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  • Haha, BINGO! .. But yea, daymn I need to sleep... Might survive another half an hour or so, but then I'll be crashed... Until the next time! ;)
    Ahh, excellent.. well 'tonight' for me is 03.36am... There is a topic I've been meaning to create for the last three days, but I've been remarkably busy online with various people and other topics popping up at a rate which even I've struggled to keep up with.. I've been awake for nearly 40 hours, so I'm not sure whether it will be coming shortly.. or not. But I think you'll enjoy it. The key word is included on the first picture of mine in this thread, I wonder if you can 'hone' in on it? http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=24641
    hey scanner
    its been a while and i havent replied
    it's because im reading elaine aron's book right now
    i'll get back to you when im done
    Haha, no, although one friend of mine does call me that.. Sinny is Sin-ny ... But Sinead, is Shin-ade.. In case you didn't know, foreigners seems to struggle with the pronunciation :)
    Hi. What do you mean have I considered INFP? Of myself? In that case not particularly, the description for an INFP doesn't come near my personality.

    Adding on, theoretically speaking, my dom is definitely not Fi. I've considered ENTP, ISFP, and ISTP before, however.

    edit: Ah being an ISFJ was something I've thought about too, but it would be more of a cultural appropriation, as in my modes change when I'm within certain cultures/people.
    I think a universal nugget of reasoning is that in the end, nobody is a perfect source of information or knowledge. I often catch even my own intellectual heroes saying stupid things. In the end, all we have is our own brain and our own judgment.
    I don't have much against conspiracy theories. I just think it's disappointing when people who supposedly doubt certain sources of information blindly accept info from other sources (or any source, as long as its something other than mainstream sources). I think conspiracy theorists need to decide whether they want to think critically about stuff or merely always believing the opposite of what everyone else believes. Ya feel me?
    Lack of imagination, I guess. Although it's a pretty damn good movie. What about you. Scanner Darkly is an awesome movie as well, as I recall. I explored Linklater's stuff after seeing "Tape". Genius little film.
    Hah I sound terrible so far, but it's fun. Ukulele Anthem and Girl Anachorism (both by Amanda Palmer), various MCR songs, and Andrew Jackson Jihad.
    I've been thinking about recording myself but idk how to get it on here, I'm on an iPad.

    Yeah we have so much studying for the finals ;-; we've been getting 28 page math assignments every week. Bleh. And I have a bunch of work to make up, especially for English, so lots of essays.. Yay
    hehe my last VM was pointless anyway, wasnt expecting a reply :P

    looks like a lot of stuff are going on in your story, good luck tying all that together...i reckon it will be difficult to finish, but your writing is really lucid and beautiful so you can pull it off i guess :D

    nope i still have one year to go. i guess i do(identify as INFP i mean). though sometimes i wonder it's just too easy to attribute stuff to the type, because of its abstractness, that may not have much to do with it. *shrug* well atleast it's definitely the one i identify most with out of the 16.
    and hey, thanks! ive been struggling to put that into words(talking about the part where you said infp is an underdog). i think there's something really charming about the concept of infp; intense and idiosyncratic, but also passive to a fault and self doubting...wtf pile of contradictions
    havent read much lately. do you know of sarah kane? im into her work as of late
    You know, you are like the third person to ask about him.. As soon as I return to unlimited wifi, I'll get right on it :)
    (Sorry for not replying sooner whoops) Nah don't apologize. & thanks.
    I'm at a place now where I'd say I have "recovered". Gotta catch up on school work the best I can, then I'll be in a pretty good place I think.
    Listening to a lot of music and trying to teach myself ukulele. It's fun :D
    Thanks for the welcome!

    I'm a science major, and he has a degree in English. He shows interest in what I study which keeps me intellectually stimulated, even if he doesn't understand what I'm talking about.

    He has a natural tendency to be dependent on others, and his fear of rejection has manifested itself through emotional manipulation. INTPs are not easily manipulated, and once they realize what's going on they're likely to shutdown.

    The main issue is making sure that there is communication and that it's something both understand, especially since neither type particularly likes to communicate. I have yet to meet a healthy INFP of which the MBTI stereotypes boast, but if you are one I doubt you will have much trouble attracting an INTP. Otherwise, it would likely be best to wait before pursuing anything, because she will appreciate the fact that you're self aware and able to be on your own.

    I hope that helps. Feel free to ask me anymore questions you have.
    Hey thanks mate. I'm pretty much good now.
    Oh it's more that I used to be power hungry, but now I'm less so, and I miss the ambition. Idk.
    Ah, I just lost my reply to you and got kicked off the forum for 5 minutes. Not sure what happened there.. I'll try again shortly :)
    Excellent, and I didn't have to wait long at all!

    Yea, not too bad thank you, plodding along.. How have you been? Been up to much? Reading anything interesting at the minute?
    hellooooo im sorry for being evil and not replying
    ive been busy and i just remembered that i still didnt get back to your message

    *motivational shia lebeouf(whatever the spelling) pose*

    btw what are you writing about? i mean what sort of story? :)
    My least favorite movie in the series was the first one; the director had trouble with emotional arcs and doing the action sequences in a way that seemed to really build tension. plus some weird stuff (like how Peeta hides in the Games) that worked better on the page. Swapping out directors helped.


    For my functional issues: I have a problem when I feel like i can't perceive a viable pathway out of a predicament. IOW, if I'm depressed because of a situation & can't see a feasible way out, I just want to give up and/or become inert because I'm not the kind that instinctively just throws myself at a wall anyway in the bleak hope it'll just fall down. That seems so dumb to me.

    But interacting without a clear path through actually sometimes creates opportunity <-- something I've learned. still, emotionally I'm unmotivated and/or depressed. I have to ignore all the momentary funk & try anyway. Being cerebral means I pre-write things off too often & don't trust my own agency.
    I like the books for The Hunger Games. Actually, out of many adaptations I've seen, the movies follow the books very closely compared to most (especially Catching Fire)... even with splitting the last book into two movies.The movie is a little more "on the nose".

    The biggest difference is the way they filmed the ending of the movie series leaves a more positive feeling than I wish it had, the book gives a more somber/sober feeling at the end. Also, Katniss is less likable in the books.... but I know it's harder to pull that off in a movie, as you're stuck interfacing with an actor's 'aura' whereas in the book you can directly explain their thinking process.
    And a whole bunch of other stuff I can't recall at the moment. I'd just avoid all the mainstream 'alternative' forums/outlets. Although Paracast has slightly higher standards. ATS, GLP & the like are full of 80% bullshit, they are completely corporate and are full of 'bad fruit'. There are gems in there, but you need to dig for them. The most influential seekers of truth have subsequently been banished from these sites.
    i share your father's dispassion. dont get e wrong, i love architecture...but the profession and the material we're taught at uni lack a lot in integrity and freedom. i was really excited when i first entered the program, i thought a marriage of arts with engineering would be a perfect fit for me but meh. im sure you know how distanced and dispassionate the commodified experience of "education" at uni can make you. not to mention i know the reality awaiting me after graduation is far from what i wish for.

    now that i think about it...this just goes to show that i am pretty idealistic i guess. ive always felt an innate friction with all sorts of establishments...and the disharmony i feel with the reality the "architect" identity would entail is an example i guess..
    im pretty passionate about architecture itself though, as the practice of connecting people with space and time...but reality is different :P

    what about you?
    Some people are worried about race because they think life will remain the same forever. That is why I mention the robots. They think white people will go extinct. But the problem with that is that the smart white people already live far away from the dumb white people and are the ones who understand technology. They will probably build spaceships and go to mars before anything serious happens. They will have space babies. :rolleyes: People worried about race do not think straight to realize its not a problem and they probably should not have children anyway because if they were so worried about the problem they would be having children rather than talking about how big a problem it is. They forget about the direction technology has already taken us.
    I would be a writer but my ideas seem to happen at a pace that is too infrequent for that to happen. What I wrote was inspired by someone else who gave me the idea when I was really felt isolated from the rest of the world and I wanted to feel better about how things would be different in the future.

    I would rather be part of creating the technology rather than writing about it. It would be like writing about how awesome video games are. Most people would rather play the games than read about them, or watch them on youtube. But there are books on games that help them play them. I am just not a content creator but more of an analyst. I need to know allot more math than I do right now.
    Looks like I have two more Hunger Games movies to re-watch this week before Friday. never a dull movie moment...
    Ah... a hopeless brooder. :)

    I don't deal as well with NTJs, it depends on how many people skills they have; sometimes they can come across as severe/stark and cutting off their human side.

    I'm less focused on purely the intellectual end because I've got the artsy side to balance it, I'm usually trying to meld them. The guy I liked the most was the INFP guy, but we had some issues -- he sometimes could be too much at the mercy of his feelings and hugely inert, and he thought I didn't respond emotionally the way I should have for some things that were important to him while I needed more cues (not sure whether that was him or me or both). I don't take at all to ENFPs though; they just usually annoy me randomly.

    Generally, I need someone who is in the same broad ballpark intellectually, but I can be a romanticist as well underneath it all. I just don't show it as much unless I trust the person.
    I actually have never taken DMT but I have listened to so many people talk about it and my creative side latched onto it. I added it to my profile in 2014 because of what Lyra said in my thread.

    Cybernetic dream time: Religion in 2027

    Networking is important.
    It will be easier to network when we have a.i. assistants.
    You are a computer science major right?
    That is what I want to do.

    3 Ways Exponential Technologies Are Impacting the Future of Learning

    Get Ready for Your Digital Model
    I did feel a disconnect with calculus as well, it was a result of being taught the material in an isolated manner...like in a vacuum. I need to learn about the totality of something in order to understand it...this also helps me aggregate myself with the subject, if that makes sense...
    still dodging spoilers like crazy for Star Wars. They're discussing foreign trailers now, with additional footage -- I'm scared to look. help I don't want to know! I trust Abrams as far as getting a decent plot down at least... only another, what, 5 weeks now? :D I saw Kylo Renn going for Finn in the last trailer here or something and got chills...
    I work in computers but for the gov in the field of disability software (for claims processing). So it's a lot of STJs. Mostly dry techie stuff, nuts & bolts. When I run across another NTP, it's like angelic music/sunlight bursting out of the sky, I recognize them right away (the tech lead a two grades above me is an NTP... but as far as dating goes, he's also married; same goes for the ENTP on my team my age -- married w/ kids). That's what sucks about being older, your field is much smaller although at least nowadays not as small as it used to be.

    My best friend at work is an ENFJ who went through shitty marriage experiences too, so we both had to learn to take charge of our own happiness rather than just floating; we had a lot in common mentality-wise. We got to each other for intelligent conversation + life discussions. Outside of work? Mostly hobby groups (RPGs), but that's just periodically... no real close friends who live nearby. I gravitate towards NFJ & NTP, though.
    Oh my goodness
    I don't know how long it took you to type all of that
    I feel bad for taking up your time
    Thank you
    A lot of what you wrote i relate with 100%
    Even the part about hating "cold" subjects...this is the reason I have a distaste for programming actually, always thought it was out of touch with the human experience.
    Thankkkkk youuuùuuuuù
    By immaturity I don't mean arrogance. I had no idea how to do things by myself. In high school I never asked for help but in college you have to do things all by yourself and I didn't have a very independent personality at the time. So I really did not know how the system worked. I felt overwhelmed so I quite. But now I have more autonomy so I am going to register for the spring and take basic math and english and ask questions when i need to.
    Oh I didn't even answer your question haha. Erm I suppose I'd have to hope to create something original and groundbreaking. I have some suspicions, and hunches in regards to the Elite Pedophile rings operating in the UK and Internationally. There are a small number of journalists whistleblowers and researches trying to investigate and expose what is a blatant case of state protected organised crime. The subject matter is tangible and evidencifiable (I have no idea if that is a word), in its most basic form..and then there are the more esoteric and ideological aspects.

    Whatever it is that I hope the future me manages to complete , I hope it's destructive towards the current 'system', and creative towards a new 'solution', to put it abstractly.
    ..It's a new age, the age of information.. We are more capable today of shining a torch on the things that go bump the dark, than we have ever been before.

    Anyway, I'm stoned and probably rambling. I haven't really explored MBTI, related Jung material, or Astrology, but I probably will at some point. I think it's important to incorporate the stars, as many civilisations worshipped the sun's and the planets. Astrology is influential in our... Collective Unconscious? etc.
    I have thought about it, but I can't envision it happening in the immediate future. I do have some novel theories, and have rediscovered some little known truths (nothing earth shattering, but certainly illuminating); alas, the subject matter is bizarre, and disjointed. The paths I've followed have led to places and conclusions that are stranger than fiction.

    The fields that interconnect are all esoteric and specialised, I am a novice on all counts. The subject matter is usually mastered over a lifetime... having said that, I think I know a few short cuts..
    I've actually been trying to avoid reading too many spoilers about the new film. I like to be surprised rather than knowing stuff up front; if it was up to me, I probably wouldn't know as much as I know now just from having to be on the Internet. So I haven't even talked about it a ton. I have my ticket for Dec 18, 9am, just so I don't have to dodge spoilers until i can see it once it releases...

    i'm just hopeful that the creative team will actually make movies as worthy as some of the game licenses that have been released, versus Lucas' prequels which drive me a bit nuts.

    Loner life? Not the greatest. I'm just not in a position where I wanted to be a loner, I'd like to be with someone but considering I don't really network well and I don't work in a field that typically has people of dating interest to me, I'm kind of just making do as it is. How's life on your end?
    Falyf and Krystal

    I dropped out because of my immaturity and lack of support.
    I am trying to go back again, I am in a more stable environment now.
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