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  • I was sent to right your wrongs! To assume your mantle! Your staff is broken, you have no power hereeeee!
    Oh, that sounds nice. There aren't much niceness in this world you know.

    i don't think cuddling would be sufficient.
    that blonde hair of yours would need tugging.
    and smooth skin
    is no good without bite marks..
    See: 'bad mood'. :p Don't really want a conversation either.

    :) though; it's nothing to do with you, I don't want to talk much to anyone.
    I'm sorry, I'm in no mood for flippancy or casual contact/ego-stroking. Not being mean or unfriendly, just in bad mood.

    Hope you're doing well. :) *goes back to bed*
    *Eating all the animals make cake heavy and sick, he faints from food poisoning*

    *minuend outs cake in pokeball* ^^
    As soon as you kill Speiss and carry her corpse to my doorstep in your mouth. :3
    *Grinds teeth*

    You pesky little thing!

    *Dissembles Cake's fingers and hide them in a labyrinth with a lot of deadly animals like dragons, chimeras and killer whales*
    Surprise attack!

    *Puts cake in tin and sells him at the market to an old woman with fake teeth*
    everything else is nice, but i don't know why you have to specify skin wraps around my muscles.
    i assume it wouldn't be like, cloth or something.
    can we dolphins and rabbits together? and love each other and live on a little house on the shore?
    you are several rabbits turned into one, actually.
    and no, i will not say nice things. i refuse to say nice things. saying nice things is for the weak.
    but going back to rabbits.
    i would say that you are about sixteen fluffy white ones piled on top of each other, except the last, the very last that makes up your head, is yellow. a bright, sunshine-y yellow. a yellow with no regrets.
    that. is what you are.
    and that last rabbit's face?
    it's pretty funny.
    And Cortana is simply the sexiest.

    The voice, the logic, the only wearing body paint and having a masculine haircut. <3
    Psh no way.

    Arbiter is sleek, skin tight, and voiced by a massive black man!

    Chief is clunky, wearing too much and voiced by some old, bald guy!
    I bought the tenth anniversary graphical update edition. :D Just waiting on it to arrive.
    Oh we both know you'd love me to be the 'babysitter'. ;)

    It was almost as good as the stormtropper roleplay we did that one time.
    Look bro, I told you. Your sister kissed me!

    And jumped into my bed, and sexed me.

    I tried to tell her the only thing that I saw in her was a resemblance to you, but she wouldn't listen!

    Look on the bright side, you'll have a cool new brother in law and nephew/neice soon! :D
    Oh, would you look at that. Whoever is that? Must have been a distant dream, a distant memory :~(
    Hello, little one. I know people are crap sometimes, but I think if you continue telling people to go masturbate, you're going to have a problem with the evil, all-seeing mods eventually D :

    Of course, I do the same, just more subtly. And sexy.
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