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  • Animekitty
    I am a very shy kind of person. I don't often walk up to people and start a conversation. I do not get out much and I do not know any...
  • Hadoblado
    Hadoblado replied to the thread ENTP info.
    But the useful stuff from MBTI is... just obvious right? Like you don't need to have heard of MBTI to tell someone is a bit of a loner...
  • Niclmaki
    Niclmaki replied to the thread 2018 games you look forward to.
    Smash Bros. Ultimate Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu And I suppose World of Warcraft/Battle For Azeroth I just kind of play WoW for...
  • Niclmaki
    Niclmaki replied to the thread ENTP info.
    I agree that cognitive processes are never a HARD fact about a person, but it at least gives you something to jump off of. I always...
  • Serac
    I am convinced now. I will be slaying pussy with Hado's method from now on, which consists of "trust yourself" and "find common...
  • higs
    higs replied to the thread ENTP info.
    I’ll humor the “lets ignore all the flaws in mbti and pretend it’s a reliable theory” for a bit, if it gives you an angle to think about...
  • higs
    But hado girls are odd creatures we need specific different sets of rules and data analysis to interact with them, without such a...
  • Hadoblado
    Big 5 is taken a lot more seriously, but I still don't think you should use personality models for talking to girls ~
  • Reluctantly
    For what it's worth, Big 5 seems to be taken a lot more seriously over MBTI, though they do share the introvert/extrovert dimension...
  • Animekitty
    Animekitty replied to the thread Animekitty's video blog.
    It's been a year but finally, my heater and cooler have been fixed. I was so hot just an hour ago, I live in the desert.
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