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  • I thought it could be a message of my willingness to bromance with you. However unoriginal, bromance dude.

    Wow. I think I had to drunk very much.
    I'd start by looking up jobs. If not, I do have several friends I could contact to see if there's a job opening somewhere. If you have questions feel free.
    Well, if you're still looking into non-teaching jobs I think craiglist ( http://seoul.craigslist.co.kr/search/jjj ) or something like this site ( http://www.worknplay.co.kr/index.php/mod/job ) would be a start. Teaching is still the best paying job I think, and plus it connects you with a lot of people which you could use to find other jobs. EPIK (English Program in Korea) is usually the go-to thing for foreigners there. Other jobs usually don't hand out year long visas to the place, so that might be a problem. As for residence, I'm guessing that since your friend would be teaching that he would be able to acquire one. The tourism visa is 3 months, fyi. There's a way to circumvent this, by flying to nearby cities outside the country like Tokyo or Beijing/Taiwan/Hong Kong and reentering to get your visa restamped, but that might not be the safest thing.
    I don't think I've seen the King. (That is, if I didn't poison him in his sleep and ditch his body out in the Royal Stables.)

    Well, all the other Swords would be beholden to us.
    But variety is good.

    my other favorite suit is wands.
    cups has its moments.
    Coins/Pentacles is boring.
    w00t! I've apparently started a trend without meaning to. Those are the best.

    Now that we've done the court cards, I'm wondering who will comprise the lesser 1-10...
    Okay, I felt bad in case you found me annoying.. I was referring to what you done on the masturbation vote count, lol.
    I pooched the 90's. Fast eddy's at 49 cents was the highlight of that decade. Also grunge, tag-writing, railroads, and bustin' cameras in abandoned parking garages.

    Feelin' sorry for ya with the millennial frat-bros. They make me want to classical lute and stuff.
    So you seem ENTP to me. Do you consider yourself that or do you not really even bother with MBTI stuff because it's bullshit? x
    I hope you don't think I'm being too forward with my compliment but...

    Thank you :) The same could be said to you. I've always enjoyed your posts, as they seem to enhance the conversation either in substance or with a much-needed lightheartedness.

    Edit: also, you name is fun to say in my head.
    Sorry about that, was dead on my feet last night. Long story short, I was entertaining some kids, I'm wearing a spider man mask at the minute lol.
    I think they're just trying to indicate that they'd prefer not to see my face haha.
    I'll start that again shall I, (I keep writing on the wrong wall :ahh: )

    The context of your enquiries have only slightly changed XD
    I'll be sure to mind the language contexts in future haha.
    Firstly, lollol, yes they are still there and I forget that they were up until I just read your comment. Secondly, there is a specific reason I own Marvel pantihoo's, which is a rather fun story, but one we shall skip... And thirdly, unfortunately, it is only because they are my Marvel pantihoo's that they are on my head.. Wouldn't look half as ammusing if they were one of my regular laces haha.
    I can't decide whether or not I regret plowing through seminary/counseling even though I knew my interest in a career in that field wasn't there. I just ended up going back to school and starting all over again in several different majors. Maybe stopping when I knew I didn't like it that much anymore would have saved me some time and expense. But I don't there's a good reason to try and save time or hurry to get into the workforce sooner rather than later or even stick to one or another program- especially not if you know you're a lifelong learner and that financial aid is always there if you're poor enough and old enough to qualify for it.

    It's not as though we're not going to spend the bulk our free time in life researching and learning anyway- probably switching jobs a lot too. I knew even as a teenager that I was probably going to wind up in and out of school a lot for the rest of my life. :)

    Are you an undergraduate?
    I can understand that. I have always had a hard time dealing with the massive numbers of people you have to in a college. I've taken a lot of time off myself or only went part-time. I like that instant trust that I get from an employer when I have that recognizable piece of paper from a searchable school though.

    Well, it's not as though the college won't be there later if you decide to return.
    Oooohh, man - the anxiety that comes from knowing you're going to jump, and you just have to tell someone? Those feelings can be scary good.

    Congrats. I love a happy beginning. :D
    Hope you find some helpful replies to your thread. From the quoted texts, both hers and yours, it sounds like you both honestly attempt to be considerate of each other and make yourself understood. Even if you "can't read her", you have the basis for good communication. There are couples who go through life with less.

    Oh, those nerves. Even if your head is telling you there are some good reasons not to get into a relationship, her presence puts your endocrine system in overdrive. Human bodies have funny ways of getting attention.
    Perfect :)
    Well *awkward INTP-ness here* I don't mean perfect that you are short on money, I mean perfect that you are interested in the whole thing :)
    Thanks for registering :)
    Hey, I only now noticed that our website had gone crazy for a while and didn't send out activation emails to some of the people who wanted to register at NothingExchange. I activated your account now, in case you feel like revisiting the site :)
    Thanks for registering, by the way. And I am terribly sorry about the delay :o
    That's depends on what my birthday is listed as on my profile.

    If it says June 27th then yes we share a birthday. Woah, you joined the day before your birthday?
    *pauses to consider the ramifications of providing this link....throws caution to the winds*

    I hope I'm broadening horizons with this. :}
    *hold deflated baloon*

    Such is life.

    *ponders why the French were the first to discover ennui*
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