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  • Oh hi!
    That's Felicity Jones, playing Hawking's wife in The Theory of Everything.
    Thank you. I don't get much commentary these days other than tired argumenting...
    In particular, your total indifference toward the people on this forum is what gives me this impression. I'll send you the quotes that illustrate Ryuk's indifference because I can't put them here.

    The most humorous part about it though is how obvious you make it to everyone that you don't give a fuck. While others here (including myself) pretend to care or at least feign interest, you simply admit to being an asshole, showing no obvious signs of being the least bit sympathetic.
    Hey - sorry, I forgot about this due to the forum going down. :p

    I don't think Ni necessarily has knowledge of an end-vision in view, more the intuition that it's realising one with the more momentum it acquires. I have one in that sense. It changes with new information, skills, circumstances, contacts, etc, but my feeling is that there's a non-arbitrary quality to it like a key theme, or underlying care, that's continuous. There's probably a tendency towards global/all-inclusive, but I try to avoid that.

    What are your thoughts on Ni, do you identify as an Ni-user(/d) yourself? :)

    You've read my blog I guess? :D:phear: Occupation: nothing special. PhD: at the moment a cross-over in literature and computer-science/ narrative systems. I'm interested in comics, GPS/ location-based narratives, non-linear story-telling and probably the 'strange ideas' you mention. :angel:
    Hey! Are you asking me because I identify as INFJ out of curiosity?

    I wouldn't say so, but I haven't thought much about Ni-Ti loops, or what that might be if I'm being honest.

    The idea that Ti in a general sense is about coherence, consistency, etc, I don't have much problem with. I think 'Ni keeps on trying to switch perspectives' as an understanding of what Ni does is incomplete though. To me, the Ni user has this sense of a personal destiny or vision and Ni is the teleological guidance mechanism or 'intuition' through which they keep in synch with it and search for the means to realise it and become real. Follow your bliss resonates as a mantra highly relevant to Ni doms imo.
    I'll have a response soon. I'm a bit hung over right now. Kinda slept in
    Ahh that's much easier, you could get a law passed that says every car needs to have some kind of shortwave signal and that every phone will be programmed to go autistic (no transmitting/receiving) in the presence of a car's signal, so without making illegal modifications people simply can't use their phones in a car (or on/under/etc) if the engine is running.

    The potential for abuse wouldn't be too great either if we're talking about a really shortwave signal, the higher the frequency the more power needed to give it range so if the frequency is high enough people wouldn't be able to disable your phone from a distance unless they've set up a bank of car batteries or something.

    The problem with doing it your way is that in theory someone could disable your car by flying a drone over it with a phone attached to it, a perfect tool for carjackers.
    Hmmm, probably not.

    They do have RF transmitters/receivers but I don't think most pads will let you fiddle at a low enough level to do signal analysis, besides with only one receiver you won't be able to triangulate the cell phone's position, at best you could calculate it's range by its signal strength (assuming it's transmitting) but even that would be sketchy at best.

    On the other hand if you set up receivers around town and/or have the balls to try hacking cell phone towers then you could triangulate the position of anything that's transmitting within the range of at least two towers.

    Of course we're talking Android only, iOS doesn't accept developer code unless you can crack the device and that's a whole other can of worms.

    What are you trying to do?
    Yeah my INTP friends can seem pretty scatterbrained at times. Typing yourself as Ni can be tough though because I'm still not 100% sure how it "works." Easiest way for me was to differentiate Fe grip experience vs. Se grip experience (as well as differentiating between tert Fi and inf Fe).

    What do you think you are (or might be)?
    I would, but it is merely to serve as an example and should be viewed as hypothetical, being there to help specify the nature of an abstract concept.
    Sorry, I forget to chop up or restructure sentences to make them not require taking in a full paragraph and mentally rearranging it before one can see what it means ,_,. I'm kind of slow in that sense.

    When a format of cognition is translated into speech suitable for communication, there will be traces of the restrictions of that format of cognition in the text itself. This because the person talking isn't illustrating something objective or external, it is illustrating an idea of it, and an idea of it is by necessity limited by the format the idea is in.

    This can be in the form of soft-limitations like how talking about to get somewhere by talking about the path is much more cumbersome to someone who uses a system of remembering points (like say, certain buildings in a city) and their relative locations rather than having an internal representation of the landscape. This would also go the other way.
    The person who thought in terms of points and relative positioning would have to derive the landscape from that framework, and the person who has an internal representation of the landscape has to check the landscape and internally measure distance and relative locality in order to give someone directions based on points and their relative distance.

    It can also be in more hard-limiting forms. The most obvious way is right after someone gets brain damage.
    Heh, yeah I can relate. It's almost if my brain rejects what is supposed to be bad and seeks our the amusement in the situation. I got told a guy who my friend had been worried about for a while finally died. I found it hard not to laugh as the day earlier someone posted (on a status that gave grim news implying he would die) not to "give the devil his glory for what hasn't happened" This set my immediate thought to, "oh well good job devil" Which is of course not socially appropriate. Oh well...
    Oh hi.

    That isn't function-specific. o.o But generally speaking, Ne is the most likely to simulate multi-layering of thoughts which (if the person thinks in words) can translate to mental dialogues between different opinions/tangents of thought that are being pursued. Because Ne branches off into possibilities while Ni converges, Ne generates more views and thus more inner dialogue.

    Se may do this too though, so this is based merely on *frequency* from comparing against the baseline. It's case by case, but in general it's more common in Ne.

    But I don't know that there's any significant tilt toward this behavior between Ti/Fe vs Te/Fi.
    I'm more willing to just tell people what I think nowadays because I stopped caring whether people liked me; I finally reached a stage where it was more important to me to like myself and be myself. So I'm not as "nice" as I used to be, but I'm more raw and honest.

    Again, it was all a process of living one way for so many years and becoming unhappy with that life, because I didn't know what I needed and so never addressed them. Realizing more who I was and what i needed changed how I interacted with the world.
    Well, I'm an SX variant, so I need intimate connection one-on-one with people. I also had felt alone all my life and thought I'd be entering a period where I'd have more connection -- and I do actually have many more "friends" now -- but they're not the deep relationships I'd hoped for. I was also losing my marriage and lost a lot of family/acquaintances in that transition.

    I think I focus more on "meaningfulness" than "happiness" per se. My most favorite emotion is "bittersweet" actually, versus pure joy.

    I was involved in religion for a long time and believed in God, but the more I learned and the more in life I experienced, the more God became ambiguous to me. There is no real "proof" either way, it's more of a choice of what one wants to believe, and that choice colors one's life.
    Dood, you have to meet Kali and White Rabbit... :D

    Their boxes aren't bigger than mine, but they know what's inside a lot better. :o
    Your sig indicates you might have explored some concepts related to Bhakti ("Nothing is True; Everything Is Permitted") yet if you're an INTP you should more naturally lean towards Jnani, even if Bhakti makes conceptual sense. Instead of "nothing is true," it's more like "everything is true."

    Systems Theory really is a good intro, imho, especially if you expand it to agent-based modeling.
    Sort of an unconscious desire to... expand? (Jnana?)

    There's a cool little difference between knowing and understanding. Ne-doms tend to be biased toward understanding, Ni towards knowing. (Consider it a gradient/dichotomy based on where intuition is in one's functional stack). Understanding increases, when, say.... one starts seeing the cube around the Star of David:

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