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  • Hey! Kibou! How are you doing? What brings you back to this part of the internet? :P
    This scene from the film American Beauty is relevant to what I am trying to say: American Beauty - Plastic Bag Scene (HD) - YouTube (I was shocked when I saw this at how well it defined some experiences I have never been able to transcribe before, a great film to view if you havn't seen it.)

    The other stuff you wrote is probably relevant to your PM so I will respond later. I'm afraid I can't for the moment though. (:

    Sometimes, I find, when I explore (outside) I will be caught upon some really minute thing that fascinates me. Like, for example, last night I left the house at about 1am and stood by the alleyway next to my house. The way the streetlight hit the wall it was like it was golden, and, because I have bad visual snow at night, when I stared at it it was like the wall was crawling and coming to life. I was amazed by this and must have been standing there for about 15 minutes. Sometimes I like to film these things and collect them. I need a better camera though :S. I also wonder if this is what it's like to experience Se (Vyy) through Nai - to find profound beauty/ meaning in the simplest of objects.
    Day-dreaming is exactly how I would describe Nai/ Ni use (: That's also what I think Artsu was referring to when he said on my wall "I know what you mean about the dream thing!". Ever since I was a kid I've always taken to walking/ hiking. While I do enjoy the natural environment, it is as much because walking really energises me. It gives me an hour or two to just space out and day-dream - my avatar is as much a reference to this: my head being with the fishes. :P
    Thank you. I don't know much about Pod'Lair. I'm only beginning to find out what it is about.
    It's an abstract painting I've found by typing "abstract paintings" on google lol I can't remember the website but I've saved a lot of paintings from it. I can upload those paintings on 4shared if you want
    something between an ENTP and an INFJ.
    really though, i don't know. adymus says i'm ENFP, if that holds any weight. it's hard to say.
    Aw fine, I must admit I have a certain admiration for androgyny, but I do not think of myself as being pretty as a girl, therefore I must say you're comments are out of place!:P

    Oh, I see you're an ENFP.^.^

    I like ENFP's actually. I was madly in love with one, but she left me for England. *Sob*

    Oh, also, nice hoodie. Green is the greatest colour.:D
    As a matter of fact, I have a penis.
    Now I'm slightly worried that i'm not making this obvious enough on the forums, I should do a naked photo spree or something of the like.

    I am, BY THE WAY, terribly offended.

    SO much so I had to make my avatar more masculine.
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