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  • I made a post to Jenny.
    (Post # 1440)
    I would like your opinion.
    I think you make good points.
    It makes me think about what I mean.
    I am not against what you say,
    Your agnostic stance is helpful to me.

    Thank you. :)
    Actually, I think I'm in a similar period to the one you describe having been in. Or at least I've recognised that I'm doing things with no purpose, so I'm planning for the future by doing more things with the purpose of having a broader bank of experiences to draw on later in life. For instance, I recently uprooted my life: got rid of the majority of possessions, ended my lease, got out of all my contractual obligations, quit my job - did that one today, actually - and bought a ticket to an island paradise. When I return in a month or so, I don't even know what city I'm going to live in. Unfortunately, the point I'm at in my career restrains me to one country, at least for the next couple of years.

    What do you mean by the fundamental structure of your life being constructed during that period? And what sort of ripples?

    We can move this to a PM conversation if you'd prefer. I feel I could learn from your experiences.
    What do you mean by being oblivious/going with the flow/living in the moment? In regards to what? (other than fighting, I can relate to that part)
    I figured I shouldn't derail the thread.

    I agree that being hit in the head sucks haha. I used to fight in comps, and after a couple of concussions, I don't think my brain has ever been the same...

    I really liked BJJ & MMA. I wish I could have continued my training. My club was producing UFC fighters! It was a pretty epic place to train. I think once I settle down in a city again, I'm going to resume my training.

    How did you enjoy your fighting experience?
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