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  • Anthile...

    I see some dregs of the old forum insanity still cling to the edges.

    Good stuff.

    Speaking of dregs, please pour me some of your finest tea, with as much sugar as will dissolve in the cup.:3
    THAT's what you needed my email for, that didn't even cross my mind at all!

    That is an AWESOME gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDDDDDDDDD

    And maybe even.....

    Gets closer to Anthile


    *runs away*
    I believe your thread about insignificance in the face of the vastness of time and space has been stolen, along with its colossal image spoiler. Either that or I've gone insane. Could go either way. But this is unfortunate, as now I have no place in which my video would make perfect sense:

    I suppose I'll just leave it here instead. (Maybe put it in the astronomy thread too later.)
    I can forgive your absence when you spend the few minutes present by closing useless threads.
    "Oh, I get it. You're kind of a big deal in RL" I laughed so hard, haha. That was the best reply but stil so short! Cool, hehe.
    say is there a way to organize the Websites of Interest subforum, besides Date - such as Topic, Dewey Decimal System, Etc.?
    [Note: Except me. I am at all times ready for everything. I have two sets of nun chucks in my car and I keep baseball bats hidden in my knives. My face is rigged with explosives set to go off whenever a bite is detected. I fire a gun while I sleep. Fucking try me, ants.]

    I'm unsure why but I get the impression you enjoy graphic novels. I've recently started enjoying the genre after being introduced to some of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's writing. Given your epic taste in music (I'm still going through some of the post rock music you posted on my thread) I was wondering if you could recommend any good graphic novels - do you have a favorite?

    [Also, thanks for that jazz piece you posted on my page a while ago, that was pretty sweet.]
    I haven't heard from you in a while errrr I mean in words errr that sounds wrong when we have a member by that name.


    About what?

    About anything, of course!
    Geee Anthile, stop being so Fe! :rolleyes: Does one person's opinion make you doubtful, huh? That's such a pity, you need to trust your introverted functions more.
    Why, thank you so very much, mister Anthile! Did you notice that it has also been my 2 year anniversary on this forum!? D :
    Did anything occur regarding the upload of image files?
    Oh, I don't like such silly tradition of wishing happy new year =<

    Instead I offer you: Happy Wednesday!!
    I'm not entirely sure why anyone would - I imagine it would have to be some kind of freak accident involving an electric eel interfering with someone's compass.

    Quite why anyone would be walking around with a live electric eel and a compass is, however, beyond even my explanation :)

    The reality behind the name is somewhat less interesting and takes slightly longer to explain, however.

    Your profile image is both very cool and quite disturbing at the same time.
    I wish more horrible movies were actually as entertaining as that. Most that I've seen are such bores (The Room and Naked Lunch, anyone?)
    The hands.....
    anything, but the hands!

    *runs away*
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