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  • Hehehe, that would make you the 3rd person who has inquired about his Type. I definitely think PK is an INTP, I might have rattled his Fe a little several days ago and he was expressing overly directive behavior, but that was definitely not Ni-Te we were seeing. By the way he describes whether he agrees or disagrees with me in threads that came after shows he is mainly leaning on an adaptive logic based judging function (Ti) and that he is checking it with his own memories and experience (Si).
    As for your original question, I couldn't give you any exact percentages, but I have made mental notes on the ones that I have retyped.
    This nearly broke my record for the time it's taken me to reply to someone. :rolleyes:

    I'm from Birmingham and study at Birmingham uni.
    I went to Swindon once but left quite quickly
    Meh, so far life has interupted my plans, so I haven't started yet. But when I do it will be in ancient military battle tactics and weapons.
    Hello Puffy! I saw in the Christianity is not real thread, that you now consider yourself a Christians. Why did you decide to convert? I'm interested.

    I'm hope this isn't too personal of a question :o
    Wow, I'm really glad you feel that way. :)

    Sometimes I really lose myself. I get really ashamed of myself then.
    Sorry Puffy for my unrestrained out-burst. I apologize for my immaturity, and I promise that I won't do it again. I guess going against Christianity has subconsciously became one of my principles, so I'm going to have to fix that.

    I hope this won't cause any tension among us in the future.
    Yes, I think it's been said by a square big-wig that Axel is Reno's nobody.

    Heh, I prefered the older, snider, mostly cruel Reno myself.

    I haven't played 6:(

    But I loved the snes, mostly just the mario!^_^

    I think they're using something similar for 13.

    It looks good, but I still wouldn't have minded the old thing.

    You know they've taken away the victory fanfare too!?
    Oh, and I'm listening to Parabol/Parabola right now, which is also awesome. I think I'll go downstairs in the bookstore I'm in and buy the album. Convenient, eh?
    Thanks for the suggestions! I put Schism on my iPod and listened to it on my way to class this morning. It's epic. I'll check out the first album you mentioned in a bit.
    And yes, I am enjoying my time here on the forum :D.
    Got any more music suggestions? I've been looking for new material to absorb lately.
    Yeah! Lateralus is one of my all-time favorite songs. I only know a couple other of their songs though, but I'd like to hear more. Any suggestions?
    Hey Puffy! I apologize for not replying to your December 2nd message. It appears you posted it on your wall so I didn't see it :p

    But yes, I love the Pixies! The favorite album I own of their's is probably Bossa Nova. Even if Kim Deal isn't as prominent on this one, "Digging for Fire" makes me deliriously happy so it makes up for it. What's your favorite?
    As far as Sonic Youth; I added "Daydream Nation" to my "buy" list like two years ago but never got around to it. Is it really worth it?

    And yes, I love the nostalgic melancholia of this playlist. Especially "Brothers in Arms." Haaaate how I can't download that song though. Gah!

    Awesome profile pic by the way, what is it?

    I'd say it was my favourite thus far!

    Though I loved it only having played Crisis core and advent children, so I may be called biased.

    Playing it however (I only recently discovered it by downloading it off the psn network), I have realised this adoration is justified.


    I think I'll play ff13 eventually, but I won't be rushing to it, for I still mourn the death of the old but darling battle system.

    Yes, disagree with me and die, I should mention.
    Yeah that sounds similar to me and Mastodon ;) Been listening to Jazz for a fair bit will need to dabble again soon, you listen to Sonic Youth or the Pixies? Incredibly simple but fun bass lines (in the pixies case) :)

    Well I always enjoy playing I find it fun writing stuff, so I don't have many problems practising; except slapping, I can't do it at all! I know what you mean about the internet though, I used to just roam random sites or wiki pages when I was bored. Started living with a lot of christians lately, as there in my halls at uni, I don't think i'd ever become christian but it's made me do a fair bit of blogging and wiki'ing on philsophers and stuff as well.

    Yeah I know what you mean some people are a bit ott, i've always known I was a bit weird but it hasn't stopped me being social ;) good to know there are people as curious as me out there though! I will have to make a video soon, got a few essays to get sorted first though! :)
    Aye, I hated stereotypical metal singers as well until I listened to Between the Buried and me. I was so fascinated by the instrumentation that I became accustomed to the singing, and eventually liked it :p.
    I do: I play guitar and upright bass. Yes, school makes it extremely difficult to practice sans guilt. Do you experience that? Like, you can't practice your instrument because you tell yourself you have to study or finish up on homework, and yet you end up piddling hours away on the internet which your mind somehow classifies as "a-okay"? Maybe that's just me.
    This forum: When I came here a few months back for a quick lurk I found it annoying. I really like it now though. People are very open-minded, helpful, and insightful :)
    I like your avatar. I've only got Starless and Bible Black from King Crimson but I really like it. Great ambiance to it (except for The Great Deceiver; I hate that song). Do you play electric or standup bass? And I know you said you don't like metal, but if you ever feel like checking it out (for some reason), give Death a try. Great lyrics and excellent bass, especially on their Individual Thought Patterns album.
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