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  • Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten that thread were we were having some exchanges regarding the nature of will and "states". I enjoyed reading your replies and I will be coming back to it. Hope everything is good at your end:)
    Oh, and sorry for replying so late. I haven't been here much lately due to several factors that I don't want to disclose here. I'm okay, Moocow, even though things have been better. Regarding Skype and G+, I might start popping in more frequently in the future. I take from your question that the skype chat is still very much alive and up and running?
    Hope you're fine as well:)
    Yes, thanks for sharing moocow. It has taken a pretty drastic shift in expression. I really like how the ship looks now. There is much more focus on detail (the beach, the water, and the ship itself). This focus on detail however, from my perspective, have sacrificed some of the originals mystique. I liked the blackness of the water in the original. Dark water enshrouded in fog inviting the viewer to inquire and entertain various ideas. It is the previous paintings foreignness that attracts me to it, much like perhaps Edgar Allan Poe, or Lovecraft's literature attracts it's readers, and to me, some of the paintings foreignness, or other-worldly-ness is lost in the new one.
    you like to paint mist don't you? just popping by to say I like your stuff.
    Thanks for the tips (:

    I've tried copying a few images from a comic called Maus today which went slightly better than I expected (though it's a simple style.)

    Do you always work from observation? I'm just curious if guides, how-tos, etc, are necessary or not.
    Glad to see you're still posting your art-work (:

    What resources did you use/ how did you start drawing? I keep coming up with comic ideas, and while writing scripts is nice, it would be cool to one day be able to at least make rough drafts of them. (:
    No, it was a dumb joke relating to the person's username being similar to mine.

    Although many aspects of his post were similar to me. I always wondered what my mother did with those little scrapings she'd put me through every morning...

    But yeah, I live in Australia.
    I'm really not sure. It was perhaps one year ago, if not more. I was browsing some site for wallpapers when it stuck my eye. Hmm.. deviant art.. yeah, it might have been deviant art.

    If you wish to know my last name
    you may send me yours in a PM
    and I will respond with mine.
    I agree with what you just expressed.

    I find the open mouths you tend to
    incorporate very liberating. I want to
    be screaming instead of cowering and
    hiding, but alas, you must never be
    Mostly, I feel drawn to your mouths.

    I hold so much back, maybe it's a good
    idea to let it out.
    I looked at your other paintings today
    and noticed a resemblance in style.

    I like your style.
    You intro thread was closed, couldn't comment. I wanted to, so here goes:

    Very, very funny! I feel the same way. I even kind of do on those custom titles, poeple have under their names
    BTW - I also posted your link in the 'visual sites' thread of the Websites of Interest subforum...
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