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  • Oh hai.... forgot we had had those Endless convoys in the past!

    More just that we start talking and if something clicks, we talk more. :) I just like deep, perceptive, bravely honest people. My energy's been low lately, tho; been sick. :(
    Oh my... :o Apparently I'm more appreciated in general than I thought. :D I've been finding this out more and more as of late...

    (I've also never heard of codswalloping. Sounds dirty. *runs to Google* Oh... :D)
    I guess to me brainsex means those really high bandwidth interactions that you get with someone you have a high bandwidth dynamic with? So like mental masturbation but with a partner! hah. [I'm very attracted to people who genuinely enjoy talking about ideas.]

    Sometimes it happens with strangers but it's nice to be in a relationship with someone who knows your positions on things, that you've exchanged papers or books (theory porn) with...so there is an even deeper level of understanding when communicating.

    Architect's spoken about the "mind-meld" thing he has with his wife. I've had a similar experience with someone...knowing someone's mind so well that communication gets to that next level where it's almost nonlinear if that makes sense?
    Hahah! Laughed out loud at that MJ gif, that was my exact mood when reading through that thread ;D
    She was always my favorite of the Endless, although many of them are very cool, and I like how they're all very unique in temperament. She's more like an ENFJ in her approach, but the thoughtful compassion aspect of her is something others have said of me (although I think I'm more like compassionate thoughtfulness). She's just able to step into everyone's worlds and meet them where they are at, and tell them what they need to hear in the way they need to hear it.

    I was using a version from the Kindly Ones for awhile, but I collect Death art from around the net (I have a huge folder) and enjoyed the sketch-style one when I found it.
    RE: You however Teleute

    "Oh, no, they found me. I don't know how, but they found me. RUN, MARTY!"

    Nice. I doubt many people remember what her older name is... I think it's only rarely mentioned in the comic.
    Wow, thanks. It has been a progression to be more open, sometimes I feel very exposed but I don't like living in self-constraint anymore.

    Anyone who is into tree evolution and interstellar travel is cool in my book. :) What do you do in your secret identity when you are not here at INTPf?
    lol, indeed I have a tendency to be unexpected. I think that INTPs tend to seek reality more than other types, and so we don't often ascribe to traditional religions, but seek our own answers.

    I was just saying to someone yesterday that this forum is like my Athens. If I were a Greek philosopher, this would be the sanctuary of myself and my peers. It really is wonderful to have an intellectual outlet such as this.

    The reasoning you have put forth for your name is interesting. This time I was the one expecting a more typical answer from you :P Sometimes it's nice to simply do things because they suit you. Death is an interesting subject to contemplate. I think perhaps it's the mystery that goes along with it that makes it so captivating.
    (and with more than 2000 characters...) I could go on for a long time about the details of this matter, but I will say one more thing that is central to my understanding. "God spoke and there was light." God has taught me that the "speaking" never ceased, it is still a whisper beneath all things, in the depths of the silence. Sound indicates a wave propagation, when God "speaks", the eternal becomes the infinite and universes are born.

    My spiritual awakening began when I was two years old. My mother is a protestant Christian and so thought it important to introduce me to Jesus. I prayed a prayer asking Him to be in my life in a real way, and in that moment I contacted God for the first time. Jesus (or Yeshua), I believe, is the direct quantification of God, white light with form. My experiences with the person of Jesus have always been in the fog where darkness meets light, and eternity begins to fracture into time. Because of my life-long relationship with God, I have been able to experience certain things. I have seen both heaven and hell, and realized that these states of being are really just opposite sides of the candle, darkness and light, nonexistence and existence. I have seen God face to face, and been tutored by Him on the inner-workings of the universe. Because of what I know, my mission in life is to use everything I am and everything I understand to help others become the best they can be.
    Hi Sammael,

    I'd be happy to share my spiritual views with you. I am curious about your name, what does it mean to you? I would like to know, as I have studied a lot about angels. My angel is Uriel, the angel of the Fire. Anyway, the way I see it, the universe is like a candle flame. Have you ever looked at a flame and seen the spectrum shining around it? This is an allegory for how this reality springs forth from God. The flame is the source which perpetuates the spectrum, the all encompassing white light that breaks into many different wavelengths, each revealing part of the nature of the whole. I don't like to call God "God" because in reality, who/what people call God is an eternal entity and so has no name. The eternal is different from the infinite in that it is the unquantified state of time. This means that in eternity, nothing has form or definition.
    True that. My mother really can't understand why I would rather do this. To her it's a bad thing to talk to absolute strangers under pseudonyms with little or no information about them and I should get on with being in the real world. I just see it as minds meeting minds with minimal opportunity for prejudice.

    Yes, usually with other types one can learn from them and their different perspectives but can't properly relate.

    Your name and avatar are excellent by the way.

    Why is there a character limit on an INTP forum of all places? We write really long replies (I find mine usually tend to be 600+ words at least sometimes).
    Yeah SJs are hard to get on with sometimes. I can see where they're coming from but I don't really want to go along with them. Even the non-parental SJs (of which I know two) I know are like that. I know one ISTJ who does things no one can really understand. She's of pretty good intelligence but she dropped out after GCSEs to do an acting course, then dropped that and got together with a drug dealer boyfriend who knocked her up and now they're getting married but she has to try and keep him from getting into drugs (he was in some sort of rehab facility at fourteen). She makes no sense sometimes. I don't know whether she was typed correctly because the other ISTJs I know are fairly restrained and use common sense.
    Ah cool. I've often wondered whether there's any trend in particular type pairings resulting in the same range of types in their children. For example, we both have ISTJ fathers. You're lucky to have an INFP mother. I've always quite envied my INTJ friend for how her mother is and it turns out she's INTJ too. For some reason as I get older, like you, I get on with them less than I used to. I don't put up with their double standards (praising me while doing themselves down when they did the same or better, for example) and patronising as much. My dad's terrible for patronising. He doesn't realise he's doing it. Something else they do a lot is make a point (which I understand immediately) and then repeat it several more times by the end of which I am bored with the concept entirely.
    Hi, Sammael.

    Heh, yeah they do a bit sometimes. Yesterday for example I had extended conversations with both of them while attempting to do so more in the manner of my online self and neither of them could understand me, even when I used very simple analogies. They tend to be very J and want to get on with things. They can't stand that I sit around apparently doing very little. They also play by the social rules and sometimes put up 'pleasant' fascades when they see friends.

    On the other hand while they can have very different perspectives (especially the ESFJ) they can be good to talk to sometimes. I do value my ISTJ dad's opinion on certain things because I think he seems more reasoned and he'll tell me what he thinks because he knows I'll see through him and not value what he says if he doesn't.

    Out of interest, what temperaments are yours?
    "SO" much for e -hand shakes.

    You are the first to greet me. Since it is not midnight at my location just yet. But a big thank you!
    No sweat. The temperature is rather cold, it is winter, afterall. :babytap:

    Your name. It is impossible to pronounce.

    Another thing. Isn't it... :treeswing: <- Cute. Aw.
    Oh but I do love a fierce creature.
    The more death ravages me the more I shall adore him!
    Yay masochism!:3
    It's explicitly stated to be more common in psychology texts, not MBTI stuff (exclusively, anyways--I'm sure it's in MBTI stuff, but only because MBTI falls within the realm of psychology). My psychology classes were in Hebrew, so that doesn't help me with spelling, and other than that I guess I've done mostly lay reading on the subject. Anyways, that's life.

    I've always loved your profile pic, btw.
    So I went and looked it up, as you undoubtedly did afterwards. So you probably saw all the same stuff I could tell you. I just never see 'extravert', and it feels very much like a auditory-vowel replacement error, because it is pronounced that way. Having read the word many, many times as 'extrovert', it has a very specific 'right way' to be spelled in my mind.

    But you are right, it varies. Apologies.
    No prob. Actually I even asked a mod to make sure it was ok beforehand, and apparently in the Arena pretty much all civility can go out the window (just in there though). Not sure they realized just how far I was willing to take it. As childish and immature of me as that was, it did help.

    See you around in a more reasonable conversation. :)
    Yeah, don't worry about it. I was hoping everything in that thread could stay in that thread, although I wouldn't blame people if they hated me forever for some of it. Actually I even like pretty much everyone I hated on in there. I just needed a little black pit where I could be a malicious fuck for a while. Better than burying it and letting it fester. Sorry.

    Feel free to continue if you want, I wouldn't mind. I'm just stepping out of it for now. It was actually my first experience trolling like that.
    to be quite honest, i never really think of mbti anymore. i used to think about it quite a bit, but as i found myself becoming more sociable and meeting different people, i found that it simply didn't matter to me anymore. the entire principal of labeling people with various "personality types" seemed so moot to me. i still frequent this forum because i like the people and the discussions on here, but i honestly don't care much about meyers briggs anymore and i am simply curious the mindset of other people, because i no longer really understand why they take it so seriously.

    it may sound smug of me, but that's how i honestly feel about it. i'm not being judgmental of anybody who use mbti -- i honestly think, if it helps you, then by all means, go with it. i just wonder how it can be helpful to anyone, when i realize now it was never particularly helpful to me.

    Oh, I'm just trying to lull you into a false sense of security. :3
    I was most interested by the fact that you seemed to imply (please correct me if I'm wrong) that many INTPs tend to judge themselves based on their Fe rather than their Ti and hence can have very poor confidence. For example: the individual I mentioned had an amazing Ti (and knew it), but tended to judge himself based on his inability to connect with others/do other Fe crap, which led to low confidence.

    As an INTJ, I sometimes become aware of how abysmal my Se is, forget to put confidence in my Ni, and get really down on myself for my terrible Se. But this is really rare.

    So I was curious as to the connection you made relating confidence with the inferior and dominant functions. Do you think INTPs tend to judge themselves not on their ability to use Ti, but rather on their inability to use Fe? If so, do you think this tendency is more prevalent in INTPs and, if so, why?
    I like what you said about confidence for INTPs on gnome's thread. Dead on.

    What do you think about INTP confidence in their intellectual ability though? I knew one who was extremely intelligent and got annoyed with other peoples' stupidity, but still seemed to think he was an idiot, no matter how many times I reasoned him out of it.
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