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Sapphire Harp

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  • Nice to see you back - hope you hang around for a while.
    Sapphire Harp
    Sapphire Harp
    Alas, I'll probably only be here for a moment, then drift away again. I popped on as a lark and truly do not have time to be a presence here once more.
    That's a shame, but I understand. I really shouldn't be here either....but you know...
    It has simply been a very long time since you were here. I've long been more involved with the irc channel than the forum. I'm a tertiary observer. There is a bit of upheaval going on right now; several bannings and such. Hopefully more moderator activity and involvement will bode well for the community at large. Quality seems to come and go.
    Hahahhaa, you like a serial killer in a cluedo set.



    Anyway, heylo.
    My mother used to tell people that she could look at my face and she would know if I needed to eat something soon. It's something about blood sugar I think but if I get too hungry...people had better run. I also get pretty upset if somebody bothers me while I'm trying to quietly enjoy my meal.

    I don't think people recognize the importance of good food sometimes.
    That was the very first poll i had ever tried to post, I will try a second but i do not think I can post more than one poll per thread.
    BTW the poll was an after thought as many of my best thoughts seem to be, usually by the time i think of them it is too late to implement them!
    It's funny how that thread works. I'm just so curious to know the answer to each riddle. When I was the answer to one of them I was surprised at how flattered I felt. :) I did have hopes my riddle would last at least a few minutes. *sigh* Perhaps this is why my poetry sucks? :D
    You saying that immediately made me wonder, is god a vegetarian, since he "loves all creatures".
    I can't usually get a ride to the public library. I'm thinking of just camping out in the college one, I wouldn't mind spending a few hours in there :) As long as it's fairly vacant.

    Oh you bastard. Making wikipedia your slave, shame! I've heard of them both, but i didn't think of them...

    Ok, I'll check it out. I'm looking at the book cover right now. Sci fi book covers always crack me up

    Actually, i was just so excited to move from 09 to 10 i forgot. Just saying 10 seems so much more foreign.
    Yep, because there's such a history to scifi. Can you name some Hugo winners? It's pretty daunting. The college near me charges $75 a year for a library card :(
    Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. Imaginative limitations? whew.

    Wow, that's wonderful. When was the book written?

    I haven't really read much newer sci-fi i guess. What would be considered newer sci-fi? Are there any landmark books that would be considered the start?

    Aha, i just spent a few minutes looking up Ozymandias. (Thanks for the tangent) The futility of mankind...
    Yes, it seems that we're limiting our imagination the more we learn. I like highly imaginative dystopias. With some biting social commentary, like 1984.

    Like the tower of babel? It does sound interesting, I'll check my library :)
    Ah good idea, i had no intention of hijacking, haha.

    The martian chronicles, then some George Orwell. I finished Fahrenheit 451, which i thought was a bit mediocre. I also enjoyed philip k dick. Oh and Enders game. I'm not too picky.
    Thanks. I've been working on a book over the last year but it's fiction. I am trying to incorporate may of these themes into it. The only problem is I keep rethinking the story and going back to the drawing board. I wrote about half of it, but now I think I will need to start over. Non fiction intimidates me for some reason.
    Hmmm...I've been thinking sage might be nice. A cultivated rose once but soon to be a wild spice free to roam? The opposite of the usual progression I think.
    I'll start a new thread on it sometime today or tomorrow. Are there any specific ideas or questions you'd like me to address in the OP, Sapphire?

    Also thanks for the help with the user title, I appreciate it. The ones you gave waterstiller were beautiful. :)
    i've only read a few chapters into it (just because i've been so busy, unfortunately) but "beyond the body" by susan j. blackmore is really good so far. it certainly jives with my INTPness well; the way she approaches it is so much less preachy than i've seen in other books, and it provokes a lot of questions. which is a good thing. i whole-heartedly recommend it.
    You're welcome! I'm always giddy when I hear someone watches/reads/listens-to something I recommend. I don't know why though.. probably some mild form of ego trip or something.

    Nevertheless.. I thought it was pretty good too. Somewhat informative but more entertaining than informative. :P
    Thank you, Sapphire Harp. Might I say that your handwriting makes me absolutely jealous!
    My avatar is by John Bauer. He did all sorts of paintings for Swedish fairy tails and I love his use of color: http://bauer.artpassions.net/
    My profile picture is a pretty recent discovery. Jess Burgess Collins. Sadly I'm having trouble finding more of his work but it made me think higher of collage art!
    Another lovely post, this time on Jenny's thread. You always bring such fresh perspective, and depth of insight.
    Wow, how unexpected and how kind. *HUG* Your post meant a lot to me, thank you.

    I'm annoyed I seem to need periodic affirmation, intellectual I don't feel like I should need it... but basically I just don't assume things to be true, it doesn't work well for me to try to make those assumptions; if I don't get the evidence or data to back up my feelings (such as feeling accepted), then I can't hold onto them. So thank you. :)

    Which part of Colorado are you in? I have been to the Colorado Springs / Garden of Gods / Pike's Peak area, but not really elsewhere in that state. Still, it was pretty enough for me to want to stay there. :)

    I am impressed by your handwriting, it's actually consistent and fairly neat... and still cursive! I can't seem to do that, regardless of how hard I try.
    I thought you might say that :) You're handwriting says conscientiousness and thoroughness all over it. :D
    Thanks Sapph. I honestly don't know what goes on in my brain sometimes, but I'm glad whenever someone appreciates it.

    Free Fe! Fe is innocent! (okay, maybe not totally innocent)
    Haha, totally! I generally can't do things unless it's pre-noon or later at night (I work a 12-8 job). Otherwise, Sundays work well for me ^_^
    Thanks for the note on the thread. It's definitely interesting, saddening, enlightening, and several other things that end in -ing. Oddly enough I only ever felt that way long long ago for a short time near the end of my high school years...I'll go into on that thread. But seriously, being a pahd thai eating rock would be pretty cool...admit it! :D
    sorry I missed you this morning - either I just closed down as you came on or one of my kids was using my laptop! Catch up with you soon
    hi Sapph - my life has gone down the pan - my mother is going to come and live with me for the foreseeable future :( :( :(

    I will need lots of tlc!!
    Extra appendages are good. Just wait till our brains are transported into robot spider bodies and all this single-function forum stuff will seem so terribly inadequate :D
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