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  • We already have a venue and most of the event stuff done. I'll probably have the paperwork done next (hopefully).
    I've been doing some self-therapy because of past emotional trauma. It feels so much better to have that pain going away. It's like taking a cold shower after a hot day outside. Verry hot and cool all over my brain.
    Thanks this was all helpful! I'll be sure to look into it and ask you if I have any more questions. :)

    For now I'm just kind of looking up general avenues and opportunities. It's still a decent ways off and not even set in stone so I'm just in data-collection mode.
    Yes! I've been searching around on relevant subreddits and whatnot but I figure since we have people from that part of the world it wouldn't hurt to get some more firsthand advice.
    i dunno why i said that.

    i was just makin' small talk >__<

    you should be free to be any type you want... we live in a free country, right?

    i enjoy reading some of your posts... but not all, if truth be telt.
    My apologies for the DB reprimand, I hadn't read it and I just assumed it was a link to some BS image or cracked.com article. Not because it was you who posted it, but just because there's been a lot of that of recent. The article was good! I hate the word even when it's used on others, but within this context I can get behind it.

    When I was in school, we called each other 'white man' to denote an air of unjustified entitlement and unreasoned but confident world view. "That's some white man logic right there". We were all white, so it was more ironic I guess, but the principle was sound.
    its blocked because SNL is an american show. i have encountered this bug elsewhere with this medium. you can see foreign shows in your country but not in the country of origin. A fair use licence is needed to see content from your own country if the youtube acount is from your country. The account for this clip is from a foreign country so it is blocked.
    I just listened to the Great Course on Chinese history and watched a bunch of NTDTV videos online, as well as searched through disparate online sources. I also read Readings in Chinese Philosophy by Ivanhoe and van Norden along with the Buddhist section of Sources of Chinese Tradition by Wing-Tsit Chan.

    I was just wondering about how Koreans and Japanese treat foreigners and foreign ideas...basically. Insularity as in insulation from the foreign.

    Looking forward to the response.
    Yeh, I was thinking of the business-side. Normally I keep an ear out for how a foreigner might gain employment within Japan outside of the norm of the english teacher route.
    Thanks for the heads up! I wasn't aware of the 4 horsemen having that much influence in the states up until now (I thought Fox news was their perfect equalizer). May I ask what you're up to in Japan?
    Thank you! Wow they are long... Might take me a while to get to them, but I definitely will... if only you'd given them to me at the start of today I wouldn't have just wasted so much time watching rubbish XD

    Hmmm... I'll get back to you when I do. Thanks again :)
    Yeah, that's a vague way of describing it. I would define sociological conservatism is the impulse to find continuity with past culture and past tradition and perpetuate it through the maintenance of a unifying institution that keeps people on the same page. I would identify minority and individualist revolutionary activity as threatening the maintenance of unity in society. And I would tend to think that disunity as sowing the seeds of war, either within the heart or indeed across the country. This does not exclude reform, but as I said before, new ideas have to be synthesized with old ideas in order not to create turmoil. A revolutionary regime or clique wages war upon tradition.
    Hola. I just posted a video in the Bipolar II thread that I am curious of your opinion on.

    Also who is TC that you mentioned in that post?
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