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Agent Intellect

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  • I have to say, the Transsexual Jesus thread was a great idea. It's fortunate that it turned out so nicely. That a living argument walked in and played the part of the conservatives today who would be the among those who disapproved of Jesus in his time.
    ++ :3
    I miss the "fuck you" to the forum to. Mainly because that blurry mess was more appealing to look at than my hideous visage.
    are you the same person you were yesterday? do you think its possible to NOT "be yourself?" do you think we have a responsibility to other people to display continuity?

    i hope you don't mind the questions, your post in ship thread the other day brushed against stuff thats been on my mind lately.
    There, I've changed my picture. I am no longer obscured by the blurriness of my mid 1990's webcam and I am no longer pictorially signaling "fuck you" to the forum.
    Lol, I never realized Agent Intellect was flipping the bird in his pic. I sort of thought that was his thumb. How odd... damn blurry picture.
    Why are you pictorially signaling fuck you to the forum? I never quite understood why that's a popular gesture to an anonymous and ostensibly sympathetic audience. Maybe black culture informs that sentiment a little bit.
    Do you really want to be a mod? It honestly seemed as if you would not want to be one.

    Then again, Seem in one hand and shit in the other...
    I mentioned you as being INTJ a little while ago. I had no basis for this by the way.

    You could very well be either INTP or INFJ. I would probably agree that you are very Ti, and if indeed you were INFJ you would be a very heavily Ti one (though Fe would still be more effortless), or actually Ne.

    Various things you've mentioned in philosophical outlines, for example in regards to Free Will or divisions within Ethics resonated very strongly with me, perhaps indicating both being Ni dominant.
    *shoves dirty clothes and various detritus off of a chair and sits*

    Want some tea? It's herbal.
    Yeah. :D

    I've got family coming in from out of town, so I can't be on long, but I was just in the mood.
    Got it. I won't lump the good stuff in with the crap. I'll make an attempt at educating myself in the various sub-genres. Thanks AI.
    So...uh...what sort of personal favors would I have to perform in order to get you to do up a Hip-Hop thread in the music section? I went to a Mos Def concert recently and I'd like to get some more names from somebody who knows that...scene?

    I'm so pathetically white. >.>
    Agent, it pleases me on a deep soul level that you have sought out Christ as your personal savior. May you have all the blessings you deserve. Peace be with you. We may have to change that picture of you delivering the Illinois (highway) salute, that could be construed the wrong way by some.
    Well I feel silly, I'd forgotten my profile was set to private.

    I was just inquiring about your story if you were still willing to share,
    Did you ever receive my pm on irc?
    Fascinating, despite the fact that i didn't know much of what you were talking (general ideas, sure, but not specifics- I usually don't do too well with those).

    I still have time, I suppose.
    Yes. Thank you. I have been doing subscriptions and new posts. I probably miss things that way.
    Hi AI. You mentioned in the mast. thread, "the thread received a lot of views very fast, but very few responses." Where does one locate the response count? I thought I saw it somewhere but now can't find it.
    I just learned in class today what your name means- pretty cool. I wonder if neuroscience will ever be able to explain it.
    Those avatar teeth remind me of that game at Chuck E. Cheese's where you knock the bloke's teeth out. That game rocked.
    I... grudgingly admit four has quite some marvelous attributes and applications - without four we would have no double helix, no dna, no life....

    Which basically means we can blame four for all this misery! :evil:

    *crawls into a corner with the number three and whimpers*
    For some reason I like the number three repeated, and you currently have 3,333 posts.

    It's an absurdly small moment in time, but I want to acknowledge it.
    I was about to get into Doomtree (the artists, not the label). What is a good album to start with?
    omigosh! your avatar is just too sad! it's like he's blowing out all the stuff that he's gotten out of life. ;-;
    Anyway, just keep that in mind. It seems we have a lot in common (or at least that we will, as I'll start going for my bachelors in philosophy soon). I really want to start learning some psychology on the side, before I actually start taking courses. So, keep up the informative posts. I'll try to research many of the links you provide. It seems you're super well-read and informed. =p Cya.
    Personally, I'm only really interested really studying psychology so that I'll actually have 'practical' knowledge; if it were up to me, I'd just study philosophy (which is somewhat useless as a stand alone degree). But, I've always been interested in psychology my whole life. I really enjoy theorizing about the mind, how it works, and how each of us are truly shaped by its workings. Hence, the fascination with MBTI.
    Awesome. I'm not so much into biology, but I might extend my knowledge in that area. Who knows. At any rate, I'm thinking of getting a philosophy degree and then going after a psychology degree, afterward. Cognitive psychology and personality psychology really interest me (and I do have some interest in evolutionary psychology, but not enough to major in it). Most of what I know of philosophy is limited to what I've read in books, online, and things of that sort, as well. I really want to gain some technical knowledge of the field.

    Hence, if you stay on this site, we'll be great buds. I really plan on studying the mind: the cognitive processes, the typical cognitive biases, how we reason, how we remember things, how and why we believe things. I want to couple this with philosophical insight in some way.
    *sigh* I had quite a few other games going that I was fairly certain I would win, but were forfeit by default. My poor ranking. Oh well I'll just salvage my ego by crushing you. ;)

    It's on now bitch!

    Whoever said chess players can't talk trash? :P
    My apologies AI, the game slipped my mind.
    Perhaps you should be both flattered and worried. I've never been a stalker before.

    INTPs discuss things [argue] as a means of organizing their thoughts. You present your ideas in streamlined packages. This means that you are bright and spend time thinking these things through. Which is why I started stalking you in the first place.

    I like what you've done with your furniture.
    I would say beautiful. Maybe I have fashioned that word with a meaning of my own. It happens. As disclaimer, I did lurk for quite a while before joining. So I'm not a stalker. Just a lurker. But I seem to like everything you end up posting. Your arguments in 'The god of Probability', 'Quantum Mechanics and the Subjective Universe', and 'Strange Loops and Theology'. That whole "Fuck perfection and actualization.... " thing: it was quite pretty as well. Okay. I do sound like a stalker. Maybe I am. I'll go now.
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