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  • Anytime is a good time - if you book off peak season or last minute you can sometimes get really good deals. Book it so that it is optional for you, we are pretty flexible generally. Around new year and into March is hot (outback will be hell) - so if you want to get out there, from now until late November (or late March/April) is better. We have spare room and bed (Ikea bunkbed, lol), so you will have reasonable privacy, except the cats will probably want to sleep on your head.
    But rat is perfect for making Kalkalash :D

    Okay good night sir Puffy. I see you in morning xoxoxo
    My humour is darker and edgier.

    We should test our wills against each other. I propose we do this with a series of important tests, like seeing who can teach cat to fetch the quickest :)
    Lissen here m8 u r makin' me ir8 and if u dun stop ima make u fishb8 on a dinner pl8 den ima sk8 over u m8
    I actually have BSOD (lollercoaster) strapped to my head atm (literally. I turned the elastic waistband from an old pair of boxer-briefs into a headband to smush the headphones onto my ears so the bass comes through better).

    I r music addict. :D I r not sex-motivated beyond being a one-handed-wonder. :o

    I like cannonball moments. hmmm.... *reads* (read: says he's reading it, but he's really saving it in a tab for later)
    What do you think of this to balance/develop inferior Se?: Riding an exercise bike while listening to music and wearing a blindfold. Sounds like an interesting focusing tool, sort of meditative. I think I'm going to start and see what happens, but yeah, maybe triangulate if possible.
    c) His proposed solutions are enormously at odds with present society, certainly anti-capitalistic and borderline anti-industrial, even harkening back to 19th century socialist and ruralist utopias like the Garden City and Arts & Crafts movements.

    (Teh end. Sorry for the wall of text...)
    He was largely neglected IMO for three reasons:
    a) He proposed that there could be architecture without architects, through the systematic application of empirically observed functional patterns. This is of course anathema to the discipline as a commercialized endeavour that has become ever more dependent on the branding of "genius" designers and their largely marketing-driven excretions.
    b) He proposes a structuralist view of the world, in a time when everyone was going into post-structuralism. Worse, his work is based on one hand on mathematics, and on the other on his own moral philosophy, seeking to establish a truth from deterministic universal principles to what is right both architecturally and morally... totally against the literary pseudo-philosophy anti-science based relativism of postmodernity, and putting almost everything that is being done firmly into the "wrong" camp.

    (only one last part...)
    I actually also have Pattern Language in PDF form if you're interested, though the thing really should have been a hypertext...

    Nevertheless, I find those books to be some of the most illuminating I've read on the matter: the understanding of Architecture as language with a spatial grammar that can be rationally analysed, and a way of encoding / transmitting said architectural knowledge clearly in the concept of overlapping, diversely scaled patterns; attempting to bring objectivity and clarity through empiricism and mathematics in a field rife with capricious subjectivity and intellectual murkiness.

    I believe he will be vindicated in the future, both with the current rise of computer-based algorithmic/parametric architecture, as well as the increasing economic/social/environmental tensions underlining the mistakes of (post)modernism and runaway late capitalism.

    I actually haven't read The Nature of Order. I've been wanting to for some time but at $70 dollars a piece it ain't cheap. Recently I found them in PDF form (a miraculous occurrence) but I have a considerable backlog of books I must read, and not enough time to plunge into his lengthy tomes, which combined with my dislike of reading books on a screen...

    I've read some excerpts/summaries of it though. I can't really judge his going into the metaphysics/vitalistic deep end without reading it, but it is perhaps his most contentious position. It seems to rub people the wrong way, as some old hippy dude who did too much drugs and got stuck in the 70s. His previous works like Notes on the Synthesis of Form are heavily technical, and his Timeless Way of Building / Pattern Language less so, but still attempting to justify decisions based on scientific studies (though sometimes it seems like cherry picking, and often relies on anecdotes).

    (goddamn character limit... tbc)
    Sorry to hear that. We can take this to PM if you'd like to elaborate.

    And I can't think of anyone better suited for the throne than him.
    Haha it's okay. I'll try not to leave you again.

    And yeah life's pretty good. How are you?
    I will log on around 18 - 18:30 tonight if you are up - should be around 9 - 9:30 AM in your part of the world?

    I didn't find any dragons this time.....:(
    I've just been digging around the pits a little lately. But, yeah - thanks for that.....thing. I hope you are ok. Shall we maybe chat on facefuck some time?

    Heh, well I do a ton of browsing but it's on few sites. Mainly DeviantArt and Pixiv. Or I guess there's Safebooru and Danbooru on occasion. (and imgur if that counts)

    For what you're going for, I'd definitely give DeviantArt a try. They allow written art too, in forms of stories or poems or whatever you fancy. Comments are a really big thing there, so there's a lot of community involvement. Artists also often do collabs and crossovers ("art shares") where one artist borrows the characters of another and depicts them in their own art style. Lots of potential for partnerships.

    It can start off slow before you build connections, though. The quickest way is to be the first to fave or offer commentary on other's art - then they often take a look at yours. :)
    If I am INFJ I am a very isolated one because I do not meet enough people to get that intuition of a type because I do not know what a function does. That is why I come up with so many descriptions of what they could be. They do not work in isolation so I get confused.
    3) So now I am doing a palaeo/geology/climate project in cooperation with Melbourne Museum...the project I actually initially wanted to do but somehow managed to talk myself out of...I will be looking at thousands of Pleistocene bones with the goal of distinguishing disease and attempting more exact ages - and potentially drawing connections with climate conditions at the time (an idea initiated in an older project that my supervisor did in the 90s). The thing that put me off was the perceived controversy surrounding two theories...but my sister seems to think that is a good thing.

    Since it's just an Honours project I thought "what the hell, I'll just do it because it sounds like so much fun". Plus, the potential connections I can build with the museums network.....it's been a childhood dream actually. I know...dat inferior Fe is pulling hard.
    2) So, heeheh...I changed my mind about the project since last time (P'ness much?) after speaking with my ENFP sister who had a completely unique perspective on the other project I wanted to do and I decided on that instead as I realised I was neglecting the social context/future possibilities side of things. I tend to be purely subject-focused and she is crazy Ne many possibilities - this is what could happen to you personally if you go hard into academia, blah blah...she made me think about it in realistic terms (considering emotional health) :0
    1) Er...fell running? Sounds painful. When is the Marathon? Have you done any before?

    Mmm, Welsh hills. Sounds lovely. Except the running uphill bit.

    Ah, cool - gives me an idea of how much time to get the basics right. I still want to learn. Which resources did you use? I know there are many online ones, but any suggestions?

    My psychic superpowers, dhuh. On a more serious note *sniggers*, it's that slightly wacky personalised spiritual website; talks about finding self; into feng shui, doshas, Deepak Chopra, etc - plus, uses hunches a lot (Ni dom). At the same time there's that penetrating Ti. So that's just a guess of mine, but it seems to fit quite well.
    Lol ur a macfag now u fgt lolllllllllllllllllll don't think i didnt c ur post u fucking macfag faggot hipster faggot hip fag faggot hipster LmAo

    PS ur a manhoe

    3) Sorry about all that - I get excited...

    How long did it take you to learn HTML? I started, but got too busy last year to continue.

    Macfag, oh you've just completed the last step to becoming a proper Hipster. Congratulations :D

    Yeah, design sounds more interesting, although I really have no idea.
    2) The project concerns analysis of marine/aeolian sediments associated with the skeleton of a Zygomaturus which was found embedded in the seacliffs near Sorrento south of Melbourne a couple of years back.

    The analysis involves the study and identification of fossil assemblages of microcrustaceans
    - note the sultry music in the video...), and microplankton/foraminifera, which are all comonly used in biostratigraphy to infer climate/environmental conditions of past climates.

    If I do well, it will be published. My supervisor wants to publish, so no pressure...:phear:
    1) No, it's not a master's programme, however it's meant to be quite intense.

    Apparently in England, Wales and Northern Ireland all bachelor degrees are awarded as Honours degrees - is that what you did? I know several English people who all did theses as part of their bachelors.

    The Honours I am doing is classified as a research Honours which differs from an in-course Honours (4 year bachelor), and is considered a direct pathway to a PhD. But you must pass with First or Second Class award. This project will take about 1 1/2 years to complete.
    Hah, I understand. At least you are progressing with Javascript - how are you finding it?

    No jobs as yet, but I'm currently getting prepared for the commencement of my honours thesis since I've been accepted into the Deakin University Honours program here in Melbourne. I am overjoyed as I will be starting already in July, yay.

    Also, my supervisor is an INFJ geologist =D
    Nah, just a random picture of someone else's pussy...I have many of them on my hard drive (:

    Did you start your course?
    transcendent moments of the ecstatic truth
    kenji's the big 1000
    philosophical ramble
    since im comfortable with my masculinity, films that make me scream like a little girl :p
    the dream people call cinema
    cinema as poetry
    obscurer gems of international cinema
    Here's my mubi account btw:

    I've watched tons of films but I only made this account a few months back so I couldn't remember everything I've seen...and ignore the dumb reviews lol i find it difficult to verbalise what I like about a film most of the time
    I haven't opened ur link yet, I have a class now so I'll see it later, and I'lI give u some of the film lists I follow later, if ure interested
    I don't have a film blog either...well, my tumblr used to be a film blog of sorts but now it's less focused on films (ii dont really write reviews there, mostly I just post film stills or reblog them) i made a mubi account a few months ago and I liked it coz it doesn't have much social features...there's another similar website called letterboxed, I think, but that one has too many social features and therefore too serious for me :P

    I like mubi because of the lists...there are lists for all sorts of films which makes navigation easy.

    My favourite tarkovsky is the mirror, I was so emotionally moved when I first saw it and also cried my eyes out :P It is my favourite for personal reasons. second is stalker. I still find myself thinking about stalker even now, it is such a beautiful film and I love the wife's monologue at the end, imo she is the one who suffers the most out of all the characters in that film
    nop not a film student, just an interest. first discovered tarkovsky's works then started following film blogs on tumblr and other places and thats how i found more to watch

    i find that (good) films can prompt a very strong emotional response from me, even more so than books

    urgg umm..there are too many to choose from lol :( but other than the directors i mentioned in the thread i also like <3yasujiro ozu<3, <3tsai ming liang<3, <3robert breson<3, <3vittorio de sica<3, sergei parajanov<3, ingmar bergman etc. off the top of my head

    do u have a film blog or a mubi account? if not, u should totally join mubi, great way to find good films
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