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  • By the way, INTPs also have Ne as well as ENTPs. For INTP it is an auxiliary function, so it works a little different than for ENTPs and ENFPs.

    For me, Ne shows up often with eye movement (because it is an explorative function). I joked with Auburn once and said Ne-dominants have "coffee eyes", like they are hopped up on caffeine all the time. Fi, which is auxiliary for ENFP, lends to something called "unaware" mouth, which almost literally translates to their jaw movement. Its kind of weird. You should email Auburn (if he's still doing this these days) to ask him more specifically about what might be expected from all the functions and then you will know what he's talking about. I've just seen it so many times now that I can recognize it when I have enough exposure to it.
    I wish Auburn were around these days to help correct these things because he definitely has a better handle on PodLair! Auburn I think refers to INFJs in essentially the same way that PodLair does. The way that I read people is by observing of them in varying situations and interactions with people and then listening to the way they talk and, by extension, think. I certainly get things wrong but I've practiced it enough to feel like I'm around 75% when I get enough exposure (maybe that's wrong too?). Some people have criticized these methods though and I'm open to tearing it down due to flawed assumptions BUT so far I have seen so many of the same patterns that I struggle to believe it is coincidental. One problem I see with PodLair and what Auburn does is confirmation bias. When you have a hunch that someone might be a certain type and you start looking for those characteristics, whether physical or not, they start showing up. They do that more than they want to admit.
    Food for thought as always Anime, thank you. I cant help but inwardly cringe when I hear such affirmations, the sounds of my own failures ring in my ears. Alas, self pity is unbecoming of me. I intend to over come, and with friends such as you, how can I not..
    I check the forum posts every now and again, but 2 and half years since I have posted, and 4 years since I have read the forum without intense feelings of paranoia.

    I will reflect on what you have said regarding entropy and see what understanding I spring upon. For now I will say that the concept of entropy is a very powerful one to me, the idea of energy seeping outwards from point sources leading to equilibrium across states, that things cannot get better but only prevent from becoming worse is a bleak idea, but you point out an idea which calls out the oversimplification of such a picture and that hope indeed exists.

    Different forms of entropy yes, but entropic notions form the basis of a picture for the meaning of existence and possible outcomes of moral action.
    Nice to see you Artsu Tharaz.
    How long were you gone?

    Entropy allows you to land on the moon. It defies collapse and brings balance into an eternal existence. Heat death will not destroy the universe.

    Of course Claude Shannon entropy is not the same as thermal energy entropy.
    Yeah, I completed my PhD about a year ago.

    What you are doing looks interesting. You are learning to program abstract concepts. It is definitely a a better spend of your free time than say watching netflix. Why don't you have a go at studying computer science degree?

    I am generally a fast learn. At work I am overloaded at the moment.
    I know, I know that on your side of the fence that it is not a 'belief'... But I'm not on that side of the fence... Perhaps I will be.
    Hey Anime, thank you once again for your nice comments. As I have mentioned previously, I have experienced and bore witness to ... certain phenomena... which some narrow minded, text book acedemics insist do not exist... I beg to differ, and 'it' has now become a 'way of life'.

    I've always appreciated your input on MBTI theory. You make it understandable to me. I resonate with your model/s.

    I personally feel inclined toward Ti Ne Si... and both Fe and Fi.

    I have you down as IXTP.

    I don't think you're an ISTJ. But it's going to be hard to type you while you have yourself all tied in knots. You need time to untangle everything, so you take on a wider perspective.
    No games, just people misunderstanding themselves.
    I forgive people. They are people, that is why.
    I am not that nice. But you are very sweet to say these things.
    Living with Aspergers is not fun, but I have to learn eventually.
    I'm much better at roleplaying and imagination than I am at mathematics.
    I think you have a very incorrect impression of me ; ).
    Raised by Irish Catholics.. I do sometimes wonder how ingrained their brainwashing is in me... Sometimes I dont know whats real and whats not..
    That's why I like calling you AK. Because it stands for both Animekitty and Ace King.

    That was a very interesting wiki page you linked. I learned something from it because I hadn't heard of it before.

    I had a predetermined answer when I asked you what it meant in part. I didn't think you would ask knowledgeable? but you did, so I addressed that. My main reason was because of Ace King.

    I really like elephants. They might evolve to be smarter than us at some point maybe. I like elephants because they are both intelligent and empathetic.
    Yes, you are knowledgeable. I have come to realize that although you may have unconventional ideas, you are knowledgeable about a great many things. You also have a lot of common sense in an intuitive sort of way.

    I was really into poker at a time in my life. I learned what hands are best to start with. Some hands start off well and others have a huge potential to make a monster hand. That is why I call you AK - because Ace King is one such hand that, while it needs improvement, it has potential to make the best hand possible - a royal flush.

    I can't tell you the amount of hands I have played. Somewhere in the tens of thousands, possibly 100,000 hands. I have only even gotten a royal flush once in my life.

    I believe you have that potential AK, I do.
    Hey, I wonder do you have some sort of playlist or list of nightcore music videos you might be willing to share?
    AK, the difference between you and the average "new ager" seems to be that you are genuine, and willing to accept critique. I actually find many of your posts very insightful. You really are a Machine Elf.
    I just read your post to Inquisitor in the "Are old people smarter than the youth?" thread, and I wanted to compliment you on your insight and your tact, but I didn't want to do it in the thread and risk subjecting you to retaliation. Anyway, you really seem to have the patience of a saint.
    I have the same problem re. pacing of ideas. Also end up second-guessing myself a lot. I was doing a fair bit of research over summer for the first book I plan on writing, but despite all the information I gathered it never seemed like it was enough, and I could never decide what was essential and what was expendable. I want the worlds I create to be as endless and rich in detail/possibility as the world we live in, but that's impossible...

    That is consistent with the strategy of "divide and conquer." It's exactly what the elites want you to think, that such and such people are your enemies when really the elites are your enemies. I have Mexican relatives who are really determined to hate Americans. They don't seem to realize that 46% (last I heard) of Americans actually experience poverty at some point in their lives, or live in poverty. Meanwhile, the elites of Mexico and those of America are actually quite chummy with one another.

    Maybe the elites are androids...
    No, I am not in computer science. I majored in English. most my friends were NTPs, either math, engineering, or CS people though, so maybe I come across as one.

    Have you considered being a sci-fi author? I think you would be good at it. as an aspiring author of fiction, I thought your opening post on that thread was pleasant. nice blend of nonsensicalness with piercing insight.

    read the articles you posted. guess my hunch about holding fast to my creativity in the face of institutional rigidity was right. the AI assistant reminds me of Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, though im unsure whether consciousness will eventually be shared with digital models or if identities remain separate. probably will blend after enough time. weird...

    so you think robots are taking over soon? I may favor a transitional period where cyborg organisms are on the rise. Eventually, androids are able to manipulate the AI systems implanted in humans, making them turn on their masters... /baseless speculation
    OK, well, that's interesting because I actually would hold back from asking for help too. Not because I didn't know how to ask, but because I was obsessed with figuring things out for myself. I just felt like it would cripple my innate creativity if I made it a habit to not figure things out on my own. grades suffered, naturally, and I lost much of my ability to network, was eventually perceived as sort of an eccentric >_<

    ive felt really clueless all summer about how to enter the job market, but im getting the hang of that now too...

    so, eh, you into DMT? that's one of the few I haven't tried. :D
    So he decied to left. I wish I would have been there to get the password first. I read now in the bans thread someone posted porno with his account. Idiots, it could have been something funnier.
    Your posts have gotten a lot more clear! Whatever you're doing, it's working. Great stuff.
    Think I'll be sending a longer response to your last post, but wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Also, congratulations on deciding to go back to school, think it'll benefit you in the long-term...
    Was it the Einsteinian sort of immaturity where you were dissing your professors and just making a general pompous ass of yourself? LOL 'cause I've been there, and it's incredibly embarrassing in hindsight...but if I found myself in that setting again, I would probably just end up doing the same. It's a kneejerk reaction I guess. Means grad school is pretty much out of the question, unfortunately. Too embarrassed to show my face back there and ask for letters of rec at this point. But I don't think academia overall is for me.

    The function of INPs is to defy authority structures and in doing this improve them, but I had a lot of trouble with the compromise necessary to do that...
    No, I wish I was talented like that. They are dolls created by Marina Bychkova.
    I just realized that's Krystal from the Starfox franchise, correct?

    I asked you this on a thread once, not sure you saw it, but why did you decide to drop out of college? if it's too personal to answer, that's chill. I was just curious 'cause it felt like we were facing similar struggles at the time I first asked.

    thx for the profile visit ^__^
    No, I don't actually. I'd like to, I think it's a cool language. I've done some preliminary foraging into learning it, but not nearly enough to have any level of mastery over it.
    Yeah sorry for the derail as well :phear:

    I actually thought the thread was quite interesting and I hope you didn't interpret it as an attack on you or anything <3
    Your reply is on my wall. I do that almost every time :facepalm:

    But I'm not the only one, the Mods should change it. XD
    Thanks for your message kitty, I've passed it onto Dor. I'm glad they were able to touch your life, I love them too.
    Well that wasn't me who said that so much, and I'm not sure I wholly agree either. People just say that without qualifying exactly what they mean.

    I'm reluctant to say much right now but only because it is late and I am tired. I'll think about this tomorrow and get back to you.
    who's the fox girl on your avatar? at first i thought it was krystal from star fox adventures but i'm not sure now.
    I think all of this is possible using an array of oop scripts that are simple by nature, but form a complex system. Like all beautifully complex things in nature, the smaller bits are always remarkably and astoundingly simple. But, we do not have the time or understanding to create presets for such a system, nature took millions of years to get to the point that it is now, virtual processing could most likely do it in a few hundred years, but the result would be something totally unlike any consciousness we can comprehend. So, i think this system would be best left to learn directly from humans in a virtual reality environment.
    Like i said i'm a dreamer who is just starting on the path of learning practical skills.
    at that point it is spread out and sorted in a nearly fractal manor, then once it reaches the middle stages that information is then recondensed into a conclusion, each conclusion must consist of 3 parts; past, present, future. The present is compared to past, most of this will have already been done by a layers of individual virtual neurons sorting the information based on experiences to create the present conclusion, but some data will still be brought up to the 'conscious' level for observation. That brings up the future conclusion, and that is what the expected consequential outcome the present conclusion hopes to achieve once it becomes action, along with expected negative and positive variations that occur when the present action returns data. Those positive and negative variations are recorded in all neural objects involved and the values are adjusted to better process the next piece of data.
    i'm actually gonna be going to college for computer programing, i thought i sorta knew what i was doing tell i started looking into it a bit more, and i realized i no literally nothing about practical programing outside of Opensim.. but i believe that oop is programing that is segmented into virtual objects or files, just the same as you would separate functions into states in java, but can run simultaneously and can communicate variables between them. So in an AI program each virtual 'neuron' would be a separate virtual object and contain a simple program to process and direct data into region of the virtual 'brain' that is designed to handle such input, eventually the many bits if input data should converge to form a conclusion, then passed on to the next segment. Effectively, the common idea of neural communication spreading from a single point in only half the picture, data that comes into the AI will need to be filtered,
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