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  • omg u are my new friend. just went through the top 5 fav films thread and i love u coz 1-u are also a maya deren fan 2-la jetee is one of my fav films too...chris marker <3 <3 <3
    have u seen ritual in transfigured time? its magic!! and also sans soleil by marker
    what other directors are u interested in?
    If you are looking for an amusing start, try Mr Hulot's Holiday. If you wish to explore concepts further in terms of his approach to the modernisation of society, Playtime is worth while.

    "In the film, Hulot and a group of American tourists lose themselves in the futuristic glass and steel of commercially globalised modern Parisian suburbs, where only human nature and a few reflective views of the old city of Paris, itself, still emerge to breathe life into the sterile new metropolis. Play Time had even less of a plot than his earlier films, and Tati endeavored to make his characters, including Hulot, almost incidental to his portrayal of a modernist and robotic Paris."

    I was confused -

    but now I understand

    just a- walking around

    with a kitten in my hand
    Didn't mean to snub you in the chatbox, I was just busy thinking which kind of makes me a bit blinkered :o
    You had the "Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default" unticked :confused:

    Hey, I like these long PMs, they seem to be heading somewhere interesting. I find often it takes a few turns in scoping the general territory of a certain topic before it becomes possible to explore concepts in more detail.
    Thank you to who ever got me to 14,000 profile views. Now I can die easy.
    Ptsssh, pretending than mine and others general Irishness doesn't make you weak at the knees.

    It's unhealthy. :D
    Oh yes, please do. I'm thinking of writing some stuff too. Yeah, I suddenly had an urge to wipe all that stuff away, not sure why. Something about holding onto the past, maybe...

    Traveling was okay, but I want to go on a 'real' holiday next time. Going home is just the same old revisiting the past, and reliving dad's death was part of that.

    And not studying is driving me a bit mad...
    "If that's not impolite to say."

    It's not, you're totally right.

    "What distinguishes Christianity as a mind virus from any other culturally held position?"

    There are plenty of others, anything that traps you really.

    What's new in Puffy world?
    The argument that it is just a mental trap or mind virus became more convincing than anything supernatural.
    I'll have to take a closer look this weekend.

    New job is awesome but consumes most of my time. I'm doing sales lol, what kind of introvert am I?
    But but, I checked the birthday list and you didn't come up :(


    Happy Birthday Puffy! How is it?
    It went really well (:

    I'm done. Just have to do that silly bat-cape ceremony thingy. Looking at jobs at the moment, can't wait to earn decent money again. But I've already got my eyes set on more study next year...

    Will you be looking at something new for your next PhD proposal, or how does it work?

    The paintings are awesome. My favourite is your avatar, actually.

    All packed, and leaving tomorrow...

    Not in Europe yet....I'm about to finish my last project today, and then we head off on Monday. Just sitting here preparing for an environmental audit, yikes - but it looks like I'm going to do all right considering my track records so far, yay.

    LAST SUBJECT!:evil:

    ....getting mildly 'pumped'.

    Any progress with your projects?
    Oh, and no defrag for me yet. Still have an environmental audit to do and then a whole bunch of remote sensing/GIS analysis...staring at magnified pixels for the next few weeks:ahh:

    But at least my software is working now - kinda annoying when you are in the middle of writing up a document whilst simultaneously having to manipulate imagery in a separate program and the program suddenly decides to cause my poor over-worked laptop to have a nervous breakdown.

    Result: dead laptop, broken software, no document. Write desperate email to lecturer, wait one week for new software disc, waste a whole week of work. Thanks to my uni for the corrupted files, really what I needed right now.

    Palpitations? Who?

    The SWANS......? In PARIS....?

    I. Am. So. Jelly. Right.now. Need. To. Live. In. Europe. Again.
    "Like any paradigm shift is going to be broken down into baby chunks for you by some pansy blog. Books are man's food."

    Baby chunks?

    I'll put LG on the list.
    I've read 6 books in the last 2 months...and that's not including research for my projects which takes up 70 % of reading time...:ahh:

    ...and I just submitted a 64 page document...

    My eyeses are explosing.

    Vat is u reeding?
    What the hell, they're just summaries of the books :mad:

    Buying all four costs $225 :mad:

    And they're like a billion pages long :mad:
    Sorry Puffster, took a while.

    How would you phrase it now then?

    Hmm... it almost sounds like it's just the difference between enjoying lots of stuff, and *really* enjoying a few things, all of which have some root in common. That sounds like the way most people are wired though. Why attribute it to Ni?

    The Ti parallel - the things ascribed to Ti seem fundamental to my character. The more I use it, the more I come to see it's who I am, written into me. The more I see of it the more I see myself illuminated. (It's hard to explain properly and I haven't quite captured it yet. If I spend more time on it and come up with something clearer, I'll share it with you.)

    Same with Ne, in a way.

    Yeah, either could be my dom. I really don't know.

    I still haven't given up on you being one of us! :p
    ok. I'll be at an anime con this weekend. So I may take awhile to get back to you too lol
    I also forgot to tell you in the PM that I haven't tried it yet. I really want to badly. Keep me updated.
    Sorry, I'm drowning in work -- I have to get back to you when all this madness is over :ahh:
    Lol -- "motor difficulties". I think I have the same issue; I never quite know what to do with my limbs.

    So, you went to Londinium and came back? What are your next steps? sorry if that seems nosy, but the three dots after "steps" were just too tantalising.


    Moomin was one of my favourites as a child. I still like reading the stories.

    I'm working like crazy on my final subjects. Currently reading legal documents in order to critique environmental impact statements which means I have to fine-comb several documents of 6MB and larger :ahh:...I need three computer monitors. But it's kinda interesting as it's a bit like detective work and highly analytical, so I don't mind. I've got my focus back, so I'm sitting here 6-8 hours at the time just reading...and completely forgetting there is a world outside.
    Lol. For some reason I found the monster to be strangely befitting -- I could just imagine you twitching violently around strangers :P

    Yeah, that comic reminds me of the Moomin Troll, in which there's a small tomboy girl called Little My that actually reminds me of Minu :D

    It could very well be set in Norway. The town in the pictures looks like it could be from Bergen or somewhere up north.
    I see.
    So it's probably better to administer it with a blow dart of syringe then? :D
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