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The Introvert

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  • *hugs* I worry for you: if you have any disquiet, my ears remain open. And if you're fine, then what's up? :)

    TI - if you need to stay off the forum for a few weeks, use your will power. I like you and think you an interesting guy, but this is a little silly. :p
    Pooping in a bag is because I'm in the middle of a clinical research trial. I get paid for stool samples while taking the lowest dose of a medication that's already been approved by the FDA (it's being investigated as a treatment for another condition).

    If you're a smoker, Hopkins is currently paying you to trip on shrooms as a treatment. :D Guess what I'll be doing in April? :D
    I will be online until 0300 UTC (10:00 PM EST).


    PS I am switching to Universal Coordinated Time, which is abbreviated to UTC; to convert EST to UTC, add five hours.
    Well I feel sorry for my feudal underlings if I'm 'lord of the manor' :ahh:
    Happy New Year! I hope to see a few installments of your story. I never replied to you last question. I do write a bit but I find when I read it back, it sounds like garbage. The perfectionistic curse of the INFJ strikes again. One of these days I'll get it together and compile my Ni thoughts.
    I wrote a lengthy and heartfelt reply in Google Docs, saved it, and forgot it. I'm so sorry! :o Hopefully the time and effort that I put into editing it will make your waiting worthwhile.

    The self narration comes across poetic with nuance. Makes me feel for your character. Read all of it so far...you have a talent. Is this an amalgamation of fantasy and personal experience?
    INFJs unite! ;) I actually like the diversity (INTJ, ENTP, INFP). Funny too how when I read a number of posts by a particular person, I can usually tell what their type is. I've read the INFJ forum but I like it here instead because of the interesting topics and I hope it helps hone my Ti. I do get a thrill however interjecting my 'feeler' take on things to the INTP audience...they might not know it but they crave it:p I love your writing btw...it's honest and keeps me wanting more. Every time I see a post from you, I read it. Glad you came back too!
    I have no idea what to do either. :D Enjoy the ride. :^^:

    I was actually thinking about the complexity of blood yesterday. The same "substance" serves so many different complex functions... Little universal red blood cells, lacking a nucleus yet still alive and surfing along.
    It really makes you scratch your head, doesn't it?:confused:

    Yes, my head just itches more and more and more. :D
    Thanks for that.

    And hey you never know.
    The universe is a big place.
    I think not knowing what you'll find next is what allows for hope.

    What would suck is knowing for sure that nothing is out there at all.
    "Duxwing" is an abbreviation of "Duxford Wing," which refers to a squadron wherein I played Fly Aces High II. My squadmates were mostly ISTXs and well taught me the art of flight and some of that of life.

    Any related seminars on this stuff?

    I think the more you learn about fungi, the better, then. I'll add you to the Corner Spore. At the very least you'll learn how to cultivate them from the Man himself. :D You should ask White Rabbit about his strains and how frequently they mutate (or appear to mutate).

    This particular mode of gene expression (viral injection) also follows the "rules" of reciprocal causality. It makes sense to me that you want to go smaller scale (Ni ftw).
    You could reduce it to p-values for something practical. *Delves into obscure theory land* The key thing with uncertainty is that depending on the nature of the universe (say... infinite regress) then that small amount of quantified uncertainty is actually infinite.

    If you add the observations of multiple individuals, each with a p-value of 0.01, the uncertainty can actually be n*0.01 because there's no proof that one's uncertainty is the same as another's. o.0
    Regarding this:

    You're convergent (observing and responding to the outward, and moving inward), and I'm divergent (solidified, moving outward).

    Both build systems, but with opposite goals due to intrinsic differences; indeed these intrinsic differences (Ne vs Ni) interact in the same manner as Heisenberg Principle. We're moving in opposite directions in the enlightenment arena!
    Of course this whole mess can be interpreted as you moving further down the path of enlightenment. Quoting Kaligula: "yes. and its just the beginning. its like waking up and realizing there is still a maze, and then a mansion, and then an underground layer, all to navgiate thru."

    Meditation is sort of a let it take you where it will thing unless you force yourself to focus on a single thing. Your focus will break but keep forcing yourself back into it for at least half an hour. And of course follow Asana... and don't move. :D
    Nothing other than substances. Stimulants are an effective high but there's burnout risk if you go on for too long (which is what killed me). Adderall/ritalin/ethylphenidate are preferred imho. L-theanine + caffeine and/or a complete acetylcholine supplement is also an option.

    Things that bring me down include several days of alcohol in a row, but I'm normally just grouchy and it doesn't last. Harmala, or some other form of euphoric relaxation, is really the key to successful use of stimulants without burnout (of course you can't use a stim with harmala, lest it kill you or at least give you one hell of a headache).
    The interval can be a bit wacko; from a few minutes to a few weeks.

    It's not something I can really naturally manipulate, though I have had success using stimulants to keep myself in a hypomanic state, or induce one.

    Though I do experience a more controlled change if I'm able to meditate alone in relative silence. Living in the woods is good for this.
    Took a functions test and scored highest Ni, Ne close second. In the witch hunt thread people were saying that I seem Ne-dominant and I relate to Ne the most of the functions but seem very introverted irl. I'm wondering if you can have weak percentage of Ti or Fi "dominant" function and emphasized Ne without being an extrovert? Confusing...

    Even before I knew about MBTI I always said that I run on only two things: curiosity and intuition. The curiosity leads me to some crazy or dangerous places (mentally and physically) but intuition keeps me afloat, guides me, grounds me, provides some sort of superficially volatile but effective structure. Organizes information in a subconscious way, can answer the math question but can't "show the work".
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