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  • I feel the need to tell you that you resemble (at least in my opinion) the girl named Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy. Oh and since I am here Happy New Year.
    - typology is directly theoretical, but only indirectly practical
    - multiple systems are to be used to break linear pigeon-holing
    - reshaping is more effective that complete dismissal
    Typology is something to be done solely in the mind - a model for reflecting on differences between individuals. It is not to be used, or is to be used very cautiously, for actually typing and explaining people - people don't -actually- fit precisely into one category or another; the model just tries to gives us a boundary for interpreting how people work, e.g. in aiding recognition that there are different ways of viewing things and approaching life which are mutually valid despite seeming contradictory, and we can learn what ways are compatible.

    Also, using a secondary typing system (e.g. enneagram) alongside MBTI breaks the God-like hold it can have over people's opinion of others - more option weakens (at least temporarily) how seriously it is taken. MBTI does have potential for helping you understand others, but is habit forming, and leads to stereotyping. The system as a whole is not to be discarded, rather it is to be reinterpreted so as to prevent negative outcomes.
    shoeless, I feel that you should consider whether it is the system (MBTI) that is heavily flawed, or whether it is the way people are using/misusing it. I agree with you that it is abused, and many people misunderstand it and it's purpose. I also agree MBTI has it's limitations, but I don't believe that makes it invalid. I read back through some of your posts, and I can understand that you are confused and are having problems. It appears MBTI is perhaps clouding and muddling your sense of identity, and you are finding it a negative at this stage in your life?
    Nice avatar. Somehow I can't unsee the face in the design, really pissing me off. Don't change it though.
    Hey shoeless :) I've been gone from the forum for almost a year so it's cool to see you're still around. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Perhaps I will post a new video this month as well. How's Germany?
    It's not so bad over here in pengunland, I've got a cool teacher and a pretty nice job that fits into my schedule. and 3-day weekends are the bestest, they give me and friends time to actually try and do stuffs and have some fun. So yup, not so bad (And it doesn't hurt that I'm scoring tons of comic books and anime shows off of everybody in my computer class....such a nerd thing to say, but it's still awesome :rolleyes:)
    What' cha up to nowadays? (I'm sorta bored and on the low end of a coffee rush) but yea, I don't see you as active on the forum as you used to be, maybe we just post in diff. threads. But regardless, umm...hows it goin?...lol

    *slowly falls asleep
    I'd like you to know that I did see your last video and I do intend to respond... But I am debating over whether I want to make it public or not.
    Yes, that makes sense. I am a member on youtube, and have posted 2 videos. I have thought about deleting them, because I don't like the way I seem in my videos sometimes.

    That was one of the most hilarious e-sentences. hahaha.

    Serves them right.
    Well I don't really visit your youtube page, until just a minute ago when I was surfing through all of my friend's pages. I noticed your videos were down, I didn't question that, but your whole account? what gives?
    ah I see, awakening the Fe well that's always a good way to make life amazing, so who's the lucky guy?.. another INTP or you've ventured outside of the clan. Totally understandable about the youtube thing, but i think our little mbti youtube community would care, just a bit, but nah i get it, life must go on
    New York City to be exact, lol that's really cool that it's going " FUCKING FANTASTICALLY AMAZING" you have to share some tips with me how life has gotten THAT amazing... either someone slipped you ecstasy in germanyland or you got laid! 0_o! :D oh, what happened to your youtube channel? it's non-existent i assume you got bored of it and poof it went
    I encourage you in your endeavor, feel free to post a picture. And if I find a photo of my butt laying around, you can have that one as well.
    hey, it could be worse. imagine trying to explain pantiless to your parents..
    I'm sorry your mbti thread went horribly horribly off topic. I was excited to see some real discussion on the topic and then they all went at each other with flame throwers. Blah. I hate it when that happens.
    Your just very poetic. Your words struck me and interestingly created this scenic beautiful story that might have been a part of my hazy memories; but is now "ignited" . Thank you.
    After a lot of thought (over the course of a couple months) I've decided that Lady GaGa does performance art. Perhaps I should put that "Performance Art" with capitals to denote the artistic quality of her performances. I think that since her music is a bit techno-ish it has become a hit with the bubble-gum kiddies but that doesn't mean her music isn't still art of a sort.

    Anyway, you know it'd be hilarious and awesome for Irish and his buddy to do an a cappella version of Bad Romance :D
    Huh, I just read in the INTP-friend thread that you are from Germany? Didn't see that one coming.
    You look so much like my boss, Christy Myner. She owns a catering company here in California. That'd be funny if you're related. She's a very a cool person. More like a friend then a boss.
    "i'm really a fifty year old man trapped in a sixteen year old girl's body. which isn't creepy at all!"

    Actually, it's the sexiest thing I've read all day! Cheers to that. *clink*
    hi shoeless, can i recommend a book for your current research? it's "the holographic universe" by michael talbot. it links religion, the paranormal, telepathy, OOB & near death experiences to phenomena in quantum physics, which might sound toweringly complex, but it's actually really easy to get into.
    Dear Shoeless,
    What is the best book on out of body experiences that you've come across so far? I'm on a tangental research path right now with the reincarnation topic, so I'm curious. :)
    A Junior in High School hmmm? I thought you were older than that. Anyway nice job on the videos.
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