• OK, it's on.
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  • Done now. Domine miserere nobis.
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  • Aw, thanks. My format's changed a lot over the years, but it doesn't bother me since I don't post often enough for the changes to be next to each other. Post personalization is something more people should go for though, imo. It keeps the forum fresh. Cheers!
    Oh man, i think you've gotten me into busdriver :P
    again. amazing. thank you. :)
    Thank you so much for putting that link up, it's like...my moment of revelation. :D
    It's really actually the 'far side of the moon.'
    There is no dark side of the moon.
    Just to let you know.
    Shame on Pink Floyd.
    Yeah it's frustrating O.o... and okays i will, thanks :). Today in class I got sick just from copying notes sooo... i've got a ways to go. Stumbleupon gets even more amazing as you use it, cause it learns what interests you and what doesn't, it's a great time passer when you're bored lol.
    Heya haha, depends on the length and how detailed the reading is. For example, if it's something you gotta really think about to understand, then it takes less time for my head to start hurting. Overall I can read, just the length of my capability to varies lol.
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