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  • darque
    darque replied to the thread Yooo..
    Yes I was referring to the INTJ. The INTP has Ti-Fe So you should have access to: NiTe-FiSe (INTJ) Strategist - Ego, introverted...
  • ZenRaiden
    I always thought its the other way around. We are all capable of killing another human being. Some people are forced into those...
  • Animekitty
    Strictly speaking, it is a hostage situation the way it is framed. Imagine hearing voices telling you to commit suicide of murder...
  • Inexorable Username
    Just a procrastination thought. Since I can't sleep anyways - so I'm going to stop torturing myself about it. Has anyone taken to...
  • Animekitty
    God has awareness of all existence because God is consciousness. God creates a feedback system with the physical just as we do with our...
  • dragula
    dragula replied to the thread Yooo..
    Yep, that was also Dario Nardi's intention (I think) when he was doing his research on the MBTI model / Cognitive functions. To map out...
  • dragula
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  • walfin
    walfin replied to the thread Happy New Year 2020!.
    Happy New Year to everyone who's celebrating it today!
  • sushi
    the premise of the opening is that it expects everything is probablistic, including the most fundamental truths and questions. its...
  • darque
    darque replied to the thread Virtual reality.
    I'm still uncertain how we are going to avoid people living in a virtual palace and an actual squalor at the same time. Except the INTP...
  • #PeopleAreAssholes
    I think most people have...small? standards, BOTH genders because we're all judgemental in both groups, even doggies, well maybe not...
  • sushi
    sushi replied to the thread The value of IQ.
    brain and neural mapping will probably replace functions in the future and use it as an estimation of your personality...
  • sushi
    sushi replied to the thread Neuralink.
    maybe half your brain into cyborg storage, and the other half into human, and store and input information in the cyborg part?
  • Hadoblado
    Hadoblado replied to the thread The value of IQ.
    Hey Darque, I appreciate your approach. It's been a while since I trawled through the literature on this, and I cbf doing it again right...
  • sushi
    sushi replied to the thread how women judge you (opposite sex).
    I was semi trolling when i start this thread, but ok. i have fun with wet dreams and jizzing off with my pillow.
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