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  • I am still traversing in the realm of shadows. Some spirits require more arduous journeys than others in order to ascertain their spirit cereal.
    Hey there. Didnt see it as an offense but rather a tool I could use to enhance my ability to effectively communicate with you guys.
    Thank you for welcoming me and extending a paw.
    How have you found this site helpful?
    But night attacks make the most military sense!
    Why would you hold that against someone! XD

    I'm cool. Dreading going back to work tomorrow. I wanna go back to Uni already. D:
    I like team games, but sometimes I like the psychological thrill of betraying your closest friends and besting them in battle. :D
    I mean who doesn't!?
    *Drinks more Beer*
    Well what if me doing innocuous things like typing certain keywords, picking up glasses of water and coughing politely caused different actions to occur ingame. D:
    Hahah, yep of course it was lord of the rings!
    I wouldn't say he was an ex master as such, his influence and terror seemed to live on long after he did, and I think a lot of what Sauron did was a pale shadow of what Melkor did.

    Also if you have watched Game of thrones and still don't want to drink then the programme has failed you. XD

    Also I frequently pretend to be a dragon, I am quite skilled at it!
    Eyupp. Northern Ireland. It's cool because every other episode I can recognise places I've been, and I know a few people who were used as extras. :D

    I could be any number of those things!
    I like... Lord of the rings, Doctor Who, Zelda, getting blind drunk and falling over and pretending to be a cat. XD
    Haha awesome. I'm working on an animation based on FNAF so I have a personal investment.XD

    Nono it's shown here. Christ it was all filmed here!
    I mean I want the new series to start. XD
    Yes Melly is allowed.
    Yes it is Foxy. ^_^ Points for you.

    Though apparently nobody here plays indie horror games. >.>

    Yes of course I like Game of Thrones. I want it to be on tv again!

    Though I do prefer my wolves to robot demonic. Rarararararawwwwr.
    I wonder if there is a youtube version of the keep, where you click annotations and it cuts away to all the different videos, that way someone could learn what their choices would have been if they had played the game. (without actually owning it) Would probably take a while but someone should get on that.

    It's been great! (busy tho hence lack of reply) I don't want to say too much as a lot of people have a bad time at Christmas so I don't want them being upset but yeah I have no complaints. how about you!?
    Hmm nono but if I ever get the game I'll take you up on it. Sparta style nice. Depends what game you are playing though. I always prefer a fortress style but unless I can be very efficient I could lose out on all the resources.

    Oh cool I'll go look at those later. Busy with all the regular christmas stuff right now.
    I haven't been able to find the other castles yet. Swamp castle does sound, interesting.. I haven't played AOe2 but I did play a little of aoe3, also age of mythology starcraft and civ 2. I think civ 2 is the most important for sure.

    But yeah I also spent far too much time being a warlord in my imagination but as a perfectionist warlord everything needs to be optimized for best defense against all kinds of attacks. Hence being by the sea for extended starvation seiges but in a position to not lose to ships cannons assuming mine get overwhelmed. Of course if I did get overwhelmed at sea I've probably lost (but only if I am directly on the coast.... and after going on for hours about how I would solve that problem and the next several problems..

    Out of curiosity, as someone who has never played dragon age does it seem possible to start from da3 without it being strange?
    No that doesn't sound stupid. You are talking to the guy that played dishonored all three times. <_< (and that didn't even change much) Nice pic, I assume the giant would lose with no intervention? I would probably set up a castle on that hill somewhere. (well if I had to chose from just that picture) I would really need somewhere that could stop ship's attacking better.
    AHHHHHHHHH WATER FALL!!! Okay perfect. Anything with water is good. Okay so I'll be the homeless guy that somehow manages to sneak into your forge constantly. Storm coast does sound pretty great. What are you planning to do once you finally finish it?
    Oh wow that is a nice castle. the only thing that would make it better is if it was beside the sea. (slightly subjective opinion) I assume there is a back entrance to escape from right? Ahh yeah, what makes it worse is different sites mess up following and follower and switch then around. Gets confusing.
    Hah really? You should keep it up then. What probably happened is some "famous" pinterest person copied something that linked to you and everyone just followed over. You should take screenshots of your castle so I can see. Is it near water at all?
    Ahh well love does strange things :rolleyes: Also a zombie horse with a sword in it's head being called a unicorn is probably the best thing ever. Well no.. but it's still quite hilarious. Do you get into much romance in games?
    Ahh brilliant. Always good to get a kingdom under your control. It's probably not possible but I always like taking the weakest kingdom and making them the best, although different sort of games. Ahah the nostalgia trip. Well that must be fun. Is traveling fast?
    I mean that's probably a good thing. Having heaps of dragons it just weird. They need to be special. Ahh see that's probably it I remember the mage templar thing. Yeah I play how I am as well. I wonder what type of people play like they aren't.
    Ahh human rogue, I generally go with the rogue or mage classes. I'm one of the "realistic" people that goes with what I would most likely have turned out as. Although family history wise warrior wouldn't be to surprising. Do you play what you would be or what you would want to be?

    Yeah my confidence is perfectly placed in things I know I can do. I think it's good to be a little narcissistic. Hurm yeah, at least it's a realistic story. A lot of games would be all happy ending to everything. You know I hadn't heard of demons in dragon age, wasn't sure how far into fantasy it played out.
    Yeah I finished it three times. First time normal second time stealth and third time showing my brother. Yeah I find story drags me in. Even if I find stuff stupid and silly I have to know how it ends and what the story is. The main problem I had was reading a book, thinking "that book sucks... I wonder how the series ends."

    Hey I didn't say you had to dance well! My dancing is incredibly "memorable", "interesting", "surprising" and "if I don't remember anything else this night I'll remember that dance" ...I feel I have too much confidence sometimes... :D

    I haven't heard that many dragon age stories though. Although that does remind me, What class do you play again? That changes story a fair amount if just in background.
    Glad to hear the formal went well for me dinner was the most important part. But hearing all the old dance music growing up was also amusing. Did you do any dancing?
    Heh just realise I posted my last reply on my wall for some reason. I'll re-post it here incase you missed it. Oh cool! I really like the assassin style games. (although haven't played creed) Games like dishonored and thief 3. If you never saw the old thief games (aka better than the new thief game *cough* back in my day *Cough* :P) the first one had a bridge level which was practically the father of amnesia. Only two games have ever made me stop playing for a bit and that level was one of them.

    Anyway Ps3 is pretty good. I've always liked their online system better as you aren't required to pay. Actually I think I like everything they do better just some games you can't get and the controller seems weird.

    Actually that reminds me, I was given an 8 year old (at the time) 64 with Mario cart and it was the best thing ever. Well second to triplane turmoil. (now I'm going all nostalgic I better stop)

    Yeah it is a pity but I'm sure you have plenty dragons to slay. :)
    I don't have a console no. Well I guess my family (Little brother) has an Nintendo. So I am stuck in the world of computer games.

    Wow that is huge, unfortunately I'm burned out on super long games at this point. I transitioned from solo RPG to social MMO to 30 min style games. That said with skyrim and dragon age you really seem to have a type.

    I assume you have a console? Which one?
    No not rude at all! (Not to me anyway, it's just curiosity) Believe it or not I'm actually early 20's. I may have a lot of life experience just not in every area. Also listening to people helps with that. Even the second one looked okay so I guess it must be amazing. On a side note ever played the witcher series? I haven't either but it seems similar from what I've heard.
    ahhhh Dragon age yes, I haven't played it but I did watch someone playing it a while back. (DA2) Also a lot of my friends played it. Didn't know the new one was out yet. Nice! I hope your formal goes well and all. The food at mine was odd at best. Let me know how it goes!
    Heh 8 exams in three days. Fun.... Haven't been up to much but I'm going out a lot in the coming weeks, just seeing family and friends and the like. Should be fun. I did see interstellar with the QLD group last weekend though. Oh? Which game is that?
    Seemingly so. I do hope I am on the correct train of thought, though.
    No, unfortunately not. I've tried to both apologize and argue my points of view, but it isn't the same as their perspectives. I may have to just consider those bridges burned. I'm going to talk to a counselor or two about what happened and see what I can do in the future to avoid a similar situation.
    Yeah, 'tis a hard one. Narrowed it down to 22 possibilities.

    Also, finally thought of a question.
    that's preciselyy the vibe I get from your picture heh and your avatar
    oh yeah stuff from games you played makes you super biased I totally know that feeling. don't need to find anything, it's your profile. It's supposed to reflect you not me imho
    I like the dragon on the handle. the rest is too low-tech ;) . But don't mind me, I don't have a human-centric art preference, if you know what I mean
    theres a "User CP" in the left corner of the menu, under Home. buried sowhere in there
    thx =) if I had a wallpaper it would be this
    I wonder how would you describe the vibe you get from it, in 1 word?
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