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  • >}]}]}¿r replied to the thread Hintps.
  • Dolphin
    Dolphin replied to the thread Do you know everything?.
    Yes I think all of my opinions and beliefs are correct. Otherwise, why would I think them?
  • Dolphin
    True facts
  • higs
    higs replied to the thread Notre Dame cathedral is on fire.
    At first yeah, It's kind of starting to have the opposite effect lol. Basically as you may know, the crisis has turned a lot around...
  • Serac
    I have no expertise in physics, but I believe you would have to differentiate between relativistic mass and rest mass. Photons have...
  • sushi
    the scientific definition of weight comes from the attraction between an object and the earth. Meaning the attraction between two...
  • sushi
    sushi replied to the thread How to measure empty space.
    The question is is space shapeless, formeless and massless? the three properties that define matter and object (shape, form mass) there...
  • Thurlor
    Thurlor replied to the thread What is the point of NSFW tags?.
    @lightfire No, I compared the dislike of porn with the dislike of a mullet or corduroy pants. @Polaris I think I'd have to take that...
  • lightfire
    lightfire replied to the thread Dream Big Twig.
    is this a random sentence generated bot thread
  • yavawapin replied to the thread Dream Big Twig.
    Ah! Yea to be frank don't you feel like its all in the mind and that's how we react to scenes.
  • scorpiomover
    scorpiomover replied to the thread INTJ vs. INTP.
    Double post.
  • onesteptwostep
    Is there a sense of solidarity because of the fire? I find these events interesting because they act as a catalyst for a nation to come...
  • higs
    higs replied to the thread Notre Dame cathedral is on fire.
    It's not thought to have been a voluntary act for the moment. Police are investigating. Running hypothesis is that the some construction...
  • Pizzabeak
    Pizzabeak replied to the thread Typology obsessiveness.
    It's usually Ne that's described as having sporadic interests. I only got into it because I was a black sheep, or so it seemed. I...
  • Pizzabeak
    Do they know who started it? Book burnings are nothing new. Was the revolution a lie? As far as I can tell some men just want to watch...
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