XDDDDD

    Alcohol not m e preffered drug but fdoeeas make for fun socaila thingirs.
    10pm here. glad I can lift yer spirits during yer capitilaist crunch time

    (damn I had to reallly try tip type rther)

    Ok so to not make thise= useleaass info n such I guess jokes are in order........
    No, maybew Q''s

    U own any cat?
    Live with cat???s
    Sadly I need those....breath is bad....smoking.....

    Hmmmm yer like ze forum mománd architect is like forum dad

    Realise now how drunk I am???
    Scolail humor I am makong ere
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