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  • I am quite impressed by your list of favorite movies, I saw some exceptionally good movies in it. It's quite a list I guess no too many people saw them all.
    Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say that I like reading everything you write. You seem like a really wise person.
    The inter-connectedness of the universe and our alignment to the stars leading to fluctuations in consciousness. Spring equinox? Age of Aqaurius? Psychedelics a quick passage to realization of the Self.. Does it matter where and whatever the fuck you do, for psychological welfare, if you are actively aware of the illusions of the ego?

    Excuse the disorder, it's natural.
    You'll notice extraordinarily verbose word saladiness in me. I'm manic and feel genius-y, but not good for my sleep atm, and alas, I shall drown my sorrows in nutella. Strange little fluffer nutter mental offspring I produce. Anyway, the meds'll kick back in soon I hope, after my recent bout of chemical experience wears off. All around positive it was.

    Also, have you nixed your "About Me," or am I somehow restricted in my ability to see "About Me" sections?
    No, but I've seen the X-rays of potatoes in synergy with jelly of a mixed variety of grape and K-Y. That's typically enough of a reason to not open the book until the zombie apocalypse.
    thanks. skippin the home party down the road right now for some personal internet research. u?
    hey, im new here. just thought we re too few we might as well meet each other! got similar taste in music so be my contact!:)
    Hm, that makes sense. I suppose my next question would be what does it mean to attain enlightenment? To be able to will such an awareness with relative ease?
    To continue our discussion of enlightenment without further derailing Archie's thread: I feel like I have had flashes of that sort of phenomenon; a weird transcendence of what you describe as "moment-to-moment myth making." It's difficult for me to consciously induce such a state though, let alone make it my default setting.
    Ah yes, another newb question - do you recommend also eating the stems? I've mostly read about people only eating the caps. Is there a difference?

    And I'm not worried so much about the negative impacts chemically speaking as much as I'm concerned about overdoing it and getting stuck in a bad place - ironically fueled by my own head. I trust myself, but only at certain limits. I don't see this being an issue, but you can never be too sure when experimenting with something for the first time.
    When I asked the question, I was thinking around 1.75 grams (1/2 of an 1/8) so your answer only confirms my original suspicions.

    As of yet, I only know the who and where (not how much is available) so I'll just have to play it by ear when the time comes.

    Thank you muchly! :D
    Yeah, I don't want to go overboard and have a bad first time - I also don't want to underestimate and not get the full experience!

    A difficult predicament :3

    Peacing out will hopefully not be an issue ^_^
    Nice subtle title work to get some fascinating thought into the open. ;)

    (Thanks for posting it - Kant is one of those philosophers that never gets old.)
    Oh dear...

    I wouldn't get myself tangled up with Impact Calculus. It's really a fruitless path that'd take the thread through several pages of senseless conflict. He/she isn't here to contribute or learn, but just to spit poison and ill will against us 'lesser' non-podlarians. I'd stay away if I were you. >.<

    Celebrity Types? ...I don't know too much about that site but from what I've seen of it, it has a very generic view of typology, an entirely stereotypical form of typing -- hence why they type figures that are centuries old based on their famous accomplishments or some quotes.

    Maybe you were confusing sites? ^^;
    But no, the function you're refering to (called "inferior" or "fourth") is called the polar function, because it is the polar end of the dominant.

    Jung was a bit ambiguous, yes, and I think he believed the polar function was a malicious aspect of the unconscious. He was partly right in that it is "antagonistic" and opposed to the dominant -- and in the context of his clinical patients it would definitely seem like a malicious subconscious immersion, but it very much is conscious and many individuals wield it as naturally as any other process.

    So the polar function is not repressed necessarily, repression is a state individuals can fall into.
    (As for the so-called unconscious/shadow functions, I think my position would be this: "The theory on this site does not venture to inform on the subconscious, of which it admits to be ignorant, but on the apparatus of consciousness. It is far too easy to make speculation as to the nature of the subconscious, and such speculations remain unchallenged since there is no way to know with certainty what are the realities of its causalities." )

    There are four conscious functions. That much is clear. I cannot say for sure whether there are or aren't four unconscious ones, since they would be unconscious, nor have I observed said functions manifesting in either regular or stressful states. So thus far my experience tells me there aren't. Perhaps in the same way one is either male or female, and the other "potential" gender didn't happen -- so with the psyche; and its selectivity to exclusive processes.
    There are indeed four functions, because they always come in pairs. The psyche has a pair of perception functions and a pair of judgment processes -- one pair of which is dominant in the psyche while the other pair is subordinate.

    In this way I do somewhat disagree with Jung believing the 3 remaining processes were of opposite orientation than the dominant. So essentially the functions of, say, an INTP would be: Ti-Fe, Ne-Si. This does not mean Fe is "secondary".

    The function-stack is too simplistic a view for the psyche, as it cannot be described as a 'sliding scale' of importance. Thus the common "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th" functions model is somewhat misleading.

    I think I probably describe it more elegantly here: http://cognitivetype.com/thesis/#p1 - also I'm enjoying your questions! I'm really excited about all this ^_^
    Satisfactory. The intro still pulls my spirit out of my skull and probably will until I'm dead. I've been branded. Did you know Rafiki's actually female?
    Didn't cry to my recollection. Don't think I ever did for a movie as a kid except Jurassic Park, which scared me shitless when I was 5. Never realized it had a Shakespearian plot. Still don't.
    Will read. I always read and attach concepts to understanding and stuff. Just never get around to replying or taking it deeper as of late. Olber's paradox is on the list too.
    I was mainly differentiating her from the cow to alleviate the symbolic quandry. And I can, but she's pretty well tied to a companion that isn't the cow. ;) I'm probably going to be the one to do the ceremony, actually. Minister AND best man. :D
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