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  • I don't know where this could best be used these days, but I think you might, dear Noddy. :D

    A comparison of kill counts from the bible:

    Satan - 10 people recorded as slain
    God - at least 2.4 million

    too bad it's a weak wrinkled arm that my bastard strength can easily snap and overpower. And come now,has a knife ever worked on me save for providing sick pleasure?
    so, you're a computer technician in a school huh? i have a question....

    do they all act like you? because today i was in need of them, so i knocked repeatedly on their door, i could hear music inside, anyway, i was told that they spend all day playing video games. also, as long as i have been at the school, every single time i have needed them they have 'been at lunch'. bastards :D

    also, on a school trip a year or so ago, i was on a bus with an ENTP with a technician stood behind. i was saying "what is the deal with japanese people?!" - when there was what looked to be a japanese person in front of us, i was ranting about japanese people, obviously being quite offensive, and the technician was amused for a while until he said "be a bit more subtle" - he was not bothered :D

    so, are they all like you?
    You know... as hard as I look I just can't find nipples anywhere that are worthy of you, my blue friend.
    Dear Noddy, I must leave in a few minutes...

    but when I return I shall find you a picture of my favourite nipples.


    hm? Oh? I was too busy sharpening this hatchet to catch everything you said...

    *tests edge*

    Oh! Look noddy!! Nipples behind you!!!
    err... umm... I must have been daydreaming...

    We could just talk about nipples if that holds your attention...

    (psstt... who's your new blue 'friend'?)
    oh Noddy, you know what I love about you?

    It's the personal touch you bring to your work.

    I couldn't get you to knit a suit in extra tall and slender, could I? It's for Melkor... rainbow coloured...
    Well you know... it's not just the baster itself keeping things nice and moist... it's most definitely in your skill with the wrist...
    Yeah she's the me I always wanted to be! Things are getting better - the support from my real life and virtual friends has been overwhelming and I feel truly valued and loved. As my Facebook comments said 'he's clearly an idiot'
    Noddy!!! I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am to see you back here. If my frozen heart had not recently been broken I think I might even have managed a hug.
    Welcome back Noddy! (For as long as you're comfy here, and I hope it's a long time)
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