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  • Norway as usual :3

    Metaconscious awareness and the ability to alter own cognitive modes is significantly lower than when we used to speak a lot.

    I thought it was Canadians who ended sentences with ", eh" ._____.

    What's up in the down below?
    Still being in #intpforum.com, my curiosity for the current intpforum.com sociosphere I saw glimpses of through channel linking was bound to induce participation at some point :3

    It feels good seeing your alive and expressing~
    I can now kill you with a bow.

    I am doing my last exam and thus my last peice of work ever for second year of uni in an hour. Done very little revision. :D

    And I recently turned 21.

    That's it really, nothing else new to add.
    I don't know. You do seem to have a deeply hidden caring and socially aware side.

    On the other hand, you're a bit of a trickster, and you seem to enjoy screwing with people for its own sake even if your moral conscience works out in the end.

    I don't think I really know the real Cheese, although I'd like to.

    How long have I known you now? Three, four years?

    I have nothing but that brief clip I wrestled out of you, which helped me ascertain your nationality and gender (I think), but that's about it really. :3

    If it helps, I've always had a massive crush on every ENFP I've ever met.
    Hey Short-arse.

    Thought you might want at least one notification that was actually a message. >:3
    I, errr... quickly scroll past it! The exploitation of sapphic love for the voyeuristic err.. wait >> . The power game being played by over-dominant females teasing poor weak male sensibilitites with overt displays of how little they actually need dick is actually.. just... umm...

    Mouth-sex should be kept strictly in the dark! Like mushrooms!


    To be honest, avatar /width/ is an issue affecting readability of threads and general page aesthetics. Maybe we could do something about that. One day.
    Hey, it is more blessed to give than to receive. :)

    I'm sure some of your married friends are proud to be giving out angbaos.

    Wow, if angbao giving is practised even in Australia...where can anyone go to 避年?
    Yeah, actually we created a lovely baby girl, but somehow it was born in a spontaneous time loop and ended up some twenty even years in the past.

    We called it Chestney-Elizabeth, Cheese for short. Aw she was so cute, with the green skin and yellow freckles, with that dinky little tail. ^_^

    Ugh, anyway. We never saw her again, but I like to think she's happily living in Australia somewhere, being a butch lesbian and a sailor by trade, just like we raised her in those three minutes we spent with her.:3
    Yeah, I suppose for worms like you, companionship might seem a little gross.^_^

    On the other hand, I find your asexual reproduction a bit creepy.

    Annnnd I want to feed you to a baby Owl.
    Not sure how to solve that problem, but I will continue to think on it. If pod'lair's former posts were a test-run of the theories reception, I think the primary complaint came from people who felt their sense of identity was challenged "I'm not an INFJ, I'm an INTP." etc.

    I especially liked the end of that vid "what route would you take?" :P

    Also, I thought this was most relevant, and hilarious:

    My friend said he thinks ISFP for Bird as well, I was just thinking Fi dom but you are likely right. (Also I don't mean to keep inserting an invisible authority, he just spends a hell of a lot of time on this stuff.) I find it easy to forget that sensor types can still use N functions in a tertiary role similar to how I use Ti.

    Fi seems to be quite unmoving when it reaches a conclusion. Lobstrich doesn't like his type being challenged, but it's why I feel he has Fi in his top two. And I don't blame him, having labels stuck on you isn't nice, and I expect a future challenge of people reading will be how you tell someone their type while still maintaining a sense of their own personal autonomy/ freedom. In a way it's like going to film some aboriginal tribe and then providing western commentary over it on their activity - it's like your capturing the spirit of the community, or that person, and despoiling it.
    Lor and I shared ice-creams, and a holiday, and a bed!

    I hope that makes you jealous.
    There was a girl in my halls during university who I think was an INTP. She had the same scattered feel, and a pretty similar vocal pattern as Lynch, but to a lesser degree - she actually reminded me a lot of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh in voice/ mannerism (if Piglet was an INTP that would be hilarious). Not my type, but lovable is a good description. (:

    I like thinking on what makes things creepy. I reckon it often can come from acting, like in robots seeing something be something it's not. Like with Goldblum, it sounds like you saw a darker undercurrent beneath the charming persona he wanted people to see. (:

    I don't know what I think of Fi yet. I don't think I've had a great experience of it though - came across as high maintenance, and a little manipulative. I didn't speak with her much, but I suspected that Bird may have been an INFP. I think they can be a lot colder than what people make them to be. Maybe that's examples of hurt Fi, rather than healthy Fi, not sure.
    On behalf of mankind, I'd like to say I am personallly grateful that she didn't try and emulate shit. :P
    There's this term in robotics I've forgotten, but it refers to the creeped out sensation people feel looking at robots of people (not intelligent ones, moving manikins, basically). They have the form of a person, but there's just something off about their movement. I'm not saying all INTPs are creepy, but with Fe being a highly communicative function and it being their inferior you just expect there to be something off about their social presence, like they're emulating social behaviour rather than just living it. I think that shows in Lynch's video. I know INTPs - my guess - that are not as scatter brained though. (:

    Sorry /rant. I'm exploring like anyone, pod'lair weren't always right, and I doubt anyone that reads will always be, people are just complicated. :/

    I'm well though thanks, just working on essays before the start of term. (:
    Lol Cheese, your comment on the Da Blob thread made me imagine us cohorting to post "DA BLOB WAS HERE!" on every thread we find in protest. :P

    Then I figured, we'd just get banned.

    How's things anyway? (:
    Been engaged for a year (come the new year) and married since November 19th. There you go. Off the market. You can go cry your bitter bitter tears of loss.
    Nothing that specific, it was just a vibe I kinda picked up in the "horror" and "cheating" threads, I probably wouldn't even have noticed all that much if I wasn't involved in the horror thread, so I just wanted to make sure you were ok, and make sure you still like me while I'm at it :D
    Also, I kinda found your responses in the hoarding thread a bit strange, I guess, but mostly since you struck me as someone who really gets people and can see things from their point of view without even having to try, while the comments there seemed like well... something's blocking this ability somehow.
    Again, I may just be imagining things.
    So, what's been bothering you?
    Hey Cheesy :)
    How you doin'? Everything ok? You seem a little edgy lately :confused: Or maybe I'm just imagining thngs :confused: :confused:
    Oh, doh. I see so many people with the word "cheese" in their name on most forums that it didn't even seem peculiar to me.
    After some lengthy consideration I've decided you aren't a bad chap. You're absolutely bat-shit insane and I don't trust you any further than I can throw you but you're not a bad guy.

    There, I said it.
    "you're more like a frenchman smoking a baguette but with the militance of a german revolutionary/baker"- lol'd at this. I should probably go and read my posts from an outsider perspective lul. I'm not liking being compared to the french -_o

    yeah, I'm INFJ (not a podlair member though)
    My friend says I don't have much of an accent. I also never talk to people. I'll maybe make a video and post it.
    I'm from Sydney, and am highly offended that you thought I was a liberal American. For shame! I blame too much internet time, and too many liberal Americans on the internet rubbing off on me.

    I like beer. Beer is good and stuff. I think I'll go get some beer now actually.
    It's logs. (: I don't want anyone to get mad at anyone, so I found out how to track them on my own without help from anyone. Perhaps I'm a bit too paranoid.

    Fill (;
    And as for who's spying for me, I know how to work the internet just fine.
    Cheese, I will admit, I didn't realize that it was you that was tool until after I said that. I thought you were someone else. I am sorry. It was very rude of me no matter who it was directed at and I definitely know that it was you at first, I didn't know until after I looked online and saw that you said that and then later joined and whois'd you.
    It made sense! I wouldn't have noticed, though you definitely sounded a little tired by the end. Sorry for writing back quickly, I have an assignment due thursday so I figured I should write while I knew I had the time (:
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