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  • Hey thanks for responding,

    I'll look into the book and the specialisation thanks (the free version haha). I've largely been learning html5, css/bootstrap, and JS so far through textbooks (eloquent js, crockford's js: the good parts), codecademy, and a site called codewars, which you might enjoy as it emphasises teaching through challenging problem-solving.

    Have you been doing web-development for long?

    I'm fascinated by a lot of pre-modern geometry, particularly religious buildings, due to their intense, fractal-like, organisation that seems absent in a lot of modern architecture. I'm much more familiar with Gothic though, as I'm Western European (used to love comic-books and got drawn into architecture through stained glass).

    The Sagrada Familia looks interesting if you end up in Barcelona.
    Hey r4ch3l :)

    I'm of the impression you're a student of CS/ Mathematics. I'm currently getting into studying javascript/ front-end web development and was wondering if you'd be able to recommend any good introductions to maths you've found useful (MOOCs, textbooks, whatever.)

    I'm an arts (literature) major like yourself. My main draw is more into graphic design/ architecture, but I'm starting to feel I should round my education out a bit. Just dipping in/out of Euclid currently. :D

    (I spy from your convo w/ Zerkalo you've been to Granada. Really hope to get a chance to see the Alhambra there one day. :phear:)
    You seem to be the source of abundant charts/pages of notes. They are quite lovely.
    I'm glad someone appreciated it. Interesting site, I actually have something of an interest in escorts.
    Oh... Yeah, that was the second or third one I checked out and really liked it despite it not being sci-fi. For some reason I thought it would be and was wondering how it would fit in with his overall style based off the synopsis.

    No, I haven't made much progress. I wanted to finish the Valis trilogy first because I thought it would help in some way. Although, as it is I probably have enough prereq to still be able to enjoy or be stimulated by it. I've been feeling the need to resume those PKD studies lately, maybe also partly because Radio Free Albemuth was finally released...

    13? Cool... Sounds like you've taken an early interest in these matters.
    we do take stuff like that but in a more watered-down way...the course you took looks more complex and interesting. im also interested in that time period and also in bharata khanda(ancient india). apparently, lots of astronomical and geometric concepts originated from there. its sad how they are so marginalized in books. how did philosphy work out for an INTP? when it comes to philosophy i like to take my time reading and looking into stuff, i cant imagine learning philosophy as an academic field. oh and goodluck in getting your other degree!! :)
    Omg is that biruni? Love ur cover pic!!! I was wondering how it feels like taking classes now? Lately I've been thinking that an ideal life for me would be one where I keep taking classes in things I find interesting forever...lol. are you majoring in maths? If so, do they teach you lots about history? I'm kinda regretting not choosing sth like maths or physics as my major
    Enjoy your posts, relate to you quite a bit, despite the fact I am probably an infj (previously convinced I was intp) I suppose all n's can somewhat relate though.
    Not sure if/when you'll ever check this again, but I just picked up Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet and it is fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I'm just recalling our last convo about your agoraphobic spell, which kind of stuck with me as I planned this 6 month hiatus overseas. As I planned I've been in Hanoi, Vietnam for more than two weeks and spent most of that time in a hotel room. I know someone here, and see her maybe every second day, combined with messaging and whatnot.
    But I'm bored shitless. How would I fare in a place I knew no-one, which was my plan initially? Maybe this agoraphobia thing is not for me.

    ill admit I loved the entire series (anything that is just as it is and unapologetic generally gets a thumbs up)

    I haven't met you so I can't say, but i wouldn't be surprised if i went "...the resemblance is uncanny"
    I thought you would say something exactly like that, and my only addition is

    for you, I>E

    (INFP), not saying you definitely are, because AFAIK I think you still think you're INTP? (I have nothing against females being T lol)

    just my perceptions
    Good post on that AMA with James altucher. It really sheds a lot of light on potential pitfalls of being a successful entrepreneur.
    Hmm, so you would say ENFJs generally appreciate physicalness, eh?

    Just curious bc apparently, they're my other half. (just like INTP/INFJ, ENTP/ENFJ), but tbh I've yet to meet any IRL as far as i can tell
    Oh yeah, perfect sense ;)

    In seriousness though, yeah it kind of does. You don't have to do the groundwork you can just fly. What I'm curious about is the physical connection, like we're talking about purely mental activity, but there's something more there, some kind of physical association. Can/does this (brainsex) only ever happen when there is a physical, whether initial or developed, attraction or connection as well?
    Hey r4ch3l :)

    So, you mentioned brainsex in one of your posts, a concept that intrigues me. I think I know what you're talking about (a kind of mental/intellectual stimulation), but I'm a little vague on the specifics. You may have expounded elsewhere that I haven't seen, if so I apologise, but I would love to hear more. I can (I think) understand the idea, but I'm not sure I've ever really experienced it truly for myself, which makes it to me somewhat abstract and indefinite.
    Uhhh..... Hmmmm. We'll from my experience, I think going out into the world and finding the answer through experience rather than trying to figure it out on paper might be a better way to go about it because the paper answers you get might dampen your zest for life. Because, the more you search for the answer, the more you learn how to put life in a little metaphorical box--taking away all the magic.

    Otherwise, I would have to say that loving life and your relationships in it is the answer. It's all how you view it. There's not really an objective answer unless you just enjoy the rush of chemical sensation and can live without sentiment.
    Interesting. I've always thought of Plato's Allegory as a way of escaping the constructs that our minds trap themselves in with the language we use--which allows us to go back into a totally free and unalienated state of mind.

    Otherwise, those drawings reminded me of a time when I was trying to figure out the meaning of life.
    I used restraint and got a 6 month break rather than quitting entirely. Will start in December. It coincides with me wanting to absolutely stack up on knowledge of neuroscience and programming, which I can use to transition careers.

    I'm doing it all overseas too. Like a planned system outage. I'm wary of what you say though hence why I ran it past you. Seems to me like it had a positive outcome for you but I get it, 6 months can be a long time. Heck when I'm feeling down one day can seem like forever. I was in Prague by myself on a holiday two years ago, was there for 3 nights and just about went nuts.
    Pretty sure I remember you saying you spent 6 months holed up in your room or something due to basically an Fe hangover. Agoraphobic or similar. Can you tell me more about this? I expect I'll be doing the same very soon if not already. Wondering if I need to go stock up on baked beans and canned soup.
    Did you ever meet any male strippers? I'm assuming it beats some dead-end minimum wage job.

    California gothic? Interesting.

    When I have time to work through 468 pages for fun I'll definitely look it up. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I think only INFPs understand A Softer World.

    INTJs don't have a sense of humor (or if the do it'll be someone about economic theory) so I don't know how they could have webcomics, unless spreadsheets count, and as far as I can tell they don't have libidos either, unless their idea of a centrefold is a spreadsheet, do you notice a theme?

    Oh I'm sure there's ENTJ webcomics, Dresden Codak for instance, his earlier works are INTP but of late he's been so far up his artistic ass that I can only assume he's become a narcissistic ENTJ, who else would update once every 2-3 months and still expect views?
    INTP webcomic: XKCD.com
    INFP webcomic: asofterworld.com or gunnerkrigg.com
    INTJ webcomic: Lol there's no such thing.
    ENTP webcomic: schlockmercenary.com

    Gives you an idea of how they think & what they like
    We might have similar personalities. I've always been Ni-dom, but recently I've been having more and more sporadic instances where Ne takes over, so much so that it may even be my dominant function.

    As for the curiosity and intuition, I know exactly what you mean. I like to call myself an explorer, running on curiosity and intuition (with some Se if necessary). Been reading philosophy to work on the "showing the work" AKA the logic.
    "but I have a good sense of direction and prefer it this way [I think]."


    I see you're "INTP", but intuition is a bit shaky with INTPs, methinks.
    Your background picture... What is it?

    And remember when you mentioned that I should start my own religion but was secretly way too high to respond appropriately? I think I might be headed in that direction.

    The response I'd thought up but didn't type was that I am, in a way, as a teacher; my classroom being my temple.
    Yes and... Yes. Ne-Fe is like a line of mental coke, and external stress also adds to social introversion.
    INxP fits well now that I had more input on you. xNFJ with me the aspect of high appreciation for character development if not intellectual friendship is magic(MLP). I'm dawn by the second two (Se Ti) Both have aesthetics. How many variables can you deal with. I can tell when something is important / significant but not much RAM.

    This is a look into my teen / preteen derivations:


    Your one smart cookie. I haven't been strong in logic but parallel procedural networks as such do fascinate me as being holistic and integrated. I think that with just the right combination an asymptote of flexibility would lead to AGI. Data compression with recall causally step by step. I had a dream about this happening as a hyper cube in a nanotube lattice that self models(1.0*10^21 a cubic centimeter). No need for algorithms for displaying on a 2D screen but projection into 4D reference of multiple simultaneous hypothesis and analysis of conceptions in big data with social qualities. Growth must proceed from environment that is virtual / visual but just as rich and detailed (and even more so) than our world. Mind files that grow more sophisticated with every new experience.


    Tell me about your business plan. What kind of business is it? I'm not that tough but I like how they can be nice at the same time. I think that you show more Te than Ti but loosely as to what I think they are. Have you considered other types other than INTP. Im not intp and INTPf doesn't seem to have allot of Data's around. Don't let what I said bother you, I might not be accurate people can be who they want to be.
    haha... ain't that the truth. My mom still looks at me as if I have two heads. I think I understand her pretty well at this point, but she has a lot of trouble stepping outside the world in which she was raised. I have had to 'settle' in our relationship and just value her for what she does do, rather than what she can't. It took a while for me to get to that point, I avoided her after I left home for awhile because I couldn't deal with her.

    (I've met some ISFJs who actually have pretty decently developed T terts, but my mom... whew. She's all F, though and through; and steeped in all goodness and light as well, whereas I always kind of walk through darkness.)
    Did we have the discussion about "People of the Lie"?
    That's one of my favorite books.

    I've pretty much read anything else the guy wrote too, including his account of the two exorcisms he was involved with, but People of the Lie is probably the one that was most relevant to me in terms of fractured psychology and understanding "human evil."
    Modafinil. :D

    I'm not a fan of the racetams because they give me a headache. A daily dose of L-theanine could do amazing synergistic things with your coffee though.
    Hey I just 'liked', I don't even know what a valley girl is! You have a lot of friends for a self confessed social lamo. I have no friends in CS apart from a girl I met overseas who doesn't live in this country.

    I've heard good things about job prospects in security. Perhaps I need to explore a little first like you. I work in insurance claims at the moment, similar process to legal thinking but not as rigorous. An exit strategy is increasingly required and programming is a key part.

    I got a philosophy degree too :facepalm:
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