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  • Existing seems to be a habit I just can't kick. Sometimes I try to live, because dreamers do that, right?

    Things could be worse!

    I'm sure glad I'm not a teacher at your school - you look like you're ready to murder the next idiot that walks in with a tech problem!

    (So what's brought you out of hiding? :phear:)
    Guess what I found :D
    Anyway I haven't seen you around much, where have you been?
    Lifes treating me not too shitty at the moment but then again I haven't paid my bills yet (god I dread that shit). I'm working part time and going back to school right now so that I can get a better job. I have really missed the forum while I was away. I had a class last semester that was absolutely kicking my butt. It seems I missed some forum drama while I was away, something about a virus and Face? Do you know what happened?
    Hi Noddy, glad to hear (read from) you. I photoshopped an image and I want to put it on the forum (the Avatar contest thread) but I don't know how to do it. Could you tell me how to do it? I feel like such an idiot because I can't seem to figure this out myself. Thanks

    It's you!

    *Shakes a metal glove at you*

    I miss the good old days when you, Lor and I spammed the seven shades out of the forum.:(
    I might be... human. >>

    Don't tell anyone :D

    Hehehehe. I imagined you slipping through those dark tunnels with a leering smile upon your face... then thought. Nah. I'll leave the filthy admissions to the sinner himself ;)
    Has the oil forced you out of your sewer? Heh...you backward pervert you. I need someone to vent my spleen on... and Melkor's gone all mushy and human. I can't hurt him anymore without horrible pains in this 'conscience' thing that sometimes bothers me.
    Noddy...sans avatar, sans profile pic, sans humourous and nasty posts and topics.

    What has the world come to?
    lol... I was looking at Kidege's wall trying to figure out a good clue for the 'guess the forum member' thread when I saw the thing about losing your 'banned' title. I have to say, it made me sad :( And here I thought the fault was your own for getting rid of it.


    Oh! Noddy! You've set fire to my imagination!

    Use that ladder and save me!!!
    Damn that's clever....

    Your brain has bigger balls than... than... ummm....

    Words fail me....

    So... where you hiding that precious first rung of your chromosomal ladder, baby?
    She's... errrr... already promised....

    Wed, in fact.

    To the ascension of mankind.

    But thanks for the compliment!

    Merry bloody Christmas you non-believing philistine!

    Burn in hell!

    *flies away on her broomstick*


    (Where's the damn cuddle smilie?)
    "If these are the tools he has gifted us with, then why is it so absurd to seek him with them? If we can't find him with them, what conclusion should we draw?"

    Top form, Noddy. That whole post is quite impressive.

    You know...? At this point, I bet you could write better books and arguments than either Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins AND phrase 'em so fewer Christians would be offended than either of the above characters.

    Something to think about.
    cryptonia pointed out a few times that there is a group of people that always gets involved in all the religious discussions and has a propensity to derail threads to discuss religion. I took the idea and started my band of misfits that I have deemed "The God Squad". People that are a part of the squad need no recognition - they know who they are.
    your little self-requiem post is so charming I've been leaving it for the prince of madness to destroy... but he is disturbingly absent...
    ...you know...

    I've been thinking.

    You may very well be the anti-christ.

    Do you ever have, like, memory blanks... and fur in your hands and goat's blood around your nether regions when you come to?

    Oh dear... I think reality is slipping away again.
    I'm in a weird mood too - struggling with my new job. Funny about the childhood emotions - often bring new insights and thoughts with them, don't you find.

    My 'think while you drink' evening was an attempt to do 'emergent church' in my village - or another way of putting it, bringing a God thread to life! My atheist/agnostic sent me an email after it. I'll send you an excerpt. It wont' fit here.

    Good eh? Let me know how you get on with weird moods, childhood feelings and Brian McLaren. Btw, my take on the multi faiths thing was that there are many ways to God but I think Christianity suits me because it is (or should be) a religion of love. I hadn't voiced that opinion before but I think its where I stand.
    Hey Noddy,
    how are you? missing you. We had a great 'think while you drink' evening. I'll tell you what my resident agnostic/atheist thought if you like.
    I never scroll past your comments or think you're an idiot. You're one of the people I value most here.

    There - stuff that in your pipe and smoke it!
    Oh I don't know... I always imagined the anti-christ would be terribly scarred...

    Hehe... "My name is legion for I am many" is one of my favourite self-references. It really fits me.

    I've used it on the forum twice, (once very recently)... so I suspect Blob may have been inspired to counteract my despicable use of the bible with something hol(e)y.

    I'll get round to that story. :P
    I'm beginning to think I'm in Blob's ignore list. Probably on account of being a heathen. Blah.
    err... wellll... you see...

    last time I used it Melkor was covered in honey...

    but that dried reddish stuff, that's blood - I swear!

    Say! Would you like a lollipop?
    The arm strength of a hamster you say?


    and the enthusiasm of a prairie vole!

    *drapes feather boa round Noddy's neck*
    *passes Noddy a neat little golden collar*

    Wear this my son, and embrace the New Order. We shall be happy together, and imbibe and sing...

    (Damn... just have to get creative, won't we?)
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