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  • I've raised such a healthy, up-standing young man! Proud of you, my son. Would you like some gooseberry jam? Just made some fresh ^_^ maybe with yogurt and cinnamon? mmhmhmh
    Hah! You're inviting me to stroke your glowstick? Or press it? Just to be sure I'm not confused in my old old senex-tude!
    Well if you weren't at least a little confused I suppose I'd doubt your identity.
    Don't worry, you shall be provided with a cave and sufficiently spoilt rags to 'hag yourself out' with.

    Been reminded of you lately. Switched to a new healthier lifestyle and a rather worrying portion of my meals include tuna and diced tomatoes. D:
    I don't mind a different battle system, it was the only decent thing to XIII, but NO UEMATSU! ;_;

    My mai gripe with Advent Children was the complete change in tone, and how they completely ignored Cloud's development. Cloud isn't supposed to be Squall. Only Reno had any sort of humor, and it was way ooc. That guy killed more people than Sephiroth!

    There really was so much lovable weirdness to FFVII; Hojo's mad science attempt to coerce bestiality, the golden, shiny, wire of hope, that scene with 20+ gym bros/male prostitutes and poor Cloud, Tifa and Barett bitching about stairs, the wig that gym bro kept in his crotch, that slap fight on the giant cannon, Barret in a sailor suit, Red XIII impersonating a human, the date play, the bumblebee prostitute that pokes Cloud in the crotch with her stinger, stealing Tifa's underwear, and everyone threatening to maim Corneo's family jewels.

    God damn, that game was perverted. :D
    You haven't really been around for the last forever. Has your life gotten really interesting, or have you just found funner corners of the internet?
    Heh, so are you good at drawing? Can you draw a cat flying on a broom, meowing with a witch hat? :)
    I am speaking to you from inside your head because I'm really just a figment of your imagination. You invented me, remember?

    Or are you finally starting to believe the delusions?
    Hm, I can’t vouch for that, considering that I’ve been just lurking around without really trying to go into discussions, but that doesn’t exactly surprise me. It just seems that people are trying a little too hard to appear intelligent and witty and fit in some INTP stereotype - and while everybody seems to be joking around more than I remember, it somehow comes across as putting up a front and trying to one-up each other.

    But meh. I’m nothing but a lurker, so it’s just as likely that I’m doing the “you kids get off my lawn” thing. :D
    <3 <3

    *yawns in Melkor's direction and noms some bamboo shoots*

    What hooman want?

    Thank you!
    I keep trying to place yours. It looks almost like something from Dr. Seuss, but I don't recognize it.
    I hope so; however, the culture in general appears to be somewhat too... narcissistic, for a lack of a better term, for my liking.

    As regards running off, I can't really promise anything. :p

    But, to be honest, when judging from what I've already seen, I somehow doubt that I'm going to get along well with the current INTP forum culture.
    It probably is part of my long- range evil plan, though even I admit that's mostly run by the Greater Trick-Play and, thus, I have no real control over it.

    And thanks.
    How did you know hair parted to the right is my one weakness? :phear: :aufsmaul: I am still recovering from the radiation poisoning.
    Hey now lets not get all Jeremy Kyle up in this forum message. But I've heard you beseech my innocence and I will not stand for it.
    In the future everything is wireless.

    Everybody's house has a telepresence robot, this started off with ones similar to the robot from the Jetsons but being remote controlled by humans for short periods to perform tasks for agreed upon rates, which has since developed into myriad of different kinds with rudimentary AI which are still remote controlled whenever someone wants it to do something complex.

    For example you might have a robot that looks like a dog sized dragon which has it's own dog/cat like intelligence but you can also command or directly control it through your neural interface, this is considered perfectly normal.

    AIs of an adult human level exist but are only owned by wealthy people and the AI usually has a degree of relative independence, kind of like the old British thing of having the maids/butler you employ live in your house, they're not slaves despite the similarities.
    That bunny is hypnotic. Anyway if you really want to know (Gimp was the magic word) I'd say they wouldn't be taught anything, you'd just stick a neural interface in their head with an amount of rewritable memory and tell them whatever they need to know whenever they'd need to know it then have them immediately forget it the moment they don't so they can live happy carefree lives under my complete control.
    Talking about me? Now I'm curious - I personally don't consider myself to be one of those members who are likely to be remembered by others after their disappereance.

    ...and you still haven't figured out how to set your account to private, eh?
    Yeah, hi, Melly. I've crawled out from my grave, but that's probably not going to last for long.
    All three my darling spawn, particularly the getting blind and old bit. :D
    Yes but then the guy messaged me afterwards calling me a weak faggot. I didnt even get to defend myself.
    Yeah i gotta go back to school on the 28th so... Im not looking forward to that and sorry for the death in that thread.
    Yes bettaying your close allies is fun but i joined the most powerful alliance in the game so im pretty much set in the ways of protection. I was attacked last night while i slept my alliance hit his in allout warfare.

    That wasnt because he attacked me either its because he did it while i slept. Which is counted as a dickmove.

    Anywho, how ya been melly? you havent been on for ages
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