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  • Hi.

    Just curious about what personality type you are. Are you an INTP? I don't think I have met many people who are INTP who are open to spirituality, but I typically don't type people as a habit.
    No worries. Your contribution and participation is absolutely welcome in any way shape or form :) Chatting with you is really enjoyable. I wanted to post a general explanation of music theory behind the standard tuning and microtonal tunings maybe later. I feel like any topic demands a huge book chapter response that I'd like to make, but also can't always find the time to write.
    Be well, wherever you go! I hope the future brings you rewarding things.
    Thanks Jenny! I think it's getting there. And to you too, keep on smiling :clown:
    Hey, just wanted to drop in to say that I appreciate that you've been here all those years. If I'm allowed to use a stupid, cheesy metaphor I'd say you are as crucial and as unobtrusive to this place as water greening the meadows.

    Hoping that life serves you well and all the things check out for you.
    It's fine. I was just wondering if you hate me or not for some reason like for my faith or something. I actually thought your post was kinda funny as I could imagine a string of posts like that going on for a while. We're fine.
    *fighting way through all the dust and cobwebs* Good thing I'm a spider, but most of my victims are rather desiccated now! I'm not (much) crazy, and you?
    Oh haha yeah I gave that up after about a month but I'm picking it back up again after doing a few hours of tedious data entry work that I knew I could write a script to do in seconds if I had just stuck with Python a bit more. My roommate is starting to learn too so hopefully there will be some more accountability and also opportunities for collaboration.

    How are you dude
    I'll relay it to the modbox. I don't know anything about it and until now was unaware of the feature :storks:
    All good, I don't take it as a grievance with me specifically either. If we agree to disagree that's fine.
    There are certain kinds of toxic shit that I don't want on the forum, and I say that not as a mod but as a user which is why I didn't take moderator action on QT.

    Also no one asked QT to leave, this dichotomoy is really what you've made where you perceive that maybe QT will get upset and leave or something. Which I can counter with the fact that trans people could leave too, if nobody adequately points out just how fucking disgusting the things QT said were (whether from ignorance or malice is irrelevant).

    I don't intend to have 'cordial discussion' with people who're being highly prejudiced and outright insulting towards people based on their gender preference.

    I would actually hope such people feel unwelcome and don't feel comfortable expressing that kind of hurtful ignorance. If they are really so desperate to have a platform to insult people they don't understand, people who often live entire lives in stigma for this one issue to boot, they can find a new platform.
    I think the stuff QT was saying was fucking poison and if it's a choice between he leaves or other certain people leave because of him for that, I choose him. His words were not just 'problematic', they're the sort of words that cause these high suicide rates and stigmatisation of trans people in the first place. It reeks of the same rhetoric fundamentalist Christians use, and is ignorant, hateful and hurtful.

    What about people who trans, are sensitive and suffer with low self-esteem? None of them deserve to be talked about in such a way if here on this forum.

    I don't want people saying shit like that and still, the issue warrants discussion - but only if people are going to make the conversation be not absolutely toxic and hurtful for certain parties to read.
    I suppose I gave myself away when I started banging the highbar with my groinpipe, didn't I?
    If you want to get to the interesting part of youtube, just search for " Body Remix Goldberg Variationen arte 2008" NSFW, but definitely falls in the category of interpretive dance.
    I gave up HAHAHA. In my defense, I redirected my efforts toward getting a new job that pays a lot more and now have less of a reason to become a lawyer.

    That's awesome! I think the possibility of travel for my new gig is remote but not impossible, so I'll let you know.

    Haha I'm under-dressed for everything. My girlfriend has been dropping increasingly less subtle hints that I should upgrade my wardrobe...

    Yeah that QuickTwist guy foiled your nefarious plan. You'll have to talk to me a lot more now :D
    I know :) no worries. I can sort of see myself doing it as well although not so jazzed about the idea of having to wear a suit every day (in marked contrast with my usual choice of avatar).

    Ah I see. I was hoping for something more nefarious...

    I'm not sure what I am, or if the MBTI paradigm even makes sense anymore when it comes to trying to understand myself and other people.
    Mainly because this whole not having a lot of money thing sucks.

    And are you suggesting I'm an INFJ?
    Hahah I was actually wondering if that was your cat.

    As in applied for your first job? That's awesome. You'll be a wage slave like me in no time \o/

    Can't really complain. Studying for the law school entrance exam but still waffling about on whether or not I want to go. Trying to get myself to at least apply. That way I have some sort of hedge against the tech bubble popping :D
    Yeah I had some serious challenges drawing it in an in-browser MS Paint emulator on my Macbook with only the trackpad. Somewhere between that struggle and screenshotting it the shoulder got fucked up.

    Yours will probably give me nightmares.
    That dog is far 2 happy and not edgy enuff 4 me. Also no rainbow colours in background.
    Huh that's disappointing. I have the abridged version and made it through the introduction. But I was honestly kind of bored.

    Is a clearly-written handbook to the eschaton too much to ask?
    Also have you seen the Full Stack Web Development specialization on Coursera? I'm currently on the third of the five courses (AngularJS) and it's alright so far... I'm refining front-end/JS skills because I have more experience with web development but think I want to change directions. Like I always do haha
    Hello puffy,

    Love the background image on your page and yes, the Alhambra is a definite must-see-in-one's-life sort of place. The whole country is fantastic but I wish I had had more time to spend in Granada while I was there. Do you have a special interest in Islamic Spain or the architecture itself, or both?

    I'm a MOOC fiend but I've found the math MOOCs to be lacking. The guy who does Calculus One on Coursera is really great though, super entertaining and good at explaining things.

    If you want to learn more about math conceptually and historically Morris Kline's "Mathematics for the Nonmathematician" is a really entertaining book and a good resource for curious/smart non-math types to have on the shelf for when you want to get a birds eye view of a part of math you're not familiar with quickly.

    Mathematics for the Nonmathematician (Dover Books on Mathematics): Morris Kline: 9780486248233: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41U1Lb76APL.@@AMEPARAM@@41U1Lb76APL

    I'll let you know if I think of more...
    They were m8 it's okay. I was actually enjoying the discussion but I think we're on the same page in what you referred to as Agnosticism regarding metaphysics.

    I think that you understood my POV and the implications of it, so I'm not sure where I'd really go with the conversation from there as it seems I've communicated adequately what I set out to communicate. At the very least I figure anyone intelligent enough and who's not being defensive about their worldview can digest it and understand.
    Ad: And sure, even if something is missing you can still try to sell the whole thing, but while doing so (advertising, etc.), you may try to sell each complete deck separately to see how it goes.
    I'll reply to that part once I get enough time. I'm not waiting for p2 necessarily, but I'm quite busy / distracted.
    *shuffles froth to the side*


    Our work schedules are kind of random - we just have to make sure we give notice if we want time off. I work less than RB so we can do schtuff during the week - like explore aspects of Melbourne I have been meaning to explore but haven't had an excuse to get off my ass for yet.

    You book for as long as you think - as I said, we have spare room and bed so we seriously don't mind if you hang around for a while and use our home as a base.

    We is excited too :D
    Cum 2 Australia u faget or I will rek u.

    Just kidding I <3 you but still pls visit I have candy and cats and cat flavoured candy.
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