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  • Stray kittens are the best! I just finished raising three orphans myself (they have homes now, mission accomplished). Be sure to get lots of video.
    "I wish someone would attempt to strangle me, I've been looking for someone to kick the crap out of lately. :mad:"

    I know how you feel, or at least I did about five days ago. You want this thread.
    Causeless! I know why I mixed you up now! Words's username used to be Cauterize, which of course looks like Causeless.

    Still not sure how various other people got in the mix, but this is a great load off my mind. :D
    The image you posted in the "Anyone move across the country for love?" thread...what game is that?
    ..Maybe I shouldn't have asked, because my semester isn't over for another 11-12 weeks....I guess I can just play it briefly only on days I don't have class....or maybe on those days because I don't study as much...

    If you are a kind soul, don't tell me what it is until the last week in November. I'm too lazy to look for it now and I'll be prepped for finals by then. :)
    I never back down from a challenge!
    Now I must warn you, my hair underwent some martial arts training during a pilgrimage to this Himalayan monastery. Just sayin'.
    It would appear that we share experiences that way. I suppose, just like you, it's just that I never really know what to say when that happens. I've asked many people, even as recently as a few days ago, about what to say when in this sort of situation. No luck, really. Everything I've been told to say is, well....bizarre to me, really. One guy who I do respect as someone more skillful in the arena than myself (not difficult to be) told me to compliment them back as a programmed response, but a lot of times women don't even say anything (like that particular downtown club instance) and when they do, it just feels awkward in action...especially if I'm not sure if i believe it to be true. What if I don't also find them attractive?
    Consistency is quite lovely. :)

    Oh that really pisses me off. Someone will accidentally say 'mu-SAY-um' instead of 'muse-ay-um' and they'll freak. It's okay to tease someone, sure, but to make them feel like a piece of poop is utterly unacceptable.
    'Specially spanish teachers. Normally I'm okied-oke at pronouncing the words, but some times I mess up and they start freaking out. Meh.

    I too am undecided as far a caramel/carmel goes. 'Caramel apples' but carmel candies. What ever seems to fit, I say. ;)
    I personally struggle with the whole 'caramel' vs. 'car-mel' issue. I can't seem to pick a side!
    Oh, and I haven't ever heard de-veen either. I agree with Mary!
    I've never heard it used that way.. DE-VEEN?
    People are stupid. Disregard their preconceived ideas about how things should be pronounced. It's your tongue, after all.
    Hehehe.. Divine wine.
    Interesting. I've always said it Di-vine, as in vine.
    Consensus is also kinda interesting, although I prefer conflicting. :p
    Really! I've only heard it pronounced one way: Div-ine (rhymes with wine).
    Consensus is a good one! I'ts especially fun to say with a 'lsp' and in a slightly outraged tone of voice. Try it! :D
    XD I'm not sure I'm fond of the whole like, drama aspect they're using. It's a fresh perspective for the show though, which is interesting. I don't like the lack of trust for the smart guy though. And math boy needs to be more interesting :P
    So I just noticed via your avatar how many chevron-keys there are (9) on the stargate, and I was just thinking "Hmm... 7 Chevrons to gate to another world, 8 Chevrons to gate to another galaxy (atlantis / pegasus galaxy). Where does the 9th activated chevron take you? Another universe? Time shifting? They've already got an alternate dimension mirror device... haha.

    Also, welcome to the forums. <3 Stargate.
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