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  • The triangles do not aprove.

    There's some serious triangle disaproval going on as a consequence of your ragequit.

    They are shy though, you upset their delicate balance. Attempts at gauging their level of disaproval resulted in this image:

    Jesus Christ, are they still contacting you?
    I'm very sorry, I will. I didn't realize it was still happening.
    :( That's the only msn I have. I've got skype, but I use that even less. I've started checking quite regularly though.
    Oi. I was away. What's up? Msn is the same as the address you use to email me.
    I googled something, and the second search result was from here. I thought, "hey why not come back and see how the old forum was doing?" I enjoy reading the threads, I probably won't contribute so much though. I took the MBTI for fun with my psychologist last year and the result was INFP for me. That's when I stopped comming here. But I really missed everybody :).
    I know. Wasn't it dealing with the same stuff? Oops, might be my memory fucking up.

    For sure.

    An exclamation mark? Aren't you using RobertJ's at the moment, or is that the other way round?
    They're going up tomorrow, I heard. There's no real reason I should respond to anything in PM as opposed to on a thread, but I can if you want - hopefully sometime tomorrow.

    You have no friends? I didn't get that impression at all. I feel sure that you've mentioned some somewhere. Perhaps you mean no soulmates/mindmates.
    Seriously? You've never met someone that takes longer than I have to respond to a PM?

    I've been waiting year! YEARS! for some people to reply to me.

    (Sorry. :S)
    I guess it was Jung's Psychological types? I hope you didnt read the chapters before chapter 10 & 11, 1-9 really suck ;)
    If you're trying to hint at astral projection, forget it, unless you can describe where I live, what I look like, and what I was wearing.
    The projector isn't an external device is it? I thought it was all achieved through mental control. Unless you mean you're insane, which I wouldn't argue with.
    Stop astral projecting you little shit.

    (Falcon says. I added the bit about faeces.)
    I'll admit it: I admire your perseverance. :p

    You know it'll come eventually, right? I *want* to reply.
    That's fine, keep on bothering. I've just fallen sick so it's even less likely within the next day or so. I'm sorry, I know that's heartless! </3
    No no really, I just feel too exhausted to attempt it.
    OK, so assuming that you didn't change the default time zone, that would put you in England... if you were just lazy like a bunch of other people who I've met here, you could be anywhere across he Northern States (best guess northeastern... New York, maybe Michigan), or any country across the northern edge of Asia or through Central Europe... I'm going to randomly guess Germany or New York. Please don't ask why... I'm really just depending on the fact that Germany is the largest European country and so geographically speaking the most likely for you to be in, and the fact that NY is the most populous state that's in a suitable location for cold winters...
    You go out in winter and it's cold. Assuming you reckon seasons the same as I do, that puts you in the Northern Hemisphere, since all the Aussies here are a bit nuts and have really warm winters and cold summers... Besides that, Southern Hemisphere doesn't generally get all that bad even in their winter months, so I usually go with "If you have cold weather, you're well north of the Tropic of Cancer."
    But anyway, the medivac price has dropped AGAIN to $86 000, which perhaps is worth the comfort of being at home, especially with all the friends dying to help out with various things, including money. (I think it's harder to be sympathetic when you can't actually see the victim face-to-face, so being in Singapore should bring us more aid.)

    Sorry if this was too rambly/involved, it's just been on my mind a lot.
    If it were that clear-cut, everything would be easier. The thing is Shanghai's medical quality is probably not all that much worse than Singapore's, at least in the top hospitals. It's just that Singapore (being an Asian country that's 'done good' for itself) is even more mistrustful of China than perhaps a Western country would be. So it's hard to make a decision with Singaporean influence... my father's brother, who's a pilot with Qantas, was basically pooh-poohing our concerns about Shanghai and saying every pilot who's injured in China goes to [one particular hospital in Shanghai] which is world-standard, reliable, everything you could want etc, and that our fears about standards are baseless.
    Thanks. :) I just hope we're not laden with debt that we have no way of comfortably paying off. It's not like their health or anyone else's is going to get better as the years progress; we'd be kidding ourselves if we think this is the worst of it and it's all la-di-da rainbows and poppies from here on. We're going to need money for a lot more than this accident; there are kids, school fees, mortgages, other medical emergencies, a disabled relative that needs a lot of care, etc. If we blow it all on this just to provide emotional/mental comfort, then our future selves won't be very pleased I think.
    Your name irl is Glove? o.O

    I understand the reasoning, I just don't get how Glove fits into it, unless that's a 'handle' you use around family and friends as well. Or perhaps they lurked around the time you were using that name?
    "But yes, understanding people. Why though? What do you want to understand?"

    I have no idea why I addressed this to you, when you were talking about me. Perhaps I was typing out loud or something.

    Why don't you change your name back to Glove? (There, that's definitely to you.)
    It's almost like a toad's tongue, lashing out on reflex, without thought, and just as quickly and suddenly retreating back into the mouth. That's how I experience things anyway, or how I used to experience certain emotions and compulsions.


    But yes, understanding people. Why though? What do you want to understand?
    Aw, I glove you! :D

    I suspect you say the most at these times because it takes a great amount of words to dance around the void without falling in. (That might be a prime example of inaccurate metaphoring right there...)

    cheese just seemed ridiculously pointless and juvenile, which I thought suited me rather well.

    Sucks to hear your head still sucks, but I suspect you wouldn't change it anyway; you see some sort of lesson or challenge or even life-validation in it. I could be projecting though.
    hahaha, ok. I thought I might've been a little too snarky, but it was just a friendly jab. Funny how your browser seems to be conspiring against you :/

    (I know! I think it's because most people - myself included - found the crying a little excessive. I just wish we had the purple one back, he was perfect.)

    It's going, it's going... probably a little better than when we last spoke, in terms of mental health. How are you? Enjoying Little Preilemus, I hear. :p
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