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  • ...maybe? More info required.:D

    Edit: in response to the rest of our conversation from a long time ago, I think you will find that people are most tolerant of bohemian bullshit in the great culture/art centers of the world, in other words New York London Paris Berlin Barcelona Madrid and probably some other places.
    Thanks. I'll go check it out when I get a minute. I rarely share my work but I feel safe here heehee.
    I see you state your occupation as "failure artist" Are you thinking of coming to France to re-source?
    Hmm...Interesting question. French school education only really values maths and science. But then again, they do have a system in place where the government spends money on their artists to support them while they're not able to support themselves. Not much obviously, but it does show a culture more geared towards creative pursuits. Personally I don't think it changes the amount of material and artists the country puts out though...I also think that the French (in general) are too geared towards the old and the "classics" to really create anything new. They miss the good old 1960's when they were at the forefront of the art scene :) generally speaking of course.
    Misguided because I state the facts of Charles Darwin's research and the principle by which life sustains itself?
    Yup. No problem. I need to switch out computers before I respond; I'm typing on an HP notebook, keyboard is giving me fits.
    Sunday is usually quiet and calm. :)

    I'm actually hiding out at my Grans.o.o
    Thus I escape all the usual birthday nonsense.^^
    Wow, I like it! I see, it is very small though.
    It really reminds me of the feeling of holding a slimy, wet, dripping fish.
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