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  • Thanks. I was worried it might sound too self-absorbed but I appreciate you sharing what you took away from it. It sucks, I started ignoring his last messages because I thought he was playing me some how, even though I couldn't figure it out.

    Although to be honest I hardly knew him, and am probably the one least in need of consoling. Thank you anyway.
    I'm glad to hear it. Or read it, rather. I was a little excited to see him trying to increase his scope/audience.
    i don't take compliments well. meaning i'm not sure to respond. that's why it took a while.

    thank you. and i think the same about yours.

    i write occasionally. some of it has been posted here. otherwise i am pretentious enough to consider some of my forum posts writing proper.
    Hey. I have returned. The INFJ just broke up with me via telephone :( but there is a possibility of reuniting in the future. Hope all is well with you. It is still a very good day despite that event. I am employed now and life is on the upswing.

    If someone lights themselves on fire in the woods and no one is around, did it really happen?

    Was lurking on the AA thread from months past and you seemed the best to offer INFJ advice. I am an INTP with a situation you may be able to help me with.

    Haven't seen you lately. I keep stirring the pot waiting for you to jump in with your midwestern Ni wisdom :)
    Aww yay! I love reading your posts. You're very insightful and phrase things neatly without being sentimental. I have wondered about INFJ for myself but I doubt it. You were a psychologist/therapist at one point, right? I suspect the vibe you're getting comes from a similar interest in psychology and the result of struggles + a commitment to know myself. That tends to take one into typically NF waters regardless of one's type, and the analytical component Ti provides would suggest INFJ.

    Maybe you're an NTP too! Tbh, a lot of your posts have quite distinctly mirrored my own thoughts. I'm not sure if this is type similarity or simply a matter of interest areas/experiences.
    Yeah, your sig reminded me of the Wow Warlock Soulfire. Warlock was the class I first played in that game, maybe for that reason. :)

    just wondered what you thought about it,
    "Are you lighting a soul on fire? Or burning someone with your OWN soul? This seems like an important distinction."

    How do you feel about this weird shit? I am inclined to post a picture of albert einstein sticking his tongue out, and go on a rant about everyone being weird.

    I was ~51% non-committal in my application of wu xing to modernity. Do you think there is an inherent equilibrium in humanity, insofar as we shall never become extinct? Or something?

    Don't light yourself on fire by the way! :D
    Person behind the profile = me? :contrivedblushfacething:
    Your post brought wu xing to mind because you mentioned you thought there would be a societal shift towards being more tolerant and understanding. Xu wing or whatever is just an intuitives highly general framework, or what I see as entertaining mind food.
    Id say metal is the prevalent element now. Science is peakin' in historical context, the rational mind, engineering is gosh darned everywhere, industrialization of minds and bodies, people like Cog, and Architect etc. The culture (usa) will and is and has been enriching the value of sensitivity (water) and other tolerance/understanding-esque metaphorical attributes of water, by juxtaposition to the reigning metal culture of robots and superficiality. Thus it generates this better future by its very opposing nature. Like parents and their kids, the offspring tend to embody the opposite or something. Ya know?! (If I'm being 2 sloppy jus tell me b mor concise)
    A rare moment of composure I assure you. :)

    I've noticed you've a balanced perspective yourself, I've even had friends link me to your posts multiple times.
    That's no problem! :) Well, I'm glad you like the forum as I'd say my time here has been a growing one, yes. I lacked rigor for a long time, where I think the variety and depth of opinions here has motivated me to individuate.

    The painting is 'The Dark Door' by Henri Matisse, I agree there's something about it - he seemed to know the exact colour proportions to bring a scene to life.
    Sedate life on the other hand... I'm trapped in a suburb currently (with some good books, but) should probably try more of your mischief-making. Any suggestions? :D

    And which film was that, sorry? Film and graphic narrative are among my main passions, so I concur. Do you have any favourites?
    I just wanted to write to say that I appreciate and follow your posts. How does a paradoxparadigm occupy itself? You come across like a person with interesting life experience. :)

    p.s. Hope Ni has been leading you down some interesting rabbit holes lately. :p
    Back in 1990 or so a friend of mine introduced me to a lot of Jung's work (both Jung's own writing and writings by others on Jungian themes). I dedicated about 10 years to the study of that stuff. I am still heavily influenced by it and, whenever a dream sort of screams signals to me (whether my own or someone else's) I usually just come right out and say what's immediately on my mind about it (within the confines of a receptive audience, such as is sometimes the case here).

    I don't spend a great deal of time on MBTI or Jung or the like, but I do find it an important part of my understanding of myself and the world. And, I do find that at least some of my own dreams do provide great insights into myself.

    Not sure you'll find many other posts of mine on dreams -- I don't really stick to themes in my posts. But, I'll keep my eyes open.
    *paws at door, whining with puppy-dog eyes and droopy ears and wondering when you will reply*

    Have you noticed that we are basically in a race to be the first visit on a new profile? Or am i the only one in this race?
    I read your reply in my thread and I appreciate it. It's given me a lot to think about though, so I don't have anything substantial to say about it other than thank you.
    The 'manor' bit was a reference to your "about me" section, in which you put:
    "...all manor of speculation" when it should be manner. :)

    As for the story, hopefully I'll feel like finishing it soon. Something happened - I do not know what - that caused me to cease writing and fall into a sort of apathetic (albeit comfortable) mode of existence. I'm trying to relocate "drive".
    "Is this an amalgamation of fantasy and personal experience?"

    In short, yes.

    The plot itself (at least so far) is inspired by my own experiences. However, much of the story is embellished with fancy talk.

    Do you write much? If so, I would be interested in reading :cat:
    For some reason, INTPs love INFJs... At least from my experience.

    And thank you! I try to be as detailed as possible without saying too much. There's a fine line between giving too much information and leaving the reader wanting more. It's easier on a forum because each post only needs to be several paragraphs, which in an actual story isn't that much.
    Thanks for the feedback on the "Encounters" thread. :)

    On an unrelated note, I see that you're an INFJ too. We should start an uprising and secretly take over the forum. Don't mind that this is a public VM...
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